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Tour De PEZ: Bastille Day in the Vosges

Roadside. St.10: What a day – 752 photos, 200+km in the car, 6 of 7 tough climbs, 1 major Tour abandon, and a handful of great stories – here’s what it was like at the Tour de France’s stage 10 on Bastille Day in the Vosges mountains.

Tour De PEZ: Into the Vosges!

Roadside St.8: As an opener for the next three days in the Vosges mountains, I saddled up for a ride over stage 8’s final climbs to see how tough these slopes really are. And while the road might set the stage, it’s the fans who make the day…

Tour de PEZ: Get This Party Started!

Roadside St.7: My starting point for the Vosges & Alps stages of our Tour de France Roadside coverage was the point closest to the Paris airport - today's stage 7 run from Epernay to Nancy. Here's what the stage looked like on the ground...

Tour de PEZ: Cheerio From London

Roadside St.3: Three days of record Tour de France crowds in the UK came to a close with a thundering sprint outside Buckingham Palace today Gord was roadside in Cambridge - and now you are too...

Tour de PEZ’14: To The Holy Mountain

Roadside St.2: Our PEZ-Clusive roadside coverage lands our man Gord on the Côte d'Oxenhope Moor as stage 2 of the 2014 Tour de France ducks and dives across the English countryside from York to Sheffield. Here's what today's stage was like on the road...

TDF’14: Art And Chatter

Roadside Leeds: I know that the Team Tinkoff-Saxo team press conference has finished – a human swarm of backwards-jogging cameramen scuttles drunkenly across the carpark. One mass, sixty-legged, clusters around king bee Contador as he makes for safety in the team car.

Tour de Pez’14: Backstage At The Big Show!

Roadside: Seven long years ago, the Tour rolled into London to huge acclaim. The ASO always had it in mind to return to the UK, but when? Not until one of the country's most cycling-mad regions emerged as a possible Grand Depart venue, and now the biggest show in the sport has made it's furtherest journey north. The Tour explodes onto the roads of Yorkshire!

Tour de Pez Rewind: After The Finishline!

Roadside Report: For Ed's first day roadside at last year's Tour he went straight to where it all happens - the finishline to get all the latest. Tired cyclists, happy cyclists, angry directors and hungry for news journos, the finishline is always an interesting mix of riders, teamstaff, family, girlfriends and hangers on.

TDF’13: Dave’s Fave Fotos

With this year's Tour de France less than 2 weeks away, today we take a look back at our 2013 Tour de Pez as seen through the eyes of PEZ photog Dave Lipnowsky. A professional photographer by trade this was Dave's first Tour de France and was an eye opening and memorable experience in every way.