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BERGAMO Winter Gear: Stay Warm In The Cool

You can’t ride if you’re not warm, so we’ve pledged ourselves to checking out the best in winter gear – and to keep riding! Bergamo’s Tuscan Winter Jerseys (long and short-sleeved), Professional Winter Bib Shorts, and Dolomite Rain Jacket will work in a variety of temps and conditions, and are worth a look…

Regular readers of the PEZCycling pages will know we’ve reviewed some of the Bergamo gear before – this Spring we looked at the Bergamo Pro Bibs, Tech Jersey and Warmers, and battled the cobbles, wind and rain of Flanders and Roubaix in the Bergamo Light Weight jacket, Vest, and Pro Bib Knickers. Check those reviews to see how impressed we were.

The Professional Winter Bib Shorts are toasty Super Roubaix fabric – from legs to suspenders.

For 2005 the line has expanded, with more choice in jerseys, vests, jackets, shorts, and accessories, before your grapes turn to raisins – check this out…

The big benefit with the Bergamo line is that it’s been designed by the “indigenous peoples” at Upland Sports Group. That means Gary and Rob (owners of USG and importers of Bergamo and a bunch of other top lines) have been hands-on and elbow-deep working with Marcello Bergamo and Marco Saggia (Production Manager) to create and design the clothing they import from Bergamo. This ain’t some overseas clothing maker hiring a sales-agent to flog gear created for a foreign market – no jack! What we have here is a technical line of cycling apparel specifically designed for North American riders – from the choice of materials, to cuts, to colors and even which items will be included in the line for a particular season – manufactured by hand in Castano Primo, Italy. And in case you forgot… Marcello Bergamo has been making custom cycling togs for 25 years – he know what he’s doing.

Rob and Gary are both riders and ex-racers themselves, who spend enough time talking to dealers and riders to know what their customers really want – and what to make. Both were cyclists who wanted to work in a field they were passionate about, and 3 years ago left jobs with Fortune 500 companies to start Upland Sports Group in the Bay Area of California.

One key was finding a supplier like Bergamo who was flexible and let these guys suggest and influence product development for a market with specific North American tastes.

The front and back are tall to give you extra coverage and warmth – more smart thinking.

You might say “what’s up with a Winter Bib Short?” For most folks the words “winter” and short” only make sense if you’re 15 years old and prefer 4 tiny poly-eurythane wheels to 2 x 700c rubber ones. But I was surprised at the versatility of these slacks, made ever more useful by their Super Roubaix fabric.

If you haven’t used it, you’ve probably seen it, or heard of it, and should know that Super Roubaix is one of the new uber-fabrics of technical clothing. It’s warm, it stops the wind, and it helps wick moisture away from the skin. It’s designed to fit tight and right-next to ya for increased muscle compression, and is a good choice for riders who prefer a snug feel to their shorts.

The chamois is a good one – it’s called the MLD2 (Multi-Layer Density 2) and originates from the family of Elastic I.T. inserts which are manufactured in Italy. This one is a dual density foam with no seams and nothing to break in. The foam has memory to stay SpongeBob so it won’t wear out as fast – AND it wicks sweat and water fast enough to keep your boys happy.

One of the first companies to offer a bib short in a warmer fabric like Super Roubaix – this is a great example of Rob and Gary using their brainpower for the good of cyclists everywhere. On their own, these shorts are prefect for temps of 50-60F, and offer more flexibility when worn with leg / knee warmers to regulate your core body temperature. These things really are toasty warm, and I wore them on a few really cold fall days with wool leg warmers and was fine.

Colors: black, navy blue
Retail Price: $129.95
Sizes: s m lg xl xxl xxxl

The short sleeve jersey utilizes a new micro-quattro plush winter fabric from Tessport – perfect for pairing with arm warmers. You can easily wear it with a dry-fit base, but it’s soft and cozy to wear on it’s own as well. It’s 33% heavier than typical poly-blend jerseys to be warmer but still maintain the wicking properties of a normal jersey.

A fave of the USG guys, the full length zip makes a bit more room in the mid section, and looks cool. The best part is they’ve chosen heavy-duty zippers you can open with gloved hands, and won’t have to worry about breaking off the zipper-handle.

All Bergamo jerseys now come with a silicone gripper around the waist which is fast becoming industry standard for hold ‘em in place.

In back are 3 deep pockets made to carry what you need for long Fall, Spring, or even Winter epics.

Colors: yellow/navy arms, white/ navy arms, navy/ orange arms
Retail Price: $89.00
Sizes: s m lg xl xxl xxxl

The long sleeve Tuscan jersey is the same cut as the short sleeved version, but warmer! I’ll wear this item 4-5 months in Vancouver, as an outer-layer in fall and Spring, and as a mid-layer between my base and jacket in Winter. It’s been performing as it should – showing no signs of wear after several washings, and keeping me warm.

I did have a problem getting a decent photo of the Long Sleeve Jersey. The material is a highly visible red, that bounces light like crazy – and my camera just couldn’t capture the depth and texture that is there. In person this red stands out, but not in a reflector-vest sort of way.

The pockets are plenty deep to hold stuff like winter gloves, something to drink, and even a Tuscan Short Sleeved jersey.

There’s that heavy-duty zipp again – expect no complaints about it.

Colors – yellow, royal blue, red
Retail Price: $99.00
Sizes: s m lg xl xxl xxxl


The first full-blown rain jacket from Bergamo is intended as a serious outer layer in crappy weather. It’s not a flimsy rain-cape, so don’t expect to stuff it in your jersey pocket, and I can see this being a hit with commuters who really want to stay dry.

The material is called Respira, and is wind and water-proof, but still breathes. I put it to the test by pouring water on and letting it sit for 5 minutes. You can see the water still pooled up, and even though part of the material looks soaked through, the back of the fabric is still dry. (no b.s. – it’s dry!)

It’s not insulated, so don’t wear it for warmth – but staying dry will keep you plenty warm and that’s what this baby does well. It’s cut longer in back to reduce the wet-diaper syndrome often associated with no fenders, and the cuffs are elasticized and have Velcro closures.

The collar is cut high – about 3 inches – but I’d prefer the inside tab be the same length, as it sort of bops out when unzipped.

Colors – royal blue
Retail Price: $159.95
Sizes: s m lg xl xxl xxxl

Get more info at the Upland Sports Group Website: www.UPLANDSG.com

Where To Get ‘Em:
Look for Bergamo gear online at:



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