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Davis Phinney Foundation Partners with Wahoo Fitness on The Wahooligan Tour

The Davis Phinney Foundation is thrilled to partner with Wahoo Fitness for the upcoming indoor cycling event, The Wahooligan Tour, previously called the Tour of Sufferlandria. The event will take place from Sunday, March 12 through Saturday, March 18, 2023. All proceeds benefit the educational programs and research of the Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson’s.

2022 Tour of Sufferlandria Preview

In 2013 the hardest Grand Tour of an Imaginary Country was launched as The Sufferfest unveiled the Tour of Sufferlandria. Couchlandrians everywhere looked on in amazement as thousands of racers around the planet joined in raising more than $1 million over the years for the Davis Phinney Foundation. The 10th edition takes place from February 27 to March 5, 2022.

From Sufferfest To Wahoo SYSTM: The PEZ First Look

What we first knew as the Sufferfest training videos over 10 years ago, has evolved into a full suite of fitness and cycling based training plans, workouts and entertainment videos now called Wahoo SYSTM. Sufferfest founder David McQuillen took us through the new suite for a personal first look at all that SYSTM offers.

Wahoo KICKR AXIS Review – Indoor Training Just Got More Joyous

You'd have to be living in a cave to not know that indoor training is a "thing." Previously something to do in the winter, lockdowns and isolation during COVID increased its popularity in warmer weather - thanks to smart trainers and Zwift. Chuck Peña is Now 'Full Gas' indoors on his KICKR AXIS - Here is what he thinks about the top Wahoo kit.