What's Cool In Road Cycling
The Breakaway

Gear Break: Tifosi Sanctum Sunglasses, DJ Spoony x Ribble Special Edition, fizik Bundles, Sustainable and Biodegradable Bandages by WoolAid, Repente NOVA Saddle & The Breakaway Announces AI Audio Workouts

Tifosi Sanctum sports sunglasses, DJ Spoony x Ribble special edition, save big with fizik bundles, sustainable and biodegradable bandages to save your next blunder on the trail – WoolAid, Repente NOVA: The innovative saddle with a green core and The Breakaway announces personalized generative AI audio workouts for cyclists.

Gear Break: CORE Body Temperature Sensor, Stay Warm with Primal and Free Shipping, CHAPTER 2 Koura, The Breakaway Health Tracking, Lazer re-invented and lightweight Z1 KinetiCore & VELOGIC FIT Launches Velogic Studio 4

CORE Body temperature sensor, stay warm with Primal outerwear and free shipping, meet CHAPTER 2 'Koura': your ticket to a golden adventure with TOA! The Breakaway revolutionizes health tracking with integration of Apple Watch data, Lazer introduces re-invented and lightweight Z1 KinetiCore and VELOGIC FIT launches Velogic Studio 4.