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Gear Break: Chapter2, New Shimano Dura-Ace, Ursus’ New Handlebar, ARES/HPS Carbon Fiber E-Bike, Muc-Off Valves and Free Strava Beacon

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Gear Break: Loads of exciting new kit. CHAPTER2 Launches – TOA – Fully integrated performance all-road frameset, Shimano reignites the road with new 12-speed Dura-Ace R9200 premium road components, Magnus H.02: Ursus’ new handlebar with full cable integration, ARES partners with HPS to produce a World first high-tech carbon fiber E-Bike, Muc-Off launches lighter stronger and insert – ready tubeless valves and Strava Beacon is now free for all.

CHAPTER2 Launches – TOA (Fully Integrated Performance All-Road Frameset)



SHIMANO Reignites the Road with New 12-Speed DURA-ACE R9200 Premium Road Components
For those who never compromise, Shimano’s New R9200 Series Delivers an Ultra-Efficient 12-Speed Drivetrain, a Wireless Cockpit, New Levels of Braking Control, a New Wheel Lineup, and the Fastest Shifting Ever.

dura ace

With DURA-ACE R9200, Shimano delivers the world’s fastest most precise shifting, expanding its legacy of innovation while setting a new benchmark in road performance. Developed with the Science of Speed design concept, the R9200 series component group features an ultra-efficient 12-speed drivetrain, a reliable wireless cockpit, highly refined ergonomics, new wheels, an enhanced brake system, and integrated digital technology engineered for those who never compromise.

SHIMANO DURA-ACE R9200: Science of Speed
Every detail, every decision, and every component of the new DURA-ACE R9200 series is engineered to deliver a faster, more reliable, and more intuitive ride experience. In the pursuit of excellence, Shimano dedicated years of research, development, and testing to refine its new flagship road system.

  • Evolved Di2 Platform – Completely redesigned Di2 system for Shimano’s fastest shifting ever as well as a wireless cockpit design for the ultimate performance and absolute reliability
  • Most Advanced Drivetrain – Optimized 12-speed gearing for unrivaled efficiency and Shimano’s proven HYPERGLIDE+ technology for seamless shifting no matter the situation
  • Refined Interface and Ergonomics – The ultimate balance of comfort, aerodynamics, and aesthetics, DURA-ACE offers unparalleled ergonomics, a cleaner cockpit design, and ultimate customization
  • Enhanced Brake System – Making the best even better, the new DURA-ACE brake system offers a quieter, maintenance-friendly system with improved control
  • All New Wheel System – Perfectly blending aerodynamics, rigidity, and weight for the most competitive full-carbon, tubeless and tubular wheel lineup on the market

dura ace

SHIMANO DURA-ACE: Evolved Di2 Platform and Technology
DURA-ACE R9200’s new Di2 platform showcases Shimano’s most advanced drivetrain technology and shifting performance to date. DURA-ACE delivers 58% faster rear shifting and 45% faster front shifting compared to the current wired R9100 Di2 system. Shimano’s wireless Di2 processing technology, developed in house by Shimano, increases transmission speed and performance, offering reliable, fast shifts every single time. Further Di2 refinements include a charging port and D-FLY wireless connectivity integrated into the rear derailleur.

Shimano DURA-ACE R9200 is wired where it makes sense, featuring a central, multi-port battery that supplies stable, long-lasting power to both front and rear derailleurs. New smaller diameter SD300 wires connect directly from the battery to each derailleur, eliminating the need for junctions and simplifying the build process. The central internal battery also simplifies charging and remains secure over the roughest of roads.

SHIMANO DURA-ACE: The Most Advanced Drivetrain
The new R9200 DURA-ACE drivetrain provides faster, smoother shifting with Shimano’s proven HYPERGLIDE+ drivetrain technology. Developed first for mountain bike applications, HYPERGLIDE+ improves shifting both up and down the cassette, even under maximum pedaling load.

The new 12-speed DURA-ACE drivetrain features optimized gearing options that are engineered for performance and speed without sacrificing drivetrain efficiency. Sticking with 11-tooth small cogs enhances drivetrain efficiency while also retaining compatibility with current 11-speed Shimano freehub bodies. No new standards or proprietary wheel parts necessary.

dura ace

At the request of WorldTour teams, the DURA-ACE R9200 crankset features an optional 54-40T chainring combination. More efficient than smaller options, the 54-40T is the best response to the ever-increasing speeds of racing’s top tier.

