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2022 Tour of Sufferlandria Preview

In 2013 the hardest Grand Tour of an Imaginary Country was launched as The Sufferfest unveiled the Tour of Sufferlandria. Couchlandrians everywhere looked on in amazement as thousands of racers around the planet joined in raising more than $1 million over the years for the Davis Phinney Foundation. The 10th edition takes place from February 27 to March 5, 2022.

PEZ Rides The Tour of Sufferlandria: Where Nobody Hears You Scream

Running involves shorts, shoes, a shirt and some open space; the pastime of cycling requires special weird equipment and, preferably, smooth roads with limited traffic, interesting contours and easy access to an espresso bar. Good weather is nice too but now in the Northern Hemisphere ice and snow and biting winds are omnipresent factors. And so indoor rollers were invented, then trainers, then boredom...and, lo, our needs begat a mighty range of videos.