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Gear Break: Bontrager Helmet, Pirelli P ZERO Race 150° Tyre, AURUM New Colors, 100% Narvik, Qhubeka Supporters Jersey & Michael Blann Italian Mountains

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Gear Break: Bontrager Circuit helmet, Pirelli presents P ZERO Race 150°, the tyre for road racing bicycles celebrates the company’s 150th anniversary, AURUM: Dolomite colors, colors that will make you shine, 100%® unveils unique retro styled take on trending glacier performance eyewear, Team Qhubeka supporters jersey now available and Michael Blann: The climbs of the Giro d’Italia from a different perspective.

Bontrager Circuit Helmet

Stephen Cheung Sez:

The Bontrager Circuit is slotted in as an all-purpose helmet, from gravel to road to daily commuting. I found it to be a very secure and comfortable helmet, with extra peace of mind through the Wavecel technology. Considerations are that it’s on the heavy end of the helmet spectrum, and the Wavecel seems to reduce airflow.

The all-purpose design is highlighted by the two magnetic and removable mounts. The front one is able to accommodate a Go-Pro or a Bontrager light, while the back one is meant for a Bontrager taillight.

The big feature of the Bontrager Circuit is the Wavecel technology for decreasing impact forces, especially rotational impact. It looks like a honeycomb layer on the inside of the helmet between the pad insert and the traditional helmet inner and outer shells. An added bonus is that the honeycomb weave acts as a built-in bug screen.

As you can see, the lower rim of the helmet is also of hard material, which should add durability.

The added protection is balanced by added weight, and the Bontrager is not a light helmet at 345 g (my size M sample) without the headlight/camera and taillight mounts (add another 40 g for them). Once on your head, the weight isn’t necessarily noticeable even over a 4 h gravel race.

A nice design feature of the Circuit is that the straps are separated by a U-shaped rather than a common Y-shaped yoke. This gives a bit more separation between the straps and lessens the chance of pinching against the ears.

The design of the occipital cradle is really deep, covering far down the back of the skull. This helps to keep the helmet locked onto your head and in a safe position, preventing the backward slop and rotation that can expose your forehead in a crash. The secure fit is also very useful for the added vibration and bouncing with off-road riding.

Overall, the secure fit and the added Wavecel protection make the Bontrager Circuit a good all-purpose helmet that makes the added weight a worthwhile trade. On the few warm days we’ve had so far there is definitely more sweating than with my other helmets, so I’m not sure that it’d be my go-to helmet for hot-weather rides.

Pirelli Presents P ZERO Race 150°, the Tyre for Road Racing Bicycles Celebrates the Company’s 150th Anniversary
With the end of the Giro d’Italia P ZERO Race 150° hits the market. It is made in Italy and its special gold livery celebrates Pirelli’s 150 years of history.


Pirelli launches P ZERO Race 150°, a special version of its racing tyre that is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the company, which began its tyre production with a bicycle one. The celebratory tyre debuted on Trek-Segafredo World Tour team bikes during the just-concluded Giro d’Italia.


P ZERO Race 150° is an all-round clincher suitable for both long training sessions and competition. It offers light weight, great smoothness, and grip also thanks to the special SmartEVO compound. Formulated with a ternary blend of polymers with “smart” behaviour characteristics, the compound allows excellent dry and wet grip and very low rolling resistance. The tyre’s 120 TPI nylon casing is protected by TechBELT Road technology, which improves puncture resistance without making the tyre heavier.


The P ZERO Race 150° is made in Italy: it is produced at the renovated Pirelli plant in Bollate, near Milan. It offers all the appreciated features of the original P ZERO Race tyre, a best-seller from the Milanese company, adorned with an exclusive gold livery, the “P Lunga 150°” logotype and dedicated packaging, and is available in sizes 26-622 and 28-

Catalogue of tyres and accessories for velocipedes and cars, 1899, courtesy Fondazione Pirelli

The First Pirelli Tyre? A Bicycle Tyre
There are more than 110 years of Pirelli’s successes and sporting history, but the one with the bicycle is the company’s oldest link with sport, as evidenced by the rich archive of historical materials, sketches, photographs and audio-visuals preserved and enhanced by the Pirelli Foundation, that document this long business history.

“Pirelli & C.” was founded in Milan, Italy, in 1872, by engineer Giovanni Battista Pirelli, to produce technical rubber items: rubberized canvas, transmission belts, fittings and sleeves. In 1890 Pirelli decided to put this expertise to use to develop a new product: its first bicycle tyre. It is, in fact, the first tyre produced by the company, which would later enter the motorcycle field and then the car business.

In 1895 the “Milano-Cremona-Brescia-Milano” race was held, and a new Pirelli racing bicycle tyre, the “Tipo Milano,” was advertised for the occasion.

