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Project Echelon Tour of the Gila

Jordan Cheyne is in his first season with the Project Echelon Racing team after 6 seasons as a professional, including 2 with Jelly Belly and 3 with Elevate/KHS. Jordan is an old friend of PEZ and is back to give us an update on his career and the up-and-coming Tour of the Gila.

Rider Blog: Jason Goes to Rwanda

Jason Saltzman and his Wildlife Generation Pro Cycling team headed off to Africa to ride the Tour of Rwanda, an eight-day stage race in East Africa. A very different experience for Jason, and a great read of us.

Rider Blog: Jason Goes Racing in Turkey!

After Jason Saltzman's hit and miss 2020 season in Austria, he has bounced back with a new team, Wildlife Generation Pro Cycling, and managed to kick-off 2021 with a good block of training and racing in Turkey. Thinks are looking up for the PEZ blogger.

No Normal: How I Tried to be a Professional Cyclist in 2020

Rider Blog - Catching up with Jordan Cheyne: This year was never going to be normal for me, that was decided well before the words “Corona Virus” were ever mentioned on CNN. Last December, I had my big one, the devastating crash that it seems like every professional cyclist endures at least once in their careers.

Rider Blog: Jason Hits The Off-Season

After what could have been a great Euro season for Jason Saltzman, but we all know what happened, he's back in the US and enjoying his off-season at the beach, in the mountains and with burritos. But it hasn't all been relaxation, work needed to be done and a new team found.

Rider Blog: Jason’s Next Step?

After some ups and down for Jason Saltzman over the last five months in Austria, it's time for a change, or to move on. In this case it's back to California to see what comes up next... and get a burrito. Not the end for Jason, but the start of the next phase.

Rider Blog: Jason Training Again, But…

Things are starting to look up for Jason Saltzman in Austria - Proper training has started and the weather is definitely spring like. But news of the doping of an ex-teammate has tainted a lot of his best memories of his time with the Aevolo team.