What's Cool In Road Cycling

The Lamberts Submaximal Cycling Test

TOOLBOX: While many cyclists train for enjoyment or for fun, there are also plenty of cyclists who train specifically for competition. For these athletes, monitoring training load & performance is a crucial part of their training. Let’s look at the Lamberts Submaximal Cycling Test (LSCT).

Toolbox: Power Profile Testing

Toolbox: As we take a well-deserved break over the holidays, it is also a perfect time to start planning for making 2016 your fittest year yet. The first step is to comprehensively understand your strengths and limiters through testing your power profile.

Toolbox: Testing Aero Everything

If you ride time trials, we imagine you are wondering if a certain component or frame angles are actually optimal for a given TT. Having served up a formula for testing Controlled Conditions in our last article, we are now expanding that theme to include the actual testing procedure for all meaningful aerodynamic considerations and keeping these in perspective for your events.

Toolbox: Power Profiling

To get to where you want to go this year, you need to know where you are now in terms of your fitness. Information is power, and the whole point of training with power is to provide as much information as possible to guide your training. One important path towards this self-knowledge is through regular testing and determining your power profile.

Toolbox: Why Testing?

Have you been performance tested? If you’ve yet to take this step, off-season is a perfect time to start – or to compare your current fitness to a prior baseline. Every test tells us something important about each athlete and, when compared to a previous test, it shows how well the training program is working to help them achieve their specific goals.