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Product Review: Assos Shorts

ONE HAPPY ASS. While the title could as easily apply to the state of my persona, it certainly does apply to a certain part of me. It is nothing but a pleasure to get anything from Assos. The newest addition to the line of arguably the nicest shorts made, the FI-13, is no let down. Also for your posterior pleasure are butt potions from Assos and Butt’R. Two wonderful rump relievers to help reduce friction in an area where heat and skin bunching are the most critical in nature…

First off come the new Bibs from Assos. These Swiss made beauties at first glance seem to be a lot like other folks. A closer review lets you know they are a little better product and a ride in them will seal the deal.

First thing you will notice is that the Cham area on the inside is pretty plain looking and gives you a “no big deal” feeling,

but looks are deceiving in that the simple cover is actually a free floating piece of extremely soft material that is actually separated from the padding for completely free movement. And it’s no hype tool, as it genuinely does the job. Flip em over and you will see that the business end of these (the foam pad made from probably the best material ever used in a seat pad) is stitched in place with the same care and detail as in all Assos clothing.

You will also notice the mesh material used to vent your back, and that the use of the material far exceeds most other who just give you mesh straps. The legs finish with pretty cool looking and very functional leg grippers that hold well, but are not over done like some other brands. They have a nice logo patch and a bit of reflective pip that is well done as it blends nicely and is small (so small that it might be good for finding your shorts with a flashlight in a power outage, but might not be all you will want for safety while on the road).

The cut of the Assos is well thought as well in that it is comfortable in the riding position and doesn’t have too much material up front to bunch and bind. The fabric is decidedly light weight, meaning these are not the best for winter fall riding if cold is a factor. They should be unbelievable in the mid and warm temps though.

Although they cost out the wazzoo, they also come right back to pamper the wazzoo nicely. These are in my opinion, the best shorts on the market by far, and if you log 10 or more hours a week, you will really be treating yourself to something by getting a pair.

You can see more info on the Assos product line at their website. www.assos.com

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