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Life After Racing: What Doesn’t Kill Ya Makes You Stronger

Jordan Cheyne's career as a pro cyclist ended suddenly and unexpectedly when a training crash had him fighting for his life.  His wins at top North America races like Beauce and White Rock, racing internationally and against some of the World Tour's best riders would become chapters in his past, as figuring out life after racing may be his toughest challenge yet.

Project Echelon Tour of the Gila

Jordan Cheyne is in his first season with the Project Echelon Racing team after 6 seasons as a professional, including 2 with Jelly Belly and 3 with Elevate/KHS. Jordan is an old friend of PEZ and is back to give us an update on his career and the up-and-coming Tour of the Gila.

Rider Blog: Jason Goes to Rwanda

Jason Saltzman and his Wildlife Generation Pro Cycling team headed off to Africa to ride the Tour of Rwanda, an eight-day stage race in East Africa. A very different experience for Jason, and a great read of us.

Rider Blog: Jason Goes Racing in Turkey!

After Jason Saltzman's hit and miss 2020 season in Austria, he has bounced back with a new team, Wildlife Generation Pro Cycling, and managed to kick-off 2021 with a good block of training and racing in Turkey. Thinks are looking up for the PEZ blogger.

No Normal: How I Tried to be a Professional Cyclist in 2020

Rider Blog - Catching up with Jordan Cheyne: This year was never going to be normal for me, that was decided well before the words “Corona Virus” were ever mentioned on CNN. Last December, I had my big one, the devastating crash that it seems like every professional cyclist endures at least once in their careers.

Rider Blog: Jason Hits The Off-Season

After what could have been a great Euro season for Jason Saltzman, but we all know what happened, he's back in the US and enjoying his off-season at the beach, in the mountains and with burritos. But it hasn't all been relaxation, work needed to be done and a new team found.

Rider Blog: Jason’s Next Step?

After some ups and down for Jason Saltzman over the last five months in Austria, it's time for a change, or to move on. In this case it's back to California to see what comes up next... and get a burrito. Not the end for Jason, but the start of the next phase.