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Interbike 2017: Round 5 Gear

Interbike 2017 Round 5: Cyclologic and Motion Metriq’s Super Hi Res fitting tech and full motion analytics, Lizard Skins Bar Tapes, Cache Bags and Gloves, TIME Sports Xpro Pedals, Xpresso Pedals and Aktiv Damping. More Interbike 2017!

Cyclologic are at the pinnacle of Bike fitting product development, education and performance analysis services and they’re reaching beyond cycling in creating a new company, Motion Metriq

Long known for their work with top Pro Tour riders, teams and leading manufacturers, Cyclologic have developed a lot of the educational platforms, technology and tools that have become foundational standards used by many fitting companies around the world.

As early developers of motion capture video tech, Cyclologic/Motion Metriq have a deep understanding of the tools (and their current limits). They wanted more usable data and are laying the smack-down on the category by making a huge jump not only in the frequency (speed/volume) of point tracking analysis but also in the number of points that can be tracked on the rider.

a couple of the arrows are pointing to dots on the knee and foot that are hidden from view

Right now the industry’s best recognized systems track @8 points on the rider at 18 hertz (18 times per second). That sounds like a lot until you realize that, with their current cameras, the crank angle (at a cadence of @95rpm) is only setting a positional data point every 30 degrees or so.

As you can see in the picture above, the Cyclologic / Motion Metriq system is tracking 18 motion points on the rider.

Hell, they have 5 tracking points on one foot!

This new system can track as many as 32 points (using multiple cameras tracking both sides of the body). And they can measure/track 32 points at 100 hertz (100 times per second).

Again, Cyclologic/Motion Metriq’s new Rig can track 32 moving data points on the rider at 100 hertz (100 times per second).

In simple terms, 8×18 is a SHIT-TON less than 32×100…

Think back to crank rotation. This system tracks at more than 1 data point per degree versus the industry current standard at once every 30 degrees or so (at the same cadence).

The reason you care is that this leap in the volume and usefulness of info allows for FAR more effective analysis and understanding of movement issues and more accurate adjustments to your fit and motion in less time.

And this High resolution isn’t the biggest leap in tech that Cyclologic / Motion metriq are introducing. The “biggest” thing they brought were these tiny things…

A big reason for the jump in the base capacity for the dot-motion capturing is incidental to preparing for the next level of motion analytics

These MyoMotion sensors can attach to multiple body parts and track their movement not only in space, but in relation to each other AND THEY CAPTURE MOTION IN 3D ORIENTATION…

That means not simply tracking in-line movement like the dots / video, but capturing data in angular orientation, meaning twist/yaw/rotation.

Ah, and this is wireless… There are several mount straps and bands for multiple body placement with minimal movement restriction (you cant really even feel em).

Partnering with Noraxon, Motion Metriq are laying the foundation for unprecedented performance analytics in cycling and beyond.

You can learn more about both the equipment and their ability to teach you the craft (and/or, you can simply get the same level of fitting services as expected by folks like Alberto Contador, Fabian Cancellara) by getting in touch at:



Lizard Skins had some pretty humble beginnings as the entire business fit on a table…

As you can tell, they’ve grown a bit since then.

Still making the industry standard chain stay, fork and head set protection products, Lizard Skins have expanded into clear and carbon protective film solutions for fairly complete coverage (road and mountain).

They’re also producing some well thought out storage solutions, both bike mounted and body mounted as well as shoe covers…

The Cache, Micro Cache and Super Cache bags are all saddle mounted and feature quality YKK zips and a light but durable 1000D water resistant material with angled straps that help the bag snug up to the saddle / seat post interface cleanly. They use leather and no-snag Velcro to limit chewing your shorts up.

Of course Lizard skins are making a host of class leading Bar tapes…

1.8 / 2.5 and 3.2mm thickness options go from thin-ish to plump and plush, but what doesn’t vary much is the grip that you find throughout the range. Wet or dry, I like the thicker 3.2, but when it comes to a bike that I might do a little aggressive riding on, I’ll run the thinner 1.8 in the drops and blend it with 3.2 for the tops to get a great comfort / performance combo.

Given their affinity for grip, Gloves are a natural addition to Lizard Skins line up…

The Aramus (above) are a light and breathable with strapless that run a fairly low profile palm material. Lizard skins also have a “GC” model that give you a strap for adjustment a bit of padding as well as a “Classic” model that are made from a super supple sheep skin leather (me personal fave).

For those wanting a full fingered glove for max grip and more protection (or a slightly more chilly day), Lizard Skins intro their Monitor SL…

This is a light glove with good feel and grip from the silicone prints. You also get a conductive thumb and forefinger material so you can operate your phone.

Note the tapered cut pattern of the contact surface of the fingers…

This gives the gloves a “second skin” like feel that allows very easy movement and virtually no material bunching when you’re grabbing the bars.

Lizard skins have come a long way from that first chain guard…

You can see loads more at: LizardSkins.com

TIME Sport were on hand with their latest pedal, the Xpro

Built to maximize power transfer and stability, The Xpro pumps up the pedals functional surface area to 725 square millimeters. Time also moves those MM’s around with a wider contact patch in mind.

Iclic engagement is a more solid / positive feel for the Xpro as well.

There’s also now a base plate to the pedal to help aerodynamics…

This added structure does add a few grams, but the Xpro lineup is still light… The Tip-top Xpro15 tips scales at 88 grams. The much more economical 12 is just 94 and the steel axle Xpro 10 is still only 113…

If you’re hunting those extra few grams to cut, TIME still have the full lineup of Skeletonized XPRESSOs…

That’s a feathery 71 Grams for the uber “15’s, 80g for the 12’s. Skipping the 10’s and 6’s, you can get the base XPRESSO 4’s with a solid steel axle and they’re still just 115 grams (and you can find the 4’s at under$100!).

Of course TIME is also still making their own custom braided carbon / Vectran fiber for their frames…

And their tech innovations don’t end at making their own fiber weaves and tube sets. Tuned mass dampers have been in use for some pretty trick designs in loads of critical structures from High voltage power lines to large buildings and bridges, where elimination of oscillation /vibration / movement are critical. TIME bring that tech to their forks by way of their Aktiv damping system.

In short, the weight absorbs the energy of bumps transmitted through the fork (Your fork transmits the bulk of vibrations to your arms / shoulders / neck).

Have a look as the first “pluck” is with no tuned mass damping and the second is with the mass damper free to function (and it kills the movement in a fraction of the time)…

This tech works in use all over the world because it works. In bikes, the advantage is damping bumps and vibrations right at the source, but unlike suspension systems, this system promises to damp vibes without absorbing any energy that the rider is producing to go faster.

Aktiv is, well, currently “active” in TIME’s models now on sale.

You can see their full lineup at: TIME-Sport.com

More later from the floor…

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