What's Cool In Road Cycling

Cross-training: 50 Ways to Leave your Lover

It's November, and chances are you're watching the snow, rain, or both put the freeze on your motivaton to get out there and ride. Stephen Cheung, our resident physiology expert, offers some warm advice on keeping your fitness high, reworking the attitude, and even adding some enjoyment to the winter training program.

Importance of Physiological Testing

To improve your fitness, testing is important, but it’s only the first step. We all want to improve on the bike. We want to climb hills faster, posses more explosive power, and have cunning tactical sense. We want our training programs to show results and get some type of confirmation that all our hard work has paid off...

Developing a Strong Foundation for Next Season

The season's over, you're burned out, the only riding you're interested in now does not involve a bike. How can you lose interest in something you love so much? Fear not, the lure of the couch can be beaten - if you know how to get motivated...again.

Do You Need A Coach?

This week's Tool Box raises that age-old but too often unasked question - do you need a coach? Sure, you're the boss of you, but really - a lot of us think we know our bodies, how to train, and our strengths and weaknesses, but can someone else actually help us know ourselves better?

Dietary Supplements: Caveat Emptor

This week's Tool Box opens up to reveal some truths, falses, and possible consequences about the plethora of "wonderous" nutritional supplements guaranteed to make you faster, stronger, better....

Bleach Those Bugs Away

Bleach necessary to rid lurking bacteria and viruses in clothes washer. Recent investigative work by acclaimed environmental microbiologist Charles Gerba found that 60 percent of washing machines tested had significant levels of coliform bacteria, including the presence of diarrhea-causing E-coli.