Promotional postcard for Pirelli bicycle tyres, 1909, courtesy Fondazione Pirelli

At that time tyres were, even more than today, a crucial element in bicycle races, the decisive technical component. Races took place on a wide variety of mostly uneven and bumpy road surfaces. The tyres and their respective inner tubes became valuable allies and companions of the cyclists, who wrapped them around their bodies carefully and maintained them with great care.

As early as 1899, a Pirelli catalogue shows a wide selection of tyre tubes, travel and racing bicycle tyres, as well as bicycle accessories such as handlebars, pedals, and brakes.

A group of cyclists with Pirelli bicycle tyres, 1910-1920, courtesy Fondazione Pirelli

However, Pirelli’s name is inextricably linked to cycling history during the first Giro d’Italia in 1909 where Pirelli also had a commemorative postcard printed for the occasion, featuring “I Pneumatici Pirelli” (the Pirelli tyres). During that first Giro, thirty of the forty-nine cyclists reaching the finish line mounted Pirelli tyres.

From that moment on, Pirelli tyres became the choice of all-time cycling Greats such as Ottavio Bottecchia, Alfredo Binda, Learco Guerra, Gino Bartali and Fausto Coppi, to name a few.

Renzo Bassi, Sketch for Pirelli bicycle tyres advertising campaign, 1933, courtesy Fondazione Pirelli

In 1932, on Bianchi bikes, Alfredo Bovet won the XXV Milano-Sanremo and the then general manager Edoardo Bianchi sent a letter to the Società Italiana Pirelli, congratulating it on the performance of Pirelli tubulars.

Final lap of Gran Premio Pirelli, 1957, courtesy Fondazione Pirelli

In 1949 the first Pirelli Grand Prix was held, an amateur race that offered the highest prize money at the time. Created by Arturo Pozzo together with Alfredo Binda, this prestigious annual race for amateurs allowed many talented athletes to be discovered and then become professional cyclists.

In 1953 Fausto Coppi, wearing a Bianchi-Pirelli jersey, won his fifth (and last) Giro d’Italia while riding on Pirelli brand new “Specialissimi Corsa” tyres.

Promotional postcard with Fausto Coppi, 1950s, courtesy Fondazione Pirelli

Over the years the range expanded and became more specialised with models responding to various uses. In 1992 the last production of Pirelli-branded bicycle tyres came out on the market. In 2017 the company re-entered the cycling field with the launch of the now famous P ZERO.

Today as then, the logo with the characteristic “elongated P” is back on the bikes of the greatest cyclists of the day. It was the emblem of men, teams, and feats that made the history of Italy’s second most popular sport after soccer: Ottavio Bottecchia, the first ace of the 1920s, Alfredo Binda, Learco Guerra, the Legnano team, Gino Bartali and Fausto Coppi, the Bianchi team, the first world championships, the Giro and Tour de France, the road and track Classics. Today it is the choice of such World Tour cycling teams as Trek-Segafredo, UAE Team Emirates and AG2R Citröen, as well as the factory MTB team Wilier Triestina-Pirelli and the DH team Canyon CLLCTV Pirelli.


In 2022, Pirelli officially announced the resumption of bike tyre production in Italy thanks to the revamped Bollate plant, where the highest performance models in the range are made, including the celebratory P ZERO Race 150° tyre.

AURUM: Dolomite Colors, Colors that Will Make you Shine
You’ll shine with the subtlety of two new Dolomite paint jobs, sophisticated colors designed to enhance Magma’s sleek design.

The story behind the two new Dolomite colors has a lot to do with the history of the Giro d’Italia
AURUM presents these two new finishes for Magma model inspired by the mythical mountains of the Dolomite Alps, Dolomite Pink and Dolomite Green.


The Dolomite Alps
It is well known that the Dolomite Alps are the judges of the most beautiful race in the world, the Giro d’Italia, since it is the territory of great feats, of the purest cycling, where names like Marco Pantani, Ivan Basso or Alberto Contador have been recorded for ever. The “impossible mountains” as some call them.

The Giro is one of the three great stage tours that are held on the professional cycling calendar and in 2021 it marked a before and after for AURUM with the Eolo-Kometa Cycling Team. AURUM debuted in a grand tour with only 221 days of life, also achieving a victory on Mount Zoncolan, next to the Dolomites.


Taking these premises that unite professional cycling with amateur cycling and a high performance bicycle, designed to take advantage of every watt, with these high mountain passes, the AURUM design team has got down to work to present two new finishes that enhance the virtues of Magma, giving the painting its own history and life.


Dolomite Pink & Dolomite Green: Dolomites sunset
Few moments in life awaken our senses like a sunset, a spring afternoon, in the Dolomite Alps. Every day at sunset these majestic mountains are dressed in pink and green tones, we have selected two of them so that from today they join the Magma color family:

  • Carbon Black & Glacial Blue 2020
  • Arctic White 2021
  • Dolomite Pink & Dolomite Green 2022


Decals, two options
The customization possibilities increase with the new decals (logos and motifs on the frame and fork), the new owner of AURUM Magma can choose for the Dolomite colors the elegant brush decals or the more classic white decals.


Available now for all assemblies and frameset
These new Dolomite colors are now available for any of the complete bike combinations of Sram Red, Sram Force or Shimano Dura-Ace, Shimano Ultegra with Enve, Zipp, Lightweight or Mavic. As well as the purchase of only the frameset.

100%® Unveils Unique Retro Styled Take On Trending Glacier Performance Eyewear
NORVIK® Pays Homage to the Legacy of Racing Culture While Pressing the Envelope of Innovation and Design.


100%® the San Diego-based sports performance company, has released NORVIK®, a new Sport Performance sunglass that sets a standard in versatility by tastefully blending style with unmatched performance. The unique glacier design was inspired by classics from the past; taking cues from racing culture and tastefully infusing retro with modern innovation.


The newest performance sunglass features everything 100% does best. From no-slip grip for optimal fit, to premium lenses and coatings, for superior optical clarity and protection. NORVIK was developed to meet the demands of the 100% roster of world-class endurance athletes.


NORVIK is a trend-setter engrained with inventive technology which functions to perform in a variety of conditions all while keeping lifestyle in mind,” said Gwen Van Lingen, VP of Global Sales & Marketing. “With the versatility of NORVIK, you can confidently take your look ‘off the field,’ and into the coffee shop.”


Purpose-built side shields add additional protection from the elements and unwanted peripheral glare. The new style also features premium lens options engineered to the highest quality standards in the industry. HiPER® Lens Technology ramps up contrast and amps up colors for optimal clarity and sharper vision.


NORVIK also comes with extra lenses for a quick change to ensure utmost performance in all light conditions. NORVIK is also offered in a Polarized Lens option. 100% Proprietary Polarized lens provides light-filtering polarization, cutting glare without compromising digital screens, phones or GPS instruments.

Team Qhubeka Supporters Jersey Now Available


Fans of Team Qhubeka have the opportunity to further get behind the team with the exciting announcement of the launch of the Ekoi Supporters Jersey, which is now available to order.

The jersey features the iconic 2022 design which is modeled on an African horizon, with the hand up a sign of a future of great things to come.

This launch follows that of the Ekoi team racing kit as well as the hugely popular off-bike ‘Hand Up’ apparel from The Vandal.

All of these items are available via further special offers for members who join the Team Qhubeka Community, through which they further can lend their support to the team into the future.


The Team Qhubeka replica jersey manufactured by Ekoi undergoes the same design rigor as those designed for the pro teams including: laser cut sleeve, technical aspects, comfort and breathability.

Two complementary fabrics – made in Italy – are used in the design which includes micro perforated fabric on the front, sides and back, 3 back pockets and a separate composition for the hemless sleeves.


Microdry fibre captures the sweat and removes it quickly to keep the body dry while the sleeves are Ekoi Second Skin fibre, which is laser-cut fibre, silicone-free and hemless for optimal comfort.

  • 3 classic pockets with elastic at the top of the pockets for a perfect fit.
    Invisible, self-locking YKK zipper.
  • Zipper covers at the bottom of the shirt to prevent chafing.
  • Officer collar.
  • Elastic band with silicone inserts at the back of the shirt for a perfect fit.
  • Bevelled cut for comfort.
  • The supporters jersey is 100% polyester and is available in 7 sizes: XS / S / M / L / XL / 2XL / 3XL
  • For our supporters based in South Africa, please see the following link with further information regarding availability of the jersey: https://bit.ly/3Ny60fF

Michael Blann: The Climbs of the Giro d’Italia From a Different Perspective


Last weekend saw the first Grand Tour of the year come to a conclusion in Italy – the Giro d’Italia. Saturday’s penultimate stage took in just two of the many climbs often visited in this gruelling but beautiful race that I’ve had the pleasure of shooting over the years, the Passo Pordoi and the Passo Fedaia. The last day in the mountains. The last chance for the climbers to shine.

Below are a selection of prints from the two climbs, as well as the infamous Mortirolo, visited earlier in the race. Prints from Italy’s mountains are available online – take a look at the full ‘Mountains’ portfolio in the link below.


Passo Pordoi



Passo Fedaia



Passo del Mortirolo

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