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PEZ Retro Talk: Shelley Verses Part 1

Shelley Verses was the first female soigneur to work on a top professional team in Europe. This was at a time when most team managers still thought a woman's place was at home making the soup. This is her story of that break through as told to Ed Hood.

PEZ Retro Talk: John Trevorrow Part 2

In part 1 of Ed Hood's interview with Australian star, John Trevorrow, he covered much of his career as a rider. In part 2 he describes his transition from Euro rider back to Australian pro, and his roll in the Herald Sun Tour stage race. Plus much more in the Trevorrow style.

PEZ Retro Talk: John Trevorrow Part 1

Ed Hood has dug into his suitcase of retro and pulled out an interview with John Trevorrow to keep you entertained over the festive period. Before the likes of Richie Porte or Cadel Evans and even earlier than Phil Anderson, there were a big band of Australians making a name for themselves in Europe, John Trevorrow was one of them.

Lee’s Lowdown: War!

War drives technology, as evidenced by the device I’m using to write this article on and the one you are using to read it by, as well as by the internet that has delivered these words to you. These technologies were of course first utilised by the military-industrial complex before being repackaged for use by the wider society.

Top Ride Belgium: La Savoureuse!

With the runaway success of l'Eroica in Italy retro-rides continue to blossom. Having participated in the 6th Retro-Ronde in Flanders in May, Pezcyclingnews was bound to give our faithful readers news about another Belgian retro-ride and we were present for the inaugural edition of “La Savoureuse” in French-speaking Wallonia.

Top Ride: Anjou Velo Vintage

The Retro-rides march onwards from beginnings in Italy to now include Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the land of the Tour, la Belle France! PEZ goes backwards in time to bring you yesterday's best from la France profonde.

Lombardia ‘97 Retro: Let’s Make A Deal!

It’s Lombardia Week on PEZ! One of our favorite times of the year – when hard bike racing, a beautiful corsa, and fine Italian food and wine set the stage for the season’s last big race. Our Italian correspondent Ale Federico gets us started with his replay of the 1997 edition, where the outcome was enough to makes cynics of us all.