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Eurobike’14: More Bikes!

Eurobike has so many beautiful bicycles that it’s impossible to fit them all into one article – or two or even three for that matter! So following up from last week’s look at some of the best that was on offer here’s some more showbikes, 2015 models, daily riders and more to get you going on a Monday.

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to look at Eurobike, there’s so many great bikes on display but Cannondale managed to lure me and many others into their stand by having Peter Sagan’s ever so flashy Super Six Evo out the front. Painted in a sparkling green for his third straight green jersey at Le Tour and with massive Vision 81mm carbon wheels it was hard to miss.


It’s a shame that Peter won’t be on the brand next year but I’m sure the guys at Cannondale are going to come up with something special for the Garmin-Cannondale marriage – argyle Cannondale’s anyone?


Stepping around Sagan’s bike and the crowd gathered around it I came across the 2015 Synapse Hi Mod Sram Red disc model with its wide BB30 bottom bracket and its large seat tube bottom bracket junction that has a very funky design that is all in line with Cannondale’s aim of making the Synapse lighter, pedal better and even more comfortable than previous models.


It was a nice looking machine and it had one of the most original seat tube/bb junctions around. Designed as an all day long comfort bike that doesn’t steal your power it’s a go anywhere, do anything machine.


Also on display was this elegant Synapse Rival Disc model which was so well finished that it looked like it should have been displayed at one of the boutique, handmade small stands in the other hall at Eurobike – not from a big manufacturer.


6061 alloy and a carbon bladed fork combined with 11 spd SRAM Rival components leads to a comfortable, go anywhere machine that could be perfect for a recreational rider or even somebody putting in the big miles.



Lastly amongst Cannondale’s large collection of machines I couldn’t help but stop by and have a look at the latest incarnation of the classic CAAD 10, in this case the ‘Racing Edition’ which is built up with Sram Force. The CAAD 10 continues to be the reference point for top of the line Aluminum frames and this latest edition is sure to be no exception with its race geometry, unrivalled handling and performance, 6069 Alloy and a frame that weighs just 1150g.

You can check out more on the CAAD10 and the whole Cannondale range at cannondale.com

Moving away from Cannondale I stuck with the ‘C’ theme and went to see CKT bikes which have now been branded ‘CKT By Virenque‘ as ex Tour polka dot man, Richard Virenque has taken over the reins.


CKT has long been designed in Italy and made in Taiwan but now they’re going to have to add another flag to their decals as Virenque has put his French flavor on things. CKT have been a sponsor of the La Pomme Marseille pro team these last few years with their 398 model which returns for 2015 along with many other high road models.


The 589 being a case in point. It’s a Di2 ready, UD 3K frame that weighs just 920g with a very good bottom bracket stifness of 78 n/m but is competively priced at 2490 Euros for the framest or 5990 Euros as built up for the show with Durace Di2, Q-rings and hoops from the French company, Even wheels.


It was this matte 368 V that most caught my eye though. With integrated front and rear brakes, Di2 ready and a number of patented design features like the integrated seatpost that is perfectly horizontal even after cutting it down to your size (that can be done with the special tool included with the frame) or can be modified easily with spacers. It also had a unique cable integration in the front end, CKT’s stem/bar combo and some special chainstays -this appears to be a well thought out modern day bike that promises to be both stiff and aero.

Go on Chris – stick your finger in…



The 368 V will retail for 1790 euro for the frameset and confusingly in the range there’s also this beautiful retro version below that is also called the 368 – this time the 368 SLR. The retro version frameset will retail for 1590 Euros with this very sweet, show special version going for 4990 Euros.


The CKT By Virenque is such a new partnership that they haven’t yet got their website together nor confirmed their worldwide distributors but with the design expertise behind the bikes and Richard Virenque’s name and marketing power I wouldn’t be surprised to hear the name CKT a lot more often than we have in the past.

From one ex-pro of the 90’s/00’s now to another with Mario Cipollini‘s range of weapons – and that’s an appropriate word with his latest TT bike that is dubbed, ‘The Nuke’.


Besides the flashy video that only Mario could get away with, this is actually a pretty special bike with some very nifty detail work especially around the integrated front brakes, cabling and stem. Reportedly super stiff the frame is a monocoque main triangle with rear axle assembly from T800 + T1000 carbon with reinforcements in 1k carbon.


Also on Cipo’s stand and not under the radiation protection glass was another bike that only Mario could get away with – this RB1K model in Camoflauge Green. Surprisingly the Camo/Carbon color combination really works on the RB1000’s curved monocoque frame and an unpainted version in size M weighs in at 1050 grams for the frame.


Amongst other dream machines there was also this Logos which although weighing in a bit heavier than the RB1K at 1,200 grams for a Medium is still one very nice looking bike.


For more on Cipo’s 2015 range check out their worldwide website or if you’re stateside head to cipolliniusa.com for some exclusive US only models.

