What's Cool In Road Cycling

SiS Joins HFL’s Evolved Banned Substance Testing Programme

Since 1992, Science in Sport (SiS) has supplied Olympic and World champions, Tour de France winners and serious amateur athletes. SiS acts responsibly to minimise the risk of product contamination that could lead to a positive banned substances test. Athletes put their trust in SiS, and they take that responsibility very seriously.

Science In Sport: Joining The Pro Tour

Apart from the three big sponsors; Saunier Duval, Prodir and Scott, there’s a whole clutch of other sponsors involved in a Pro Tour team like this. Many of these are predictable – like SRAM, Ritchey, Time, Polar, Fi’zi:k, Castelli and Coke. There are even some zany ones, like Gilberto Simoni’s buddy’s clothes shop, Angel Devil, but there was one logo which caught my eye – Science in Sport (SIS) nutritional products.