What's Cool In Road Cycling

Stretching for Post-Ride Recovery

In today’s toolbox article, I wanted to spend some time focusing on an aspect of our fitness that all too many cyclists neglect: stretching. Since I tend to also neglect that aspect of my fitness, I consulted a good friend of mine, Elise Yanover, who has been a registered physiotherapist in Toronto for the last 29 years to gather some more detailed information.

Are You Ready to Train?

As you continue to put in weeks of solid training, you might be finding it difficult to understand when you can keep pushing yourself, or when you need to back off and allow your body to recover. 

Breathing as a Recovery Tool

The list of recovery tools the modern day cyclists has access to is quite long, and now there are tools promising to monitor and quantify your recovery. But we’re missing the best one, that’s right under your nose.

Is Caffeine Good for Recovery?

Caffeine and cycling go together like few other things in life, and the coffee stop at the end of the ride is often the whole reason for many of us to clip into the pedals to begin with. Can we further justify the caffeine as a recovery tool after a hard ride?

(De)training in a Pandemic

Toolbox: No bike racing and indoor training are not the end of the world - and neither is this break in your cycling fitness. Here's what to expect and how to make the most of the recent change in plans.