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Steele Bishop

Ron Webb Tributes

As promised in Ed Hood's remembrance of Ron Webb, here are some tributes to one of the most important men in track cycling, from some of the men who were closest to the great Australian.

PEZ Talk: Multi-World Champion Steele Bishop

Rider Interview: 'Once a champion, always a champion!' That could refer to many a rider, but one very special guy is Australian multi champion Steele Bishop. World champion back in 1983 and now again in 2019. Ed Hood has been following the career of the multi champion for a long time and managed to catch up after the successful veteran’s World track championships.

PEZ Retro Talk: Pursuit World Champion Steele Bishop

Retro Interview: The pursuit race is the ultimate battle of man against the clock and, in the end, man against man. Once upon the time the pursuit champion was the king of the boards and everyone would know his name. Australian Steele Bishop was one of those men of the '80s. Ed Hood caught up with the 'Man of Steele'.