With 11-30 and 11-34 cassette options, DURA-ACE riders now have even lower climbing gears so that no matter your riding level, you can experience the best road performance available. Despite even wider gear ranges, smooth, consistent gear steps remain a Shimano hallmark thanks to the addition of the 12th cog. Keeping things simple, the R9200 rear derailleur is offered with a single cage length that is compatible with the entire range of R9200 cassettes.

The DURA-ACE R9200 drivetrain employs the same 12-speed chain used on the Shimano XTR M91000 series, simplifying inventory requirements for retailers and riders.

FC-R9200 Crank

    • HOLLOWTECH II Crank Set
    • 2×12-speed
    • Chainring combinations:

o 50-34T o 52-36T o 54-40T

dura ace

FC-R9200-P Power Meter Crank

  • Dual-Sided Power Meter
  • Bluetooth and ANT+ data transmission
  • Improved strain gauge accuracy
  • 2×12-speed

CS-R9200 Cassette

    • HYPERGLIDE+ Technology
    • 12-speed
    • 11-tooth small cog for optimal efficiency
    • Wider cassette options for lower gear ratios
    • Compatible with 11-speed freehub bodies
    • Cassette Options:

o 11-30T o 11-34T

dura ace

RD-R9250 Rear Derailleur

  • Shimano SHADOW Rear Derailleur
  • Integrated D-FLY Connectivity
  • 12-speed
  • Compatible with 11-30, and 11-34T cassettes

FD-R9250 Front Derailleur

  • 12-speed
  • Smaller (33% less frontal area) and lighter (96 grams)

dura ace

SHIMANO DURA-ACE: Refined Interface and Ergonomics
Shimano’s wireless DURA-ACE cockpit delivers a clean aesthetic and simple setup while reimagined ergonomics bring a new level of comfort and control. The DURA-ACE hoods are taller with a slight curve inward for a more secure, natural perch over any terrain. The lever body reach is also extended by 4.6mm to create more space between the brake lever blade and the handlebar.

The new DURA-ACE Di2 lever switches are also redesigned for better control and easier access. The longer switches are easier to reach when riding in the drops and an increased offset between the switches makes them easier to differentiate while riding. A third switch on the hoods continues with the new R9200 series shifters.

A set of new remote switches provides multiple shift points with options for the tops as well as the drops. So whether climbing at your limit or sprinting for the line, you have can control your effort.

A new Shimano E-TUBE App (version 4.0.0) offers intuitive operations for personalizing the DURA-ACE R9200 drivetrain. Offering a suite of customizable, riders can choose between different shift speeds, customize shift button mapping (what buttons performs which functions), program different automatic shift modes like Synchro and Semi-Synchro shifts, fine-tune shifting, and connect with third party bike computers.

ST-R9270 Shifter

  • Wireless Di2 connectivity
  • 2×12-speed Dual-Control lever
  • Refined hood for improved ergonomics and aerodynamics
  • Improved button access
  • 4.6mm longer reach for increased security and control

dura ace

SHIMANO DURA-ACE: Enhanced Brake System
Speed only matters when you have the ability to control it, and Shimano’s new DURA-ACE brake system provides heightened brake performance for tighter, faster, and more aggressive cornering. The new R9200 brake system now features Shimano’s proven SERVO WAVE technology that enhances brake performance thanks to a faster initial bite point followed by a wider control area. This allows riders of all abilities to modulate their breaking forces more easily and precisely.

DURA-ACE R9200 also includes a refined brake caliper design, delivering a quieter brake system. The new brake calipers boast a 10% increase in pad-to-rotor clearance to reduce noise while a separate bleed port and valve screw improve the bleeding process so that it’s now possible to bleed the system without removing the caliper from the frame.

BR-R9270 Brakes

  • More fine-tuned control and heightened braking performance
  • 13% wider control area from the brake lever
  • 10% wider pad clearance
  • Easier bleeding process
  • Servo Wave Technology

dura ace

SHIMANO DURA-ACE: All New Wheel System
The completely redesigned DURA-ACE R9200 wheel line-up blends exceptional rigidity, faster aerodynamics, and lower weight. The full-carbon, tubeless wheel lineup features wider 21mm internal rim widths suited for modern road tires and is offered in three rim depths so riders can optimize performance across a diverse range of conditions.

Shimano’s new DIRECT ENGAGEMENT freehub structure provides increased driving rigidity for a more direct pedaling feeling, especially when accelerating. Despite the improved rigidity, the new DURA-ACE wheels and hubs do not compromise when it comes to weight. The DIRECT ENGAGEMENT freehub shaves an impressive 45 grams while the full carbon rims and new spokes and nipples drop the overall weight of the new C50-TL wheels by over 161 grams compared to the current, shallower C40-TL wheels. Aerodynamics haven’t been ignored either, with even faster and more stable rim profiles used across the DURA-ACE range.


  • Lightweight wheels for riding where acceleration is key
  • Front 1:1 standard spoke lacing // Rear 2:1 Optbal spoke lacing


  • All-around wheels for breakaways and more
  • The perfect balance of aerodynamics, rigidity, and
    lightweight construction
  • 5-watt reduction in drag compared to current C40-
    TL wheels
  • Front 1:1 standard spoke lacing // Rear 2:1 Optbal
    spoke lacing


  • Aero wheels for sprinting and high-speed pursuits
  • Optimized lateral rigidity for sprinting and larger riders
  • 63% increase in driving rigidity versus current C40-TL wheels
  • Front and Rear 2:1 spoke pattern for 10% increase in rigidity
  • Thicker 2.0-1.8-2.0 mm spokes for 10% increase in rigidity and power transfer



Magnus H.02: Ursus’ New Handlebar with Full Cable Integration
Ursus has designed a system that guarantees the best maneuverability of the bicycle and the fluidity of the mechanisms transmitted by the controls.

Ursus’ commitment to the innovation of integrated racing handlebars has taken a new step forward. Lightness, ergonomics, and aerodynamics find their perfect synthesis in Magnus H.02, a carbon handlebar in which each single detail is designed to make the experience of riding a road bike unforgettable.


The first favorable verdict comes from the scale: the weight is only 380 grams (in size M). This quality is even more important as it goes hand in hand with the extraordinary rigidity of its structure, designed to aid the athlete in sprints and allow for trajectories to be planned in an extremely precise way.

It is on the functionality of full cable integration that Ursus has made the most significant improvements. To ensure maximum efficiency in the combination with the different assembly systems adopted by various bicycle manufacturers, the R&D team at Ursus has designed a system that guarantees the best maneuverability of the bicycle and the fluidity of the mechanisms transmitted by the controls that are integrated in the handlebar.


A modulated curve at the joint angle has been created in which the cables are completely protected, until they reach the 1”-1/2 steering bearing. Depending on the type of bike, the housing front brake can slide directly into the fork steerer with a special expander or follow the path of the other cables in a special housing located behind the head tube.


Magnus H02 is available in 8 different sizes, ensuring a comfortable grip and aerodynamic position for cyclists of any physical build.
Seen from the front, Magnus H02 is slightly wider at the base: this allows the arms more freedom of movement when gripping the lower handle, especially when gaining speed.
To find an ideal compromise between aerodynamics and ergonomics, the sections of the handlebars at the various support points are modeled differently.


A replaceable aluminum plate has been integrated into the fixing area of the fold to the fork. The screws, therefore, are fixed onto the metal, thus avoiding the risk of damaging the carbon in the event of excessive tightening.


In the lower part of the attachment, there are two rivets for mounting the computer support in a position that perfectly latches onto the front contours of the handlebar.


  • Monolithic carbon composite
  • Total integration of cables of handlebars, stem and headsets
  • Compatible with bikes equipped with a 1” – 1/2 headset
  • Aerodynamic profile
  • Grip treatment for fixing brake levers
  • Special clamp
  • 8 sizes
  • Weight: 380gr (M size)
  • Finish: UD Carbon black painted, grey matt finishing
  • More info at: ursus.it

ARES Partners with HPS to Produce a World First High-Tech Carbon Fiber E-Bike: The ARES Super Leggera by HPS

  • Leading design and technology experts engineer a world first high-tech carbon fiber e-bike
  • Two-year R&D program delivers an ultralight machine weighing 9kg
  • The ARES Super Leggera by HPS marks the first in a series of bespoke e-bike creations
  • Limited series of 24 bikes to be produced

Luxury Italian coachbuilder ARES has teamed up with HPS, creators of the world’s lightest e-bike propulsion system to produce a stunning ultra-lightweight e-bike. The two companies have come together to co-create the most unique e-bike in the world.


Based in Modena, Italy, birthplace of some of the world’s most famous and iconic sports and racing cars, ARES combines traditional Italian craftsmanship and cutting-edge technologies, the company, designs, engineers and manufacturers bespoke two and four-wheel vehicles, in single or limited editions.

HPS, High Performance Systems, develops advanced engineering solutions for mobility and sport applications. Applying technology from Formula 1, it has created the revolutionary Watt Assist system for e-bikes that allows it to equip a racing style bicycle with an electric motor that behaves and weighs the same as a top-of-the-range “traditional” model.

A joint venture
ARES and HPS have worked together for two years carrying out countless tests in the laboratory and covering many thousands of kilometers on the road, using the experience of former professional cyclists to fine-tune the dynamic qualities of this racing style e-bike. ARES managing the design of the frame and the finishes; HPS providing its expertise on the mechanical and engineering side. The result is a high-tech carbon fiber bike that doesn’t currently exist on the market: the ARES Super Leggera by HPS is a top-of-the-range e-bike weighing just 9kg, a world first.

Invisible assistance
The ARES Super Leggera by HPS is a bike assisted by a revolutionary electric motor made without compromise, the result of an exclusive project made with the latest Formula 1 and aerospace technology. The components: motor, battery and electronic control unit are so compact and lightweight, they integrate perfectly into the carbon frame, are not seen and above all are not felt when pedaling with the power turned off. The balanced weight distribution was achieved by housing these components close to the bottom bracket area with a low center of gravity to give the bike a sporting ride characteristic. When you activate the electric motor system you have a significant 200 watt “invisible” assistance, which does not alter the dynamics and therefore the pleasure of pedaling, which remains similar to a top-of-the-range racing bike, even with the engine off.


The first ARES-HPS project
The result of this first joint venture between ARES and HPS, is a limited series of 24 bikes. It was decided to make them in a beautiful iconic retro style, with handmade leather parts and round tube carbon fiber frame along with the color of bikes from the 60’s-70’s to combine technology with charm and beauty. The cost of these first limited edition bikes will be 18,950 euro.

Future customers can be involved in the creative process of their bike build, from the conception phase to the delivery of the finished product for personalised one-off creations. They will be able to work with ARES/HPS on sizing, colours, styles and special requests.


The carbon fiber frame
An integral part of the customisation process is the frame itself, which will be fine-tuned in the ARES carbon fiber production department, ensuring the highest production quality is guaranteed. An exclusive product that combines craftsmanship and technology.


ARES-HPS bikes will be exhibited and sold in ARES showrooms around the world:
Modena and Porto Cervo, Italy; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Kitzbühel, Austria; St Moritz and Zurich, Switzerland; Miami, USA; Munich, Germany; Puerto Banùs, Spain; Montecarlo, Monaco.

The first series ARES Super Leggera by HPS is currently presented at the above locations.

The agreement between ARES and HPS is long-term, as Dany Bahar, co-founder and CEO of ARES, specifies: “The collaboration with HPS will continue, we will work further in the development of this project. The first production of limited series bikes in August will be followed by a second limited series of top-of-the-range road bikes, always assisted with our technology but with even more demanding specifications. It will be a different project from the previous one which is retro in style: it will be very modern, in terms of shapes, materials and colors. And in December, again taking advantage of the technologies developed by our joint research, we will offer a high-end city bike, always equipped with an electric motor.”

“I’m delighted to be working with ARES having been a huge fan of their work since I attended their amazing factory opening in 2014” – said Harry Gibbings founder and CEO of HPS. “Because of the high precision and attention to detail required by HPS we had to find a partner with the same values, who like us, strive for perfection. ARES ticked every box and bring with them a great deal of knowledge and skill along with incredible design flare. On a personal level, I’ve known Dany from our days in Formula One and working with Ferrari, so it’s very gratifying to be partners in this exciting next step for HPS.”


Frame: Handcrafted high quality carbon fiber Ares/HPS design.
Handlebar: Deda Elementi
Stem: Deda Elementi
Seatpost: Deda Elementi
Sizes: S, M, L, XL and custom
Groupset: Campagnolo Ekar.
Gearbox: Campagnolo Ekar; 1X13; 9-36, 9-42, 10-44.
Crankset: Campagnolo Ekar; 42, 44.
Disc brakes: Campagnolo Ekar; Ergopower controls.
Calipers: Campagnolo Ekar; hydraulic control; DB310 pads.
Wheels: Campagnolo Shamal Carbon Disc Brake.
Tires: Pirelli P Zero Velo
Saddle: Handmade leather

Watt Assist Pro E-System
Maximum power: 200 Watts
Maximum torque: 15 Nm
Batteries: 85Wh, 720g, up to 1.5 hours of power; 193 Wh, 1.2 kg, up to 3 hours.
Motor system weight: 1.5 kg with 85 Wh battery.
Weight/power ratio: 133 W / kg.
Bike weight: 9 kg, size S, 85 Wh battery.

