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Water Works: Elite’s Cages and Bottles

Elite started in the late 70’s as a maker of rollers and Bike racks. While they continue to excel in the manufacturing of trainers (like the TDF edition Fluid we showed you). Elite have what’s darn near a monopoly on the Pro Peloton in the Liquid refreshment department.

Elite are in the hands of damn near every rider at the Tour, and were in the hand of Cunego (and pretty much everyone else) at the Giro. In fact, it’s tough to find a race they didn’t win this year… Maybe that has something to do with the fact that they are in the hands of (deep breath):

Fassa Bortolo, Alessio Bianchi, Lampre, FDJeux, Saunier Duval- Prodir, Saeco, Gerolsteiner, Vini Caldirola, Landbouwkrediet- Colnago, Tenax, Aqua & Sapone, Phonak, Domina Vacanze, AG2R, Illes Balears- Banesto, Euskaltel- Euskadi, Cofidis, Rabobank, T Mobile, Brioches La Boulangere, Formaggi Pinzolo Fiave and a couple others…

It runs out to Elite products in the hands of about 85% of the teams in the peloton!

Anyhoo, On to the goodies…

Elite are easy to spot on the things we have tested and the Bikes we will have for review shortly.

The Carbon Patao as will be seen on the Scott Team edition CR1

This little sucker is only 23 grams and holds 2 bottle sizes. There are lighter cages around, but only by about the same number of grams as the contents of a sneeze. These cages are fairly stout, and I have had a couple of the super light cages crack. Not good when you grab a bottle and the cage comes with it.

Elite make a very hand friendly (Skinny) Bajiji bottle that in a 66 diameter and also make a 74 (STD sized) bottles, like the Team edition type shown below. Also note the side- opening cage that is a must have for super small frame sizes where getting a bottle in and out can be a pain (and it’s reversible)…

The metal Patao cage also comes in both STD and skinny sizes, the skinny carbon effect metal Bajiji Patao seen here on the BMC Phonak Team bike…

Next in line is the Ciussi Gel, 49 grams and they come in standard bottle size, as seen on the Principia Ellipse below. These are the bread and butter cage. Very durable, and hold firm. They also come in a rainbow of colors…

Also in the Ciussi category is the light weight Ciussi Inox Gel as will be seen in the review of Kestrels latest barn burner (on the way soon). These are the minimalist Ciussi, and as such end to have a little less stiffness, but the large Gel buttons hold bottles very snug.

Elite also make a few special edition bottles. Like the Coki tour edition and Higene tour edition.

The Coki Tour model is the metal one and carries 650ml. The standard Coki comes in 4 sizes and several colors and while it looks Cyclo-cool with the Old school wood tone top, this is more of a great hiking bottle that Seals very tight.

The yellow Tour Edition (shown with a Carbon effect Patao metal cage) and red clear bottle shown are Elites new Buricci Higene model. The Higene is made of a new material that has an antibacterial capacity. It is also very easy to hold, and stays put very well in any holder.


If you’ve ever been on a ride and found that the new bottle your shop just gave you spews more water around the side of the nipple hole than out the top hole or, worse yet, the entire Top pops off when you squeeze it (leaving you with a nice sticky Jersey and nothing to drink), you know that the extra buck for a good bottle is worth it. Sometimes free stuff is worth even less than you pay for it. And if you have smaller hands, the skinny Bajiji bottles are GREAT!

Bottle cages (like saddles) are another of places where it’s kinda stupid to save weight beyond a certain point. If you want light, try the Carbon Patao. If you want something bullet proof, try the standard Ciussi line or metal Patao cages (that keep bottles from rattling very well). Both work well and won’t let you down as fast as some of the other crap on the market.

Who what where?
You can find Elite stuff just about any place. It’s the standard… Should you want more info on some other products (like their trainers or other drinking gear, check out Elite’s Corporate site. Also take a look at their History link and check out the New HQ that they recently finished restoring. It’s a good story…

If you are a shop that doesn’t carry the stuff, Hit up the folks at Pronet. They are at (360) 782-2477. Shops ONLY please…

Note: if you have other experiences with gear, or something to add, drop us a line. We don’t claim to know everything (we just imply it at times). Give us a pat on the back if you like the reviews, or a slap in the head if you feel the need!

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