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Cool Gear: Graeme Murray Crank Set

Graeme Murray “Tour de Force” Competition Crank Set – Bikes, components, even riding gear, it seems these days everything is being made from carbon fibre. Everybody knows the fine qualities of this material, not the least of which is the property of carbon to be shaped any way the designer likes – to create a vision, so to speak.

One person who’s creating his vision of something special is Graeme Murray. He’s created a crank set different from anything else on the market…

As you can see, the cranks look really big, but there’s a reason. He wanted to make very aerodynamic cranks, a quality that many guys research in the components for their bikes. Indeed, if the cranks looks large from the side, the top-view is extremely thin. The width is 70mm tapering to 50mm. Thickness is 16mm maximum & weight is 468 gms for the Shimano compatible & 475gm for the Campagnolo type.

With this crank set, Piet Nieuwenhuizen has been 2001 South Africa’s Champion and this year Jeff Patterson won the United States Senior National 5 & 10km TT with the cranks.

But Graeme didn’t stop here. He also wanted to resolve a problem for many cyclists: the possibility to adjust the length.

In order to achieve optimum performance, the crank length should be matched to leg length so that the leg can move through the correct range during the pedalling cycle. And the final result is a range from 155 to 185 that can be set by the rider.

Crank length can be adjusted in seconds to suit different disciplines and conditions. Another advantage is that they can be adjusted independently to accommodate leg length discrepancies, something we all experience to a greater or lesser degree.

Graeme Murray “Tour de Force” Competition Crank Set are Shimano and Campagnolo compatible. Prices are $375 US including airmail anywhere in the world. All the models are available with optional triple chain ring adaptors and hardware at an extra cost of $25.00 US .

Graeme Murray In His Own Words: “I design and build cycle components that are useful and practical first. I don’t believe in change for the sake of change. 6 years ago, I started handbuilding bicycle saddles and am now designing the 5th generation saddle which features a new mounting, allowing fore and aft and tilt adjustment on the run. Options include a rigid saddlebag with built in LED tail light and custom toolkit, as well as a fold away mudguard. It can be ordered in stripped down racing form or full house touring.

My adjustable carbon cranks enable the rider to find the exact crank length to suit his leg length and style. Adjustment takes seconds. Despite this feature, the cranks are supremely light and are the most aerodynamic cranks available. A new fork and handle bar set is being developed which will be lighter and stronger than any contemporary fork. It will be the first forkset to feature rake adjustment, fore and aft handle bar adjustment as well as handle bar width adjustment. The handlebars have been redesigned to afford greater hand contact area and consequently lower pressure and have an aero profile unlike any other bars. My approach to bicycle design is to break with the traditional 100 year old tube construction with it’s wide profile and to employ the low profile, stiffness and light weight that carbon composites afford.

Typically, my frame design has a 50% thinner profile than conventional frames and is adjustable for size and geometry. Steering is by means of a hinged joint rather than a heavy and thick head tube and bearings.

Transmission does away with the derailleur system and the gear cluster slides axially instead, which allows a straight chain run at all times. This is made possible by the redesigned composite dished wheel which makes room for the cluster to slide”.

For more information see Graeme Murray’s website www.murraytourdeforce.co.za

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