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Gear Break: MAAP, Quick-Step Auction, Eurosport Nutrition, ABUS, TiltBikes & ROLL Recovery

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Gear Break: MAAP // Fly The Flag: The Emblem Collection, Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl team auctions collector Samsonite suitcase, Eurosport Nutrition expands its product range with the protein bar and protein shake, ABUS Bordo 6000K with SaddleFix lock, sports tech StartUp Muoverti amasses £2.4m of investment for development of TiltBikes and post-bike (with ROLL) recovery.

MAAP // Fly The Flag: The Emblem Collection


MAAP is launching a new capsule of their Emblem collection, themed around the most enduring element of the eight-year-old company’s visual DNA. Since 2014, the M-Flag has become synonymous with what MAAP stands for, becoming truly emblematic of the brand along its journey.


Melbourne-based MAAP exists at the intersection of design and performance, and the company’s commitment to providing highly technical performance products to its customers is what the M-Flag stands for most strongly.


The new Emblem collection contains everything you need to roll from head to toe. It features the latest version of the M-Flag graphic – a visual element that has been iterated on many times over the years – with a new long-sleeve version of the brand’s well-known Emblem Pro Hex Jersey to compliment a short sleeve version, water bottles to base layers, caps to socks.


“When the company began, we wanted to create a design that would feature consistently throughout our collections, that could evolve and change over time as the design aesthetic grew – enter the M-Flag. We had an actual flag created with this graphic and had it hung in our first office as a big brand moment for us. The Emblem Collection is that constant connection to our history as MAAP,” said Misha Glisovic, MAAP Creative Director.


Collection List

Men & Women’s:

  • Emblem Pro Hex Jersey
  • Emblem Pro Hex Long Sleeve Jersey
  • Emblem Team Base Layer



  • Emblem Bottle
  • Emblem Cap
  • Flag Sock

  • Fly the MAAP flag now online via maap.cc or through your local MAAP dealer.

  • Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl Team Auctions Collector Samsonite Suitcase
    The item features a unique artwork of the one and only 2021 Ronde van Vlaanderen winner, Kasper Asgreen.


    To celebrate our collaboration with Samsonite and the 106th edition of the De Ronde, Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl Team auctions a one-of-a-kind suitcase to support one of our climate projects. This fully personalized and hand signed collector’s item is the ideal piece to get that special cycling vibe in your living room or company.

    Made in Europe, the Samsonite Proxis suitcase offers a remarkable lightness and strength, combined with an outstanding design. To make it extra special, Puncheur – known for the street art during several Belgian Classics – worked together with the team and sprayed Kasper Asgreen’s portrait on the case. Being last year’s Ronde van Vlaanderen winner, this auction will run until Monday 4th April, after the 2022 De Ronde is done and dusted.

    The profits are set to go to the team’s #ItStartsWithUs project in the Bretagne region of France, a reforestation project where trees are being planted in collaboration with the CO2logic experts. The team’s last auction of a Tarmac SL7 raised 7500 euros which also went straight to this project. Completely in line with the team’s sustainability commitments, Samsonite also highlights its responsible journey with this suitcase. With Samsonite WeCare service, Samsonite offers first-class assistance and benefits during and after the warranty period that includes the recycling and repurposing of used Proxis suitcases once they reach the end of their life.

    Joeri Van Holder, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager at Samsonite, is happy to work together on a sustainable future, offering this unique suitcase for auction: “This project perfectly matches our responsible journey. We both care about our planet and share similar values reducing our carbon footprint. As an active cyclist living in the Flemish Ardennes, I always cross the amazing street arts on the famous hills which brought me to the idea to contact the Puncheur artists. Combining their art with our outstanding case design results in a real collector’s item tributing the winner of the 2021 Ronde van Vlaanderen, Kasper Asgreen. Support the environment and become the owner of this unique Samsonite suitcase!”

  • Details can be found HERE.
  • quick-step

    Eurosport Nutrition Expands its Product Range with the Protein Bar and Protein Shake


    Eurosport nutrition has had a range of products for use during sports for some time now. A Recovery Shake was also added some time ago. New in the range are protein products intended for after exercise: the Protein Bar and the Protein Shake, available as of today. They stimulate muscle recovery after training or races and contribute to maintaining muscle mass. All ingredients are of natural origin.

    To celebrate the launch, Eurosport nutritrion has an introductory offer. When you purchase a Protein Shake you will receive a Eurosport nutrition shaker (500 millilitres). This offer is only valid during the launch period and while stocks last.


