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Eurobike PEZ: Vadolibero Bike Storage Goes Lux

One of the coolest things I saw at Eurobike 2018 was the luxury bike storage systems created by Milan-based designers Vadolibero.  Like many of us, they see bikes as works of art, and set out to design storage solutions that are stylish and functional pieces of furniture.

Click my video below to see my tour with Antonella Grua the company’s co-founder and CEO, (and subscribe at the PEZ Youtube channel for even more PEZ), or scroll down for the snappy snap pics and words.

I discovered the Vadolibero booth when former pro Diego Caccia (he rode us around parts of the Strade Bianche course a few years back) walked me over to see the newest MCM Gravel bike from Cipollini – which was beautifully displayed on the KRYON wall mount…

The Kryon is stainless steel, lockable, and adjustable to fit any sized or type of bike.  Like every item in their lineup, it comes with a choice of colored leather pads to match to your bike, and complete the lux-look.  It features 18 stainless steel components and is hand pressed at a specialized steel fabricator in Italy.  It ranges in price from 440€ – 660€.

That’s a real leather pad to protect and hold your bike.

It didn’t take me long to realize I was surrounded by some bike gear I’d never seen before at any show, so naturally I wanted to see more. The signature piece is the DOMUS bike stand, which would work for any serious bachelor, or married guy looking to fully mark the territory of his man-cave.  Priced starting at 4,600€, married guys may require approval from your own Minister if Interior Finance (ie: Mrs.), but it’s big enough to string a hammock if you need to secure sleeping arrangements outside of the matrimonial bed.

The frame is solid Italian oak and is offered in three different stains. It also features a light shaped like a handlebar that replicates the company logo, and has a dimmer that’s operated by just a light touch.  The light bar doubles as a hangar too, and custom leather straps allow let you figure out the rest.

The drawers come with moveable dividers (see them in my video) that allow for customization for shoes, helmets, jerseys, other bike gear and lots of other stuff.  If you need more space still – the shelving unit shown on the left is available as an added feature (for a few more euros).

The ORIGO bike stand is really more of a bike butler – featuring a hand-crafted wooden box with drawers for your cycling gear, fixed to the top of a very sturdy free standing bike stand – which allows you to place it conveniently in your abode.   The finish quality looked excellent, with nice touches like leather pads pads for a more luxurious statement.

The name “Vadolibero” literally means “I go free” in Italian.

The Origo ranges from 2,200€  – 3,600€ – with the top line version coming with built in wireless speakers that will stream sound off your phone.

The NEOS bike stand / butler looks like something right out of the Jetsons – it’s an egg-shaped clam-shell style container with compartments to hold helmet, glasses, clothing and whatever else you think belongs in there.

Priced at 1,600Euro it’s offered in white or black, plus a couple of cool custom options like the pink Giro d’Italia model.  There’s also custom colored leather  accents to match your bike, kit, or whimsy.

The VERTIK bike stand is perfect for bike storage in smaller places – like the corner of your man-cave.  It mimics the Vadolibero handlebar logo, but sits vertically in a dome-shaped stand that holds the rear wheel.  The bike sits upright, with the front wheel securing to the light-bar.  The wholes thing swivels for ideal positioning.  It’s priced at 1,950€, and is available for delivery in October 2018.

Considering how much some of us invest in our bikes, and also how much decent furniture costs, the prices for these custom pieces of art might not seem so high after all.  Regardless, it’s cool to see something like this offered for a segment of the market that for now has been ignored.

• See more at VADOLIBERO.COM

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