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Gear Break: Vittoria’s New Road Racing Tire, MCipollini 2024 Range, Selle Italia New Novus Boost Evo Giro, Colnago Gioiello Numero 1, Bravur Watches La Corsa Rosa III & Hungry for Batteries Recycling Campaign

What's new in the cycling world?

Gear Break: Meet Vittoria’s new road racing tire, MCipollini presents the 2024 range with Fybra GX and R, the saddle dedicated to the Corsa Rosa: Selle Italia presents the new Novus Boost Evo Giro, Colnago Gioiello Numero 1, Bravur Watches: La Corsa Rosa III, the latest addition to our Grand Tour chronograph series and PeopleForBikes’ new ‘Hungry for Batteries’ campaign promotes first-of-its-kind electric bicycle battery recycling program.

Meet Vittoria’s New Road Racing Tire
Corsa Pro: Feel What the Pros Feel

Vittoria launches Corsa PRO – the most advanced cotton road tire ever made, delivering unmatched pro-level racing performance and riding feeling – winner of 22 stages and 12 one-day races at World Tour level since the start of the season.


Compared to the previous Tour-winner version, Corsa PRO tubeless-ready clincher and tubular offