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Three Ways to Maximize Strength Training Gains

TOOLBOX: Three things that will make your strength training workouts more effective this season - the how, the thought, and the process of each exercise. As more and more cyclists pour into gyms and garages across the northern hemisphere with the hope of using strength training to make them fitter, faster, and better cyclists next summer, for many it will remain just that: A hope. 

On-Versus Off-Bike Power Training

Power training is ultimately going to be beneficial for your cycling, whether it’s done on the bike or in the weight room. However, are there differences in your acute physiological response and your ability to recover from these workouts?

Three Keys to Lifting Heavy For Cyclists

So you're keen to do resistance training and you're eyeing that squat rack. Heavy weights can have a place in the arsenal of cyclists and endurance athletes. If you are going to tackle heavy weights, keep these three keys in mind...

Building Aerobic Power Through Strength Training

Toolbox: Base training has progressed significantly, and yet many cyclists (& triathletes), are stuck in the mindset of doing Long Slow Distance rides and maybe some random strength training “during base” or “the winter.” However, proper strength training throughout the year can greatly increase your aerobic power.