Comes with:
Sea Sucker suction bike rack for cars
Gioma bike stand
Garmin computer

Muc-Off Launches Lighter Stronger and Insert – Ready Tubeless Valves


Muc-Off, the global leaders in bicycle and motorcycle care and performance, have pushed the boundaries of performance once again with the release of their all-new and improved Tubeless Valves.

The latest line up builds on Muc-Off’s hugely popular tubeless range. Designed for riders to ‘stick-it’ to punctures, the new Tubeless Valves change the game once again. The fresh new line up features aircraft grade aluminium for increased strength and reliability. The material upgrade sees the new valves weighing in at 2 grams lighter per pair than the previous model – a weight reduction of 17%. For the professional teams and athletes that use these valves, marginal gains mean the difference between winning and losing.

In addition to the strength and weight improvements, the new Tubeless Valves now allow riders to take advantage of the puncture and rim damage-reducing benefits of tyre inserts. Tyre inserts are designed to be ‘tyre suspension’ for a rider’s wheel, to minimize damage to rims from sharp rocks or roots when taking on the gnarliest terrain. Now with 6 slots machined into the base, there is increased air and sealant flow – good news for pinch-flat-prone downhill, enduro and gravel riders!


“It’s rad to be once again building on our incredible tubeless range with the addition of the new Tubeless Valves. Being riders ourselves, we’ve seen first-hand the shift towards running inserts, so we knew we had to innovate again. Following the usual rigorous testing our team of in-house shredders are known for, we’ve developed an awesome product. I’m confident our customers are going to love the modifications.”Alex Trimnell, CEO at Muc-Off.

In true Muc-Off style, the valves are a perfect blend of form and function. Like other products in the tubeless line-up, such as the Stealth Tubeless Puncture Plug, the new valves come in ten eye-popping colors, so riders can customise their steeds with matching or contrasting bling. Colors include black, green, blue, purple, pink, red, orange, gold, iridescent and silver – with another two rad colours launching in the coming months. The custom options don’t stop there. The valves come in 44mm, 60mm and 80mm lengths, so that’s virtually every type of bike covered.


The new and improved Tubeless Valves are another example of Muc-Off making pro-level tech available for everyone. A host of the best riders and teams in the world will be using the new valves this season, including Commencal/Muc-Off, Canyon Factory Racing, EF Education-NIPPO, INEOS Grenadiers and many more.

Priced at $29.99, it’s available now from the Muc-Off global dealer network, select e-retailers and direct from https://us.muc-off.com/.

Strava Beacon Free for All
To better support athletes’ safety and peace of mind, we’ve decided to make Beacon accessible to everyone, whether they subscribe to Strava or not. Starting today, any athlete in the world can use Beacon for free when they record on their phone.


What’s New

  • Everyone in the Strava community can use Beacon for free in the Strava mobile app.
    • Beacon sharing from connected devices like Garmin bike computers or Apple Watch will continue to be a paid feature due to the added complexity of supporting those integrations.
  • You can share your live location with up to three people, and they’ll be able to keep track of where you are until you finish your activity.
  • Athletes choose how they want to share. Controls let you add Strava safety contacts who will be automatically notified every time you record in the app, or manually text a link to anyone you like.


Data that supports this new update
This update comes at an important time for athletes, who have increasingly been training on their own outdoors during the pandemic. Strava’s Year in Sport report found that:

  • 3x as many marathons were run alone in 2020 compared to 2019
  • Last year, outdoor walks increased by 3x, outdoor rides by 1.8X, and outdoor runs and hikes by 1.9x. In the US, outdoor activities increase by +28%
  • On weekdays, the most popular times to run in the US are at 7am and 5pm; the most popular times to bike are at 8am and 5pm
  • This update is important for women in particular, as women aged 18-29 uploaded 45.2% more activities, compared to a 27.3% increase by their male counterparts.


Strava Co-founder and CEO, Michael Horvath: “Strava is a place for anyone who sweats and we want to help every athlete feel safe doing their sport. To better support athletes’ safety and peace of mind, we’ve decided to make our live-location sharing feature Beacon accessible to everyone in our community, whether they subscribe to Strava or not. Starting today, any athlete in the world can use Beacon for free when they record an activity with our mobile app,” says Michael Horvath, Strava CEO. “When I go out for a ride, I send a Beacon to a few family members. Beacon helps me stay safe and I think it motivates them to get out and be more active as well,” adds Horvath.

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