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MILANO-SANREMO 1957: Brian Robinson An Englishman Podiums

Sadly Brian Robinson passed away in October 2022. Brian was a pioneer for the 'British Legion' of professional cyclist who followed him across the English Channel to try their hand in the continental peloton. Brian stood on the 3rd step of the 1957 Milan-Sanremo, Ed Hood spoke to Brian about 'la Classicissima'.

Seeking San Remo: The Duel To Via Roma

PEZ's Nick O’Brien was live and in-color at the 96th la Primavera - Milan-Sanremo 2005.  Now over 100 years old, the race has changed with modern times, but as Nick discovered while riding the final “capi”, dueling mano-a-mano for sprint-line glory with a roadside adversary never gets old.  

Seeking Sanremo: One Step & 300km Closer

SanRemo PREVIEW: My original theme for this story was "what makes this great race so great", written on the eve of my first trip to San Remo to view La Primavera live. It was a spiritual journey, and this report was my humble attempt to put that into pictures and words.

Sanremo Reload: A Classic Beauty

The Spring Classic from Milan to Sanremo has a long history. Following the race over 3 decades, the Pez attempts to explain how the romance and beauty of this race captures the hearts of tifosi like no other.

Milano-Sanremo Fantasy Game Offers $3,700 USD in Prizes

In 1998, I played my first online fantasy sports game for the Tour de France, and thanks to Bobby Julich having the ride of his life, I won 2nd place - and a cd. Fantasy sport games have evolved like crazy since then attracting thousands of players from all over the world. This is great news for cycling fans, as we can now play against fans from all over the world, and win some decent prizes too.

San Remo PEZ: To The Poggio!

There's no better way to spend race day in San Remo than on the Poggio - and going by bike ahead of the race is a must for any self-respecting fan. PEZ look back at race day on the Poggio.

Seeking San Remo: The PEZ Trip Stage 2&3 Preview

The opening riding days of the "Giro della Gazzetta" - the first Velo Classic Tours & Pez cycling trip this May starts with two days riding the final 175km of the monumental Milan-San Remo corsa.  After a day watching the Giro final stage in Milan, we leave the Lombard plain and cross the coastal mountains. Smelling the sea-salt air of the Mediterranean for the first time is an amazing experience.

Demare Wins Milan-San Remo Lottery!

Race Report: Confounding all the predictions it was Arnaud Demare (F des J) giving France her first Primavera win in 21 years timing his sprint perfectly to leave all the pre-race favourites flat footed on a glorious day on the Ligurian Riviera.