What's Cool In Road Cycling

Fall Transition – Keep the Intensity?

With #CXisCOMING the hashtag for many of us and the fall season arriving, it’s time to start thinking about transitioning out of peak summer cycling form. Should we think about just riding easy during this period, or including a bit of intense work?

Muscle Typing and Response to Training Overload

We’ve looked at muscle fibre typology of world-class cyclists in different disciplines, and also how typology may affect recovery from high-intensity workouts. Now let’s explore how typology may affect the risk for overreaching after a high increase in training volume.

How To Perfect The Race Taper

TOOLBOX: Tapering is a mysterious notion. Most competitive cyclists know what it is, and that it should be part of their peak performance, and that it can make that peak performance even better. Here's how to perfect the race taper for competitive cyclists.