What's Cool In Road Cycling

Can Birth Altitude Affect Cycling Performance?

It’s a common trope in sport science that athletes should choose their parents wisely, due to the importance of genetics in determining ultimate athletic capacity. To add to that imaginary wish list, should we make sure we’re born at high altitude?

Training: Why Process Goals Matter

Goals and outcomes from our hard work in training are great, but an over-reliance on the end result can make for an all-or-nothing experience for some competitive cyclists. Focusing on the process to get there can be even more important. Here's how to break down the steps to make your process a more effective way to reach your long term goals.

Time Off: What Happens with Detraining?

TOOLBOX: The holidays, social events, winter weather, and less daylight are all good reasons for taking time off from training and kicking back a bit. But how does this time off, and detraining affect your cycling fitness? 

The Biomechanics of Climbing: Stand and Deliver

Cycling is built on the lore of climbing big mountains, that epic battle of humans versus the environment. But surprisingly, not that much research has explored the biomechanics of climbing, notably the differences in biomechanics and physiology of seated versus standing climbing.

Aerobic Threshold & The Talk Test

Recently, low-intensity training, specifically training below the aerobic threshold, has continued to rise in popularity. How can you quickly and easily estimate your aerobic threshold, without needing to pay for an expensive laboratory visit?

Virtual Cycling: What Is It Good For?

Indoor cycling, online riding, and e-racing have seen exponential growth year upon year, turbo-charged the past few years by the COVID-19 pandemic. Here's an analytic view of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of this new discipline.

Hard Intervals: What’s Best For You?

Like it or not, riding the indoor trainer can allow you to really control your workout and dial in intervals exactly as you want them without the worries of finding ideal terrain or dealing with traffic. So, which intervals should you do and for what purpose?

Cadence Training – Should You Take It For a Spin?

TOOLBOX: Some of us consider ourselves as “spinners” who generally prefer a higher cadence. Others may consider themselves “grinders”, who generally prefer a slower cadence. Here's a closer look at how cycling cadence affects your speed and power on the bike.