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Toolbox: Epic Climbing Training!

The Taiwan KOM Challenge offers up 11,000 feet of elevation gain in a 62 mile jaunt up the increasingly legendary Wuling Climb. Our Matt McNamara conquered it last October, and Toolbox Editor Dr. Stephen Cheung is tackling it this July. Let’s look at preparing for this or any other mega-climbing festival.

Taiwan KOM Challenge 2016: Preparation

The insanely tough Taiwan KOM Challenge is just days away. It's a climber's race - running just 105km, it's uphill the entire way to the finish at over 3200 meters. Brett Lindstrom is returning for his 4th run to the top, and offered his look getting ready for this main event.

Toolbox: Ultra-Climbing Nutrition and Equipment

After the climbing festival that was the Giro, many of you may be considering your own epic climbing ride this season or next. After covering some training ideas last week, what are nutrition and equipment considerations that might be important in making it a fun rather than a survival ride?

Taiwan KOM Challenge 2015

One Million New Taiwan Dollars for Overall Men’s Winner, $450,000NT Prizes for the Women’s Race, and Zero-Tolerance Anti-Doping Policy Continued. The Taiwan Travel Bureau in association with the Taiwan Cyclist Federation is proud to announce the details of the eagerly anticipated 2015 Taiwan KOM Challenge.

Taiwan KOM Challenge: The View From The Other Side

From rider to journalist to organiser - Lee Rodgers has seen all sides of the majestically beautiful yet spectacularly cruel race that is the Taiwan KOM Challenge. Today he looks back at his experiences from this truly unique climbing race which is gaining every year in stature and prestige.

The Taiwan KOM Challenge 2014

The third Taiwan KOM Challenge is on the 15th of November, 2014 and as PEZ reporter Gordan Cameron found out last year it is one amazing race. The KOM Challenge is the high point of the Taiwan government-supported 'Taiwan Cycling Festival' and is a true high mountain challenge. It's brutal, but has a beauty all of its own.