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Writers’ Rigs: Pez’s Bianchi 928

Readers' Rigs is a great look at what PEZ fans are riding but what about the PEZ himself - what does he ride? Between bike tests, product trials and lends from friends it changes constantly but back in 2006 he built up a bike of his own that remains one of his favorite rides.

Readers’ Rigs: Custom And Light!

Today's Readers' Rigs are a mixed pair from opposite sides of the world and completely different, but special, machines. First up: a completely unique Baum from Down Under that's custom in every way, and secondly a nice and light Scott climber from the States. It's Readers' Rigs time!

Writers’ Rigs: Leslie’s 14 Bikes!

Readers' Rigs has been one of our most popular columns of the year but it begged the question - what do the PEZ crew ride? Well our Literary Editor in Germany Leslie has enough bikes for almost the whole PEZ crew in fact that range from a 1962 track bike to a modern day Specialized. Here's a look at Leslie's collection which has a strong emphasis on Classic builds.

Readers’ Rigs: Legal And Illegal In France!

Today we look at two rigs from two French readers at the opposite end of the peloton. First up is a Cervélo that at sub 6kgs is well under the UCI limit, and then a KTM from Bretagne-Séché pro Clément Koretzky which sits just above the UCI limit at 6.9kg. Two very different bikes for two very different riders but both machines are the pride and joys of their owners - it's Readers' Rigs time!

Readers’ Rigs: Double Trouble Down Under!

We've featured some pretty special machines in Readers Rigs over the last year but today's machine is something completely different again. It's a custom built racing tandem owned by Peter Spencer a Cat 1 racer in Australia and his blind stoker Zachariah Clarkson.

Readers’ Rigs: Freezing In February!

The Northern Hemisphere winter is ever so slowly starting to lift, so what better time to have a closer look at two PEZ fans' machines that have been hibernating inside from the cold; a Specialized from New York and a Bianchi from Wisconsin. It's Readers' Rigs time!

Readers’ Rigs: Custom Rigs!

A Reader's Rig could be a $500 cheapo, a vintage classic, a $15,000 superbike or just a highly personalized bike designed just for their owner. It's this last category which is catered for today with a custom Parlee that has a simply awesome paintjob and a Cannondale with some serious owner modifications that make it really stand out from the crowd. It's Readers' Rigs time!

Readers’ Rigs: Special Aussie Edition!

In the latest edition of our column about real fans with real bikes, Readers' Rigs has travelled down under, tracking down two PEZ fans from different parts of the lucky country with two very different rides. A full carbon Colnago and an aluminium Duratec - it's Readers' Rigs time!

Readers’ Rigs: Fondriest TF2

It's time for some bike voyeurism now as we take a look at two Pez Fans' machines! Today's installment of Readers' Rigs brings us a highly original Fondriest TF2 with an amazing 4 speed block and a not so standard Specialized from an old Pez friend.