What's Cool In Road Cycling

Feel The Burn: Just What Is Lactate Threshold?

If there is one stat that every cyclist wants to know, it's their “VO2max.” Just what does this secret number mean? And more importantly, why is it a pretty near meaningless red herring, and what number do you really want to know? PCN sport scientist Stephen Cheung gives us a primer on the lactate threshold and how to use it to plan your training…

Crank Lengths: Secrets Revealed

One of the most confusing aspects to finding the perfect bike set-up is determining the right crank length. If there was ever was an inexact science, this is it. We’ve had our best tech guys working round the clock for the past few weeks to help make sense confusing but critical issue, and here’s what we can tell you…

Rest Days: You Snooze You Lose?

Now that racing has begun or is about to begin its time to go fast. You've lifted weights this winter, suffered through the horrible winter to put in your base miles, watched Tour de France re-runs in the basement on your trainer, and you've done countless intervals in Zone 5. What's next? How about a rest day!

Low Intensity: Big Gains

It seems that our ToolBox feature is becoming more popular than the Psychic Hotline as a source of training advice, with our mailbag getting flooded with questions and comments for our sport scientist Stephen Cheung. One recurring question is the importance of low intensity training…

Spin Vs Push: Interval Physiology 101

We’ve been posting a number of articles discussing the use of power devices and the proper way to perform intervals. I have also been receiving a number of questions from you concerning the physiology behind intervals, so it seems like a good time to lay down some basic fundamentals before the season really kicks into full swing.

Slim Fast For Racers

One of the most popular requests that I get from cyclists is: "I'd like to lose some weight". And of course, I am happy to help; I've done it myself. To start with there are several simple dietary suggestions that I'd like to make before plunging into a caloric deficit.

Intervals: Size Does Matter

At this time of year just about everybody in the US is chomping at the bit to start racing. After reading about Danielson in Langkawi, the Tour of the Med, and in the US –the Valley of the Sun, I know I am. So you’ve put in your winter training, laid down a good base, and now it’s time to “release the hounds” (insert Mr. Burn’s voice from the TV show The Simpsons).

Stretching For Cyclists

I find it ironic that I am writing an article about stretching and its benefits to cyclists, but not because I don’t feel stretching is beneficial.  Through my athletic career, I have always known the benefits of a good stretching routine.  Here are some of the best stretches for cyclists.