What's Cool In Road Cycling

Tour de PEZ: Can Tommy Take Yellow To Paris?

Roadside St.15: Limoux to Montpellier, 'Sprinter stage' - but maybe it'll split in the wind, or maybe the break will 'stick...or maybe HTC will syphon the last drops of gas from the tank and Cav will make it four? That sounds more like it. Why don't we get out there and ask some folks who know the score about what happened in the Pyrenees - and can Tommy really be 'en jaune sur les Champs-Elysees?'

Tour de PEZ: Bon Jour St. Gaudens!

Roadside St. 14: Saturday morning, the traffic's light, the sun is shining, we're on race route with no drama, Sylvester blasts on Nostalgi, 'Mighty Real' - it's a sign, it's gonna be a good day! We're driving the course, today; one 3rd cat, two 2nd cats, two first cats and, of course - the hors. cat climb of Plateau de Beille to the finish.

Tour de PEZ: The Church Of Pain

Roadside St.11: I remember saying to Viktor at the Gent Six Day; 'that kid Cav will never make it, he's too heavy and he spends too much time hanging over the barriers, chatting.' And I also remember Dario Cioni saying to me; 'sometimes the peloton makes a mistake.' Well, I was 'majorly wrong' as Sean Kelly might say and Dario's maxim didn't apply on this stage.

Tour de PEZ: The Second Act

Roadside St.10 The Rest Day is done and it’s back to work – for the riders and PEZ, as Ed & Martin pick up the Roadside baton for week #2. “Cav looks left in despair, of all the riders from all the teams in all the world, the one who's passing him is the one he'd least like to pass him - Andre Greipel.”

Tour de Pez: Staying Power

Roadside St.8: Last night’s transfer was actually pretty straightforward, even at seventy kilometres driving, as the Sat-Nav deposited us right at the door of our hotel. That doesn’t always happen; sometimes it’s an approximation that necessitates a lot of back-pedalling and map reading. It was worth it though …

Tour de Pez: Long Roads To Chateauroux

Roadside St.7: To go back to last night’s hotel briefly, we had a lovely chat with the owner over breakfast. The chateau is run as a family business with the ultimate aim being to finance to upkeep of an amazing set of buildings. The Germans did cause a bit of damage when they set up camp in during the Second World War. They used to repair planes in the grounds and thought trying to take one through the old gatehouse was a good idea...

Tour de Pez: The Hammer And The Nail

Roadside St.6: Love him or hate him, Lance Armstrong had quite a way with words … that line about sometimes being the hammer and sometimes the nail stuck with me. It should have been a relatively simple day out at the Tour. Go to the start village to see the sights and meet the people. It didn’t quite turn out like that. But from seeing a big, old sledgehammer swinging towards my day, the ending more than made up for a slow beginning.

Tour de PEZ: No One Does It Like The Bretons!

Roadside St.4: BREIZH-OO, BREIZH-OO!! BREIZH-OO, BREIZH-OO, BREEEEEEIZH-OOOOO! The school kids are out in numbers and reinforcing their regional identity. The chants come closer, grow louder and softly drift away down the Mыr de Bretagne behind us. The Flemish are good when it comes to bike racing but the Bretons really go for it.