What's Cool In Road Cycling

Best Trainer Workouts To Build Base Fitness

Toolbox: The combination of accurate power measurement and controlled smart trainers has taken indoor cycling training to new levels. Here we look at specific uses of power, duration, intensity and cadence to build and maintain solid base fitness levels.

Wahoo KICKR ROLLR – PEZ First Ride & Set Up Guide

Wahoo has combined the ride of rollers with the brains of a smart trainer for a different indoor riding experience. The pros used the KICKR ROLLR to warm up at Worlds in Flanders last year. Now they're available to the public. PEZ sets them up and takes them for a ride .

Wahoo Rolls Out KICKR ROLLR

Today Wahoo announced the release of the KICKR ROLLR smart trainer, boasting a dual roller-based design and an impressive set of features that make it a compelling indoor training option for those who want the convenience and natural ride feel of rollers with the benefits of controlled resistance and connectivity.

Getting More Out of Your Home Trainer Rides

Toolbox: For many of us, cycling is going to be at done home for the next few weeks. Even though riding on a trainer seems about as simple a task as is possible, there are still important basics to master in order to get the most out of your indoor riding.

TruTrainer Classic Rollers Keep Rolling

The technology for indoor cycling training systems is constantly evolving, and while most non-trackies are opting for fixed-mount trainers, TruTrainer has reconverted me to the fun of rollers with their top-end quality and real-world ride feel.

ErgVideo 5: Adds Awesome New Smart Trainer Features For Free

ErgVideo - makers of some of the best reality-based cycling training videos anywhere, has introduced several new, easy-to-use, and free features including a smart-trainer platform that includes complete power-based training plans and workouts that require no purchase, and no subscription fees.