What's Cool In Road Cycling

European Track Championships 2013

PezCycling News' lover of vintage vélos, Leslie was boardside at the European track championships in the Netherlands for a spot of modern day racing and machines at Apeldoorn's impressive velodrome. The field was strong, the atmosphere electric and there was even some vintage vélos on display in between races to make it a perfect weekend getaway for Leslie - and Pez-Fans.

Inside The Amsterdam Six With Guy East

The USA's Guy East, winner of the 2008 UiV Cup for U23 winter track events - with Austin Carroll - has teamed up this year with fellow American Daniel Holloway to take on the tough European six season. We checked in with Guy after their first European effort together this year at the famous Amsterdam Six to see how they got on.

PEZ Bids Farewell: Pursuit, Points, And Madison

The rumours have been swirling for months now: the UCI had three heads on the chopping block for the 2012 Olympics in London: the individual pursuit, the points race, and the madison. It seemed like a miserable gossip, but then, this week, the UCI announced the axing of the three. No one from PEZ has even a hundredth of the tie to the track that Ed Hood does, so it seems only appropriate for Mr. Hood to sound the death knell.

Grenoble Six: Nights Three And Four

Ed Hood is at it again as we roll through the middle third of the Grenoble Six. His sleeping hours are comparable to a toddler's age, but his stories are only picking up steam. In this dispatch the the tales are plentiful: from Track God Patrick Sercu, to police chases, to crashes, all the way to Alpe d'Huez.

Grenoble Six: Days 1 And 2

Ed Hood is once again doing the thankless job of Runner at the Grenoble Six, but though it's low paying and the hours endless, can you imagine a better way to get in on the action? Mr. Hood takes us directly into the fray for a recap of Days 1 and 2.