    The Protein Bar (containing 24.5 percent protein) is a tasty bar made with whey protein isolate. This is known to be a very high-quality protein source with a high biological value. This means that all essential amino acids (from which proteins are built) are present in approximately the same proportion as in the human body. The body can therefore easily absorb the proteins and use them to repair muscle damage and maintain muscle mass.


    Each Protein Bar (50 grams) contains carbohydrates (24.8 grams). The sophisticated combination of proteins and carbohydrates ensures that the proteins are easily absorbed by the body, which is important for optimizing recovery. The amount of fat per bar is relatively low at 7.7 grams. Initially Eurosport nutrition will release the Protein Bar in just one flavor: Chocolate. The bar contains puffed rice, which is why it has a delicious, crispy bite. The recommended retail price per bar is €2.49.


    Protein Shake
    The Protein Shake (800 grams) is also designed to stimulate muscle recovery immediately after exercise, and to contribute to maintaining muscle mass. After a long endurance training, a shake may be easier for some people to consume than a bar (a product in solid form). It’s essential for endurance athletes to work on their recovery as soon after exercise as possible.

    The Protein Shake, a product in powder form, is made with whey protein concentrate. One serving (of 30 grams) contains 22 grams of protein and can be mixed with, for example, water, milk or plant milk (based on personal taste preference). Furthermore, one serving contains 2.8 grams of carbohydrates and 1.4 grams of fat. On the one hand, this balanced mix of nutrients ensures that the shake mixes well and is quickly absorbed by the body. On the other hand, it contributes to a rich flavor. The Protein Shake is available in Vanilla flavor. The recommended retail price is €44.99.


    Natural origin
    The Protein Bar and Protein Shake fit seamlessly into the Eurosport nutrition product range. The products are based on the most recent scientific insights in the field of sports nutrition. The formulas have been fine-tuned after running extensive practical tests with both professional and amateur athletes. All ingredients are of natural origin. Both the Protein Bar and Protein Shake are gluten-free.

  • More info at: eurosportnutrition.com

  • ABUS Bordo 6000K with SaddleFix

    abus 6000

    An upgrade to the classic ABUS 6000, the 6000K offers ease of use with a new saddle mount as well as outstanding protection against theft with an XPlus key cylinder, a single link coating, and an updated cover.

    The ABUS Bordo 6000K provides lightweight flexibility in a compact design making it a great choice for commuting or long-distance touring. The new saddle fix mount is perfect for eBikes with step-through frames or small main triangles. The Bordo 6000K is constructed with 5mm thick, light materials and special rivets. It features a premium XPlus cylinder for high protection against picking and offers keyed alike opportunities.

    abus 6000

    The new SaddleFix bracket makes transport a breeze. With a secure design that attaches to the seat rails, it provides easy access to the lock while keeping the main triangle open for batteries and bottles. A rubber rain cover keeps the lock protected from the elements while in transit.

    abus 6000


    • SaddleFix bracket mounts lock on seat rails
    • 5 mm bars with extra-soft single component casing to prevent damage to paintwork
    • The bars and body are made of specially hardened steel
    • Bars are linked with special rivets
    • Rain cover to protect the lock while stored on the bike
    • ABUS XPlus cylinder for a high level of protection against tampering, e.g. picking
    • MSRP $139.99

    More info at: https://mobil.abus.com/int

    Sports Tech StartUp Muoverti Amasses £2.4m of Investment for Development of TiltBikes


    • £1m raised in just 3 months following the unveiling of pre-production TiltBikes in November 2021
    • Investment allows brand to continue moving towards product milestones and production
    • Indoor bike allows riders to balance and steer, accelerate and brake, fully engaging the whole body

    Muoverti, the pioneer in indoor cycling behind the innovative TiltBikes, recently passed another million pound milestone in funding from investors, taking the total raised by the London-based sports tech startup to more than £2.4m.

    Following the public unveiling of its pre-production prototype at London’s Rouleur Live event in November 2021, the company saw a significant increase in interest from the media, consumers and potential investors, resulting in this latest injection of capital. This builds on previous funding from private investors, taking the total amount raised by Muoverti to date to £2.4m, including a convertible loan by the government’s FutureFund.


    Christoph Wilfert, Muoverti CEO and Co-Founder puts this latest investment into perspective, “Last month, we crossed the £2.4m mark raised since inception, of which £1m was raised in just 3 months after publicly presenting the project for the first time back in November last year. We’re now in the enviable position of having an incredible group of investors who are also networked and passionate cyclists, ready to support us in more ways than one. This puts us in a strong position to achieve upcoming product milestones, move closer towards production and recruit the talent that will bring TiltBikes to life.”

