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Trainer Review: What’s New With The New Wahoo KICKR?

The Who famously said: Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. That can't be said about the new Wahoo KICKR v6. It may look much the same as the previous KICKR Axis and has many of the same specs/features. But the new KICKR has WiFi connectivity for faster, stable data transfer, ERG Easy Ramp to smooth the transition back to large wattage intervals from a stop, and a built-in odometer to track mileage. Here's our full review.

Wahoo KICKR AXIS Review – Indoor Training Just Got More Joyous

You'd have to be living in a cave to not know that indoor training is a "thing." Previously something to do in the winter, lockdowns and isolation during COVID increased its popularity in warmer weather - thanks to smart trainers and Zwift. Chuck Peña is Now 'Full Gas' indoors on his KICKR AXIS - Here is what he thinks about the top Wahoo kit.

Wahoo Launches Its Most Accurate KICKR Yet

Wahoo, the leader in workout apps and connected fitness devices, is excited to reveal the newest KICKR smart trainer. The fifth-generation KICKR improves on the legendary realistic ride feel that Wahoo riders prize, and also offers riders a wide range of improvements to elevate every ride.