What's Cool In Road Cycling

PEZ Goes Gravel: Racing Demands

While it is true that fitness is fitness, the best path to success in racing is to match your training and fitness to the requirements of the event. Let’s take a look at some of the gravel races I’ve done to see what’s specific about gravel competitions.

Heat Illness During Cycling – Who’s at Risk?

My scientific career has revolved around understanding the impact of thermal stress on human physiology and performance. So, it was truly ironic that I got a solid dose of heat exhaustion while cycling in late June. What are the risk factors for developing heat exhaustion or, even worse, heat stroke in cyclists?

Best Foam Roller Tips for Cyclists

TOOLBOX: Static Stretching doesn’t resolve muscle tightness, and neither does strength training alone. Soft Tissue work is the missing linchpin, but you don’t need your own personal soigneur, using a foam roller can have significant benefits for warm-up, flexibility, recovery and better overall cycling performance.

Hot Summertime Cycling Challenges

Depending on location, your life will be in various shades of normal due to COVID. If your situation involves no major races or events to focus on, what are ways or ideas for challenging yourself this summer?

Bird Dog: A Simple But Hard Core Exercise

As we get into the meat of riding season many riders are beginning to focus on “core exercises” and “maintaining strength”. Let’s take it from the general to the specific with a focus on the classic “Bird Dog” exercise.