What's Cool In Road Cycling

Breaking the Winter Funk – Hit the Gym!

Toolbox: “Now is the winter of our discontent” so spoketh Richard III. For cyclists, the mid to late winter doldrums can also set in from too much training with too little competition or tangible goals. Break out of that funk by being highly focused both on the bike and in the gym.

Building Aerobic Power Through Strength Training

Toolbox: Base training has progressed significantly, and yet many cyclists (& triathletes), are stuck in the mindset of doing Long Slow Distance rides and maybe some random strength training “during base” or “the winter.” However, proper strength training throughout the year can greatly increase your aerobic power.

How Strength Training for Cyclists Leads To Better Performance

Toolbox: With the summer getting into full swing, many of us are looking forward to enjoying our top cycling form of the year, whether to stand on the top of a podium, or to finish an annual group ride stronger than last year. With a little bit of effort with some specific strength training for cyclists, we can push your performances just a little bit more. Here’s how!

Best Advice For Training Masters Cyclists

TOOLBOX: Training masters cyclists is different from riders of other ages, but can be no less effective.  It does require some different strategies and approaches, which Tim Cusick - as coach to women's masters elite racer & former World Champion Amber Neben (and others) - is perfectly positioned to answer. Here's his best advice for masters cyclists.

Resistance Training 1: Technique and Form

After a season full of miles built upon miles the body is ready for both a break from arduous training and a re-set of our whole body balance to prepare for more, uh, arduous training. If you are like most racers you want to be better, stronger, and faster next year. The path to improvement is most attainable to the athlete who is best prepared and well balanced.