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Cool Gear: Selle Italia Limited Edition Saddles

Selle Italia let you make your bike look Cool, er Hot, er uh Wet… or Dry and Dirty, with a new cover on the light weight standard to snazz up the ride. The Limited Edition SLR’S get the once over.

From the folks that keep my butt comfy with the Prolink Trans Am (our preferred test saddle) comes something new, just in time for Santa… Selle Italia have decided to roll out the new SLR Limited Edition Saddles with Lorica covers TERRA, ARIA, FUOCO y ACQUA. That’s Earth, Wind, Fire and Water to most of us.

It’s basically the same light weight SLR as before, with Vanox rails and that same Carbon Fiber platform made to give a little. There is also a small amount of padding to help you along.

The SLR’s easily noticeable in this new format, but even in standard trim, is not hard to spot with a megaminimal (new word!) low profile from snout to booty.

I ride Selle’s Prolink Trans-am, because it’s comfortable and that’s all that matters to me in a saddle. But because I can’t write about what I don’t ride, I slapped one of these on and gave it a warm up day ride and a Turkey Trot (couple days and a little over a hundred miles). The Shape has always been good with me, but I always wished for a little denser padding. I think Selle have maybe added a bit to this version (both in Elements and standard design). They have a way light version of this saddle that I had before, and this one at 165 grams (+/- a couple as with all saddles) just seems more cushy than I remember 135 gram seat being. Who knows why anyone would want to sacrifice comfort for 30 grams, as a couple of water bottle sips take care of that. I still like the Prolink, but these are almost a half pound lighter and a fairly neutral shape that can hold lots of butts.

There are only going to be a thousand of these and then they’re gone. If you want to spice up the cycle, you’ll want to hit up your retailer in a hurry as they will have to call in orders. They are $155.00 msrp and distributed through ProNet, Inc., 910 N. Cambrian Ave., Bremerton, WA 98312. Dealers can also email inquiries to [email protected] or call Toll Free 1-800-279-3793.

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