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Cool Gear: Biemme Classic Pro Bib Shorts

The name says it all – Italian manufacturer Biemme – (pronounced bee-em-may) produces a full line of performance clothing for cycling and other sports. One item is a full-on pro level bib short, with so many technical advantages that it’s almost impossible to call it “Classic”.

To start, the styling – available in your favorite color (as long as it’s black) – offers some cool details that give this short some standout styling. Check out the stitching detail – white thread adds accents for a certain Superhero appeal, and is beefy enough to stay intact for a long time. I’ve done about 30 rides now in these shorts and they show no sign of fatigue anywhere – stitching, materials, elastic – anywhere.

Imagine how good you’ll look when you’re actually riding…

The eight panel cut is sewn to fit the “riding man’s” body – bent over the bars and pedaling – not like some shorts made for the “standing man”. This may look a bit funny as the area in your lower back may get a bit baggy when ordering the pre-ride-espresso, but things fall right into place when you hop back on the bike.

Inside is a pretty thick, and pretty comfy padded chamois. At first glance I thought they looked a bit “diapery”, but again sitting is believing. Especially on today’s ultra-thin saddles, a little extra padding can go a long way to some “personal” happiness…

Other technical advantages – the chamois itself is made of Biemme’s FZ combo of materials, which includes an antibacterial layer that sounds like a pretty good idea – considering the particular part of your anatomy it protects. The “bib” portion is made of nylon mesh and keeps you as cool as any bib can, while keeping the shorts, and your boys, in place.

I like ‘em. And so do a lot of other folks who’s opinion you’ll probably value even more then my own (!) – like Team Navigators and the women’s pro RONA-Esker squad, to name a couple.

Check ‘em out online at US importer Trialtir’s website: www.trialtir-usa.com.

Photography courtesy of Fotografica Studios.

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