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Analysis: Sonny Colbrelli’s Heart Scare Sidelines Roubaix Winner

Sudden cardiac death is a rare but devastating event, often affecting apparently healthy athletes with no prior heart problems. In fact, the typical victim has no suspicion that they are at risk, and prior to the SCD event may have even felt that they were in peak form. Dr. Bill Apollo & Steve Maxwell look at the implications for Sonny Colbrelli.

Dollars are Flooding Into Sports – Why Isn’t Cycling Getting Any of Them?

We have been noting this anecdotally for years, but literally, billions and billions of dollars continue to pour into sports with several more examples this week. The value of everything sports-related – athletes, teams, league sponsorships, NFTs, and particularly TV and media rights – is skyrocketing, particularly as concerns about COVID have started to wane.

Medalist Sports: A Microcosm of U.S. Cycling

The most widely-recognized bike race production company in the U.S. today is Medalist Sports – and over the past twenty-plus years this company has been a key player in shaping the current landscape of pro racing in the United States.

Le Tour: Where Are The US Riders?

Four of the brightest stars of American men’s cycling in the last decade, Lance Armstrong, Floyd Landis, Levi Leipheimer and Tyler Hamilton, all eventually admitted to doping, wreaking irreparable harm on their sport and tarnishing the credibility of its signature event. But they also raised the visibility of modern cycling in America to a level it had not known before.

Can Science Rescue Chris Froome?

The science of anti-doping takes center stage in Dr. Bill Apollo's analysis of Chris Froome's adverse finding for an asthma medication. Dr. Apollo, a cardiologist and avid cyclist, thoroughly dissects the science behind Salbutamol, its therapeutic use, Froome's drug test, and his possible defense strategy.

Sudden Cardiac Death In Pro Cycling

In the wake of 23-year-old Michael Goolaerts’ tragic death during the recent Paris-Roubaix, the general topic of sudden cardiac death is on the minds of a lot of cycling fans – and probably more than a few professional riders as well. Although extremely rare, events like this do happen. We try to put this issue into clearer scientific context.

Women’s Cycling: Starting With A Clean Slate

The sport of professional women's cycling is meant to be on the up, but ASO's move to return 'La Course' to a one-day race is a step backwards in many peoples eyes. Joe Harris and Steve Maxwell of The Outer Line take an in-depth look at the female side of the sport and suggest it is maybe time to wipe the slate clean.

The UCI Election: Time To Cast The Votes

In about a week, the national federations comprising the UCI will vote in Bergen, Norway to elect their next President. Incumbent Brian Cookson, now completing his first term as President, faces off against David Lappartient – the former President of the French Cycling Federation (FFC).

Hein Verbruggen: Constructive And Controversial Legacy

The passing of Hein Verbruggen on the 14th June went without much ceremony, with barely more than a mention in even the Dutch press. The ex-UCI president was a controversial character and less than popular in many circles. Joe Harris and Steve Maxwell of The Outer Line had a long interview with Verbruggen.