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HOLIDAY TECH 1: All I Want For Christmas…

If you’re Christmas list is filled with stuff for other people – fear not – we got you’re back – ! Here’s some of the great gear that’ll turn that frown upside down, put some snap in your sprint and wings on your wheels… take a look and then email the list to your sweetie…

Subtle hints are like pouring beer on yourself and dancing on tables – there’s a time and a place. If you really want to get what you want from Santa, we recommend a direct approach- like emailing our PEZ-Approved list of goodies to anyone and everyone who just might put something under your tree this year… We may not have all the answers, but if we can prevent even one PEZ-Reader from getting another Bill Cosby sweater, then our efforts are worth it.

SELF-GUIDED Tour de France 2005

Every true fan must make the pilgrimage at least once to see the greatest spectacle on two wheels, and the Self Guided Tour de France 2005 is mission critical equipment for next year’s grande boucle. Ted Arnold, an experienced TDF tour guide, knows his stuff and has layed out the most comprehensive guidebook for following the race. Whether you’re heading over solo, or paying big bucks for the 5 star treatment, this downloadable book will tell you everything you need to know from how to travel with your bike, to where to stay, to best race viewing to even understanding the French (yeah good luck with that!)

Read The Review: SELF-GUIDED Tour de France 2005
Price: DVD: $19.95
Get It At: www.cafepress.com/velotainment


Nothing makes you faster than fresh kit – even in winter – and the folks at EURODUDS.com have one of the biggest selections anywhere. They’re fully stocked with the winter gear you need from top brands like Bergamo, De Marchi, Etxe Ondo, Giordana, Santini, and Vermarc. AND – the also stock kit from 41 different pro teams – this is every wannabee’s Fantasy Island.

Get It At: EURODUDS.com

LOOK KEO Carbon Pedals

LOOK started the clipless pedal revolution and seem intent on finishing it with their long awaited, very redesigned KEO pedals. These have tons of float (or none if you prefer), are much smaller and lighter than the predecessors – 95 grams per with Ti axle, 115g per with chromoly axle – and a lower stack height which helps lower your gravity center. The only place I’d rather see these than under my tree is on my bike…

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Price: $399.95- w Ti Axle
– $219.99 – w CroMo Axle
Get It At: CBIKE.com


Top quality gear from Italy – these are ideal as a base layer under tights – if you’re really far north, or paired with leg warmers or nothing if your winter is milder – but you’re norbs will never be cold again – at least not on a chilly ride! They’re made from the de rigueur Super-Roubaix fabric – if you don’t own a garment made with this stuff yet – then buy these shorts and start smiling. It’s warm and cozy while letting you breath enough to control overheating.

Price: $129.95


Ever since Tyler rode the FSA compact protos to 4th place in the 2003 Tour – with that broken collarbone – the compact crankset is cool – especially for winter miles or anyplace you’ve got big climbs. These are just the ticket to remind you how to spin again and save your knees during those cold winter months.

The crank arms are compression molded, and the drive side is fixed to the oversize splined integrated chromoly BB Axle. The big MegaExo oversize cartridge bearings reduce the load on your bb bearings and make for smooth pedaling. Get ‘em with BB Cups – BC-1.37″ x 68mm or M36 x 70mm, lengths of 170, 172.5 or 175mm, with chainring options of 46/36, 48/38, 50/34 or 52/36T.

Check ’em out at: FULLSPEEDAHEAD.com.
Stay close for our upcoming review.
Price: $359.00
Get It At: Your local shop or many fine retailers.


Ideal for racing, triathlons and light enough for climbing, the American Classic 420’s are just all-around awesome. Aerodynamic, light (1455 grams for the set) responsive and smooth, the 420 rim is the lightest deep section aluminum road clincher rim in the world at 34mm deep and 420 grams. You’ve seen ’em in all black (read our review here ) – now get a set in super-sleak silver, they’re available for Shimano or Campy, Standard or Bladed spoke builds. These are home-grown rollers at their best – check out AMERICAN CLASSIC.COM.

Price: $799.95


Comfort was key when Zipp designed their B2 bars – they built a pile of demo versions before deciding on the final shape, with the ultimate goal being something that feels good to hold on to, and even better to ride. The full carbon construction meant no limits to shape, so they combined ergonomics and style to deliver these classically curved – but highly designed handlebars. The carbon contains Zipp’s exclusive VCLC technology (microscopic dampening material mixed in with the carbon) for superior damping of high frequency, fatigue inducing vibration.

They’re available in both 26.0 and 31.8 in all sizes, and widths of 42, 44 and 46cm (measured outside to outside), and weigh just 230grams (44cm version).

Check out ZIPP.COM.

Price: $250.00
Get ‘Em At:
Belmont Wheelworks


The latest from Easton sports almost looks incomplete. A new type stem that is so new you might not find one in time for Santa… Notice no bolts for the steering tube? None there, and no need for that heavy internal carbon fork sleeve either. Price also TBD but for a one piece stem with all the techno trinkets this has, don’t look for it to be the cheapest thing in the world. Then again, it’s from Easton, so expect not to get taken to the cleaners, as they usually make things that perform extremely well and cost less than most other top end kit…

See it At: EASTONBIKE.com
Price: unknown
Get It: In the near future

That’s all for now – but we’ll have more great gift ideas in the coming days. Sure – Christmas is almost here – but who really shops before the last week anyway…?

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