From a relative newcomer in Italian bike building to a legend of the game now in Colnago who has been doing this a long time – 60 years in fact, a number celebrated with this limited edition C60 to be sold in only 60 examples worldwide.


It has a naked carbon frame with silver lugs and is only available as a complete bike – and if you have to ask the price then you can’t afford it. It was an absolutely beautiful machine and was gaining many admirers at the show…


as were the collection of Colnago Ferrari bikes – and the Ferrari just next to them.


Italian design and finish at its best. Check them out at colnago.com

Still on the Italian theme now with the folks over at Basso who also had some beautifully finished bikes on display.


Their paintwork and finish was second to none and their aggressive, pro style dropped head stems looked great.


If you can’t quite stretch yourself down to a World Tour rider’s stem height though Basso have some of the best looking spacers in the business with this first ‘aero style’ spacer bringing the stem up significantly which can then be raised higher again with standard spacers after that.



Their seatstay treatment on this red Diamante model was also pretty special with the complete bike in Ultegra spec weighing just 6.6kgs. For more from Basso go to bassobikes.com

One more from Italy now with Pinarello who continue to produce great bikes – even if they didn’t win the Tour de France this year…


Billed as the ‘Eighth Wonder of The World’, the Dogma F8 is a pretty special machine which is the new version of their previous Tour winning Dogma 65.1. It’s claimed to be 47% more aerodynamic than the previous model, 12% stiffer and is confirmed to be 120 grams lighter.


Also getting a lot of looks was the new ‘Il Bolide’ TT machine. This black and gold version certainly looked as fast as its claimed to be – 15% faster than the already slippery in the wind tunnel, ‘Graal’.


For more on the 2015 Pinarello range head on down to your local dealer or over to pinarello.com

Leaving carbon behind for a moment now it was time for a change of style with a look at some of the titanium bikes on offer at Eurobike.

Italian company Nevi only had a couple of bikes on display but what they had was high quality. They just launched a road titanium fork (investment casting process) that is the perfect addition to their Spinas model pictured here.


Seamless tubes of 3AL-2,5V Grade 9 titanium & 6AL-4V Grade 5 titanium the Spinas is available in a couple of different options including Satin Gloss with Gold etching or Satin Matt with Grey etching. For more on these pretty machines check them out at nevi.it

Dutch titanium manufacturers Van Nicholas were also on hand to prove that titanium is not dead with a couple of beautiful road models on display.


Their hand polished, high lust finishes shined and the Aquilo pictured above is just 1499 euros for the frameset whereas the Zephyr below is 1699.


Both models have some impressive qualities for the pricepoint and Van Nicholas actually have seven different road models in their range. Much more at vannicholas.com

Lastly in the titanium stakes is German boutique manufacturer Punch Cycles. I’ve already talked about Mario Sillack and his beautiful bikes a couple of times here on PEZ but they get another look here in this article as it would be remiss of me to talk about titanium at Eurobike and not mention Punch.


Their small stand only had two complete bikes and half a dozen frames on display but it’s somewhere that you could spend all day if you’re a titanium fan.


The Palooka road model available in disc and non-disc versions was recently tested in a well known German magazine where its finish and performance blew all others away.



To practice your German or your Google translate skills check out punchcycles.com for more and if you’re serious about a great titanium bike send Mario an email.

Changing materials now but sticking with some great engineering with the guys at Storck.


Their display was one of those where it’s difficult to know where to look as seemingly every bike is a ‘dream bike’ with even their cheaper models (relatively speaking of course…) finished to absolute perfection. Their new Aero 2 IS was certainly a special machine for the time triallists amongst us, which has been designed to not only be fast and aero as pretty much every TT bike has but also a great handling machine – something that is often forgotten in TT bikes.


If you have any spare change left over after purchasing a TT bike then you could pick up this Aernario Signature with Lightweight Mellenstein wheels, Durace Di2 and Fibula brakes that weighs just 5.5kgs. All you’d need would be about 16,000 Euros…


Meanwhile this Aerfast model in Durace Di2 would set you back 7,700 Euro. They’re certainly not the cheapest of machines at Storck but they are amongst the best finished and for me anyway, some of the prettiest at Eurobike. Many more dreambikes online at storckbicycle.cc

Lastly in this edition of more bikes from Eurobike is the Urgestalt range from Lightweight wheels.


Admittedly there’s been no big changes to the 2015 range except for the fact that they’re toying with the idea of going away from their traditional matte black range of bikes to adding color. Either as a style of pinstriping on their frames or complete colors like this bright blue that looked superb in my eyes. More info on their frames and wheels at lightweight.info

Keep it tuned to PEZ for even more from Eurobike as we check out clothing, accessories and even more bikes soon plus all the latest from this week’s Interbike coming too – got to love show season!

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