    TiltBikes are designed for riders in search of more effective exercise and to redefine indoor cycling as we know it. Built for athletes of all levels looking for a realistic indoor cycling experience and effective exercise with uses ranging from general fitness to intensive training and E-Sports. The bikes enable riders to balance and steer, accelerate, brake and engage the whole body to simulate riding outdoors, indoors.


    As part of scaling up operations, Muoverti recently moved to new facilities in Wandsworth which will allow for further R&D and rider testing as well as becoming home to the fast growing team.

    Muoverti plans a further investment round this May. Keep up to date with the latest from Muoverti by visiting Muoverti.com and joining the mailing list.



    • TiltBike’s ‘real-feel’ capability stems from its unique rider-tuned, elastomer guided lateral frame rotation
    • Self-centering digitized handlebar steering allows the bike to move freely under the rider when seated or climbing and sprinting out of the saddle
    • The patented Muoverti system uses a dynamic electromagnetic resistance control and physics engine to algorithmically replicate the feeling of physical forces such as rolling resistance, incline, weight, acceleration, braking and inertia
    • Algorithms update 1,000 times per second, in constant communication with the resistance control resulting in highly accurate feedback from digital training and riding platforms
    • Magnetic resistance is connected to the cranks via an efficient and durable carbon belt drive, making for a virtually silent riding experience

    Immersive Experiences

    • Compatible with all the leading training and racing platforms
    • TiltBike can act as your controller for exploring open world and free roam interactive games and E-Sports platforms including popular console titles such as Descenders – Mini joystick controls integrated into shifters interact with digital platforms without the need to dismount

    Data Points

    • Power, speed, cadence, L/R balance, pedal smoothness, torque effectiveness, lateral force and even seated vs standing readings are all provided in real time without any need for additional sensors

    Customize Your Fit

    • Traditional quick release seatpost clamp for saddle height adjustment – Standard rail clamp allowing riders to install their preferred saddle
    • Patented adjustable stack and reach handlebar
    • Proprietary adjustable length cranks
    • Easily add preferred choice of clipless or flat pedals
    • Gearing and shifting systems are digitally customizable to replicate groupsets of all

    leading manufacturers

    • Interchangeable handlebar setup – road, MTB or time trial
    • Easily interchangeable frame designs to swap between designs or geometries – Adjustability allows for geometry from frame sizes 49 to 64

  • More info at: www.muoverti.com.

  • Post-Bike (with ROLL) Recovery

    R8 Plus

    Usually an overlooked component of training, recovery is a key to unlock fitness; maximizing our time doing what we love and keeping us primed to be able to train harder, more frequently.

    R8 white

    ROLL Recovery, a leader in the recovery and athletic performance space and innovators of deep tissue massage therapy tools, has a unique line of message tools that are great for pre/post ride routine; helping increase blood circulation, reduce inflammation and break up muscle adhesions. By spending just a few minutes, post-ride, doing some self soft tissue mobilization and light stretching, we can kick start the multifaceted recovery process. Add that to your post ride recovery drink, and you’re already one step ahead.

    R8 Plus black

    ROLL Recovery’s flagship product, the R8 Plus, is a great addition to your recovery tool box. The new R8 Plus (MSRP $169) massage muscle roller encompasses a patented, hidden mechanism in the frame that features an adjustment dial, which reduces or increases the massage force as needed for the perfect feel. The R8 Plus targets the IT-bands, quads, hamstrings, calves, shins, glutes and arms, and can be used while standing (read: in a trailhead parking lot). It’s perfect for warming muscles before taking off on a ride, and then flushing them out after a day on the bike.


    Check out ROLL Recovery’s R4 Body Roller (MSRP $59.99) as well, featuring a centered groove. The centered groove is perfect for isolating and targeting specific muscle groups, like the neck and upper and lower back, which usually get sore and tight after spending long hours curled over the handlebar. It is also great in relieving IT Band tightness and adhesions.


    Pro-tip: The StretchMat (MSRP $49.99) is ideal for a quick pre-ride activation session and/or post-ride stretch & roll in a parking lot. It has a grippy bottom layer and is easy to fold and clean.

  • More info at: rollrecovery.com

  • Note: PEZCyclingNews ask that you contact the manufacturers before using any products you see here. Only the manufacturer can provide accurate and complete information on proper / safe use, handling, maintenance and or installation of products as well as any conditional information or product limitations.

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