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Three Ways to Maximize Strength Training Gains

TOOLBOX: Three things that will make your strength training workouts more effective this season - the how, the thought, and the process of each exercise. As more and more cyclists pour into gyms and garages across the northern hemisphere with the hope of using strength training to make them fitter, faster, and better cyclists next summer, for many it will remain just that: A hope. 

Breath Training for Cycling Power

TOOLBOX: Breathing - If you ain’t dead, you must be doing it correctly, right? As it turns out, no. Here’s how to begin to add breathing into your strength training work, to help you learn how to perform better on the bike, with less stress on your body.

Getting Back to Strength Training

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, the days have begun to shorten and the temperatures cool. As autumn begins, bringing with it cool, crisp mornings, and more golden hours to ride, now is the time to begin strength training for next year's cycling season.

Five Ways You Sabotage Your Training

Over the last 15 years, I’ve seen, and made, a lot of mistakes that have muted cycling performance. And after all of these mess-ups and learning (a lot!) here are the top 5 mistakes that keep us from having the stellar seasons we know we are capable of, and how to fix them.

Strength Training for Cyclists 50+

You’re convinced about the importance of strength training for both your cycling and your general health and are excited to hit the gym. But if you’re over 50, what are some considerations and modifications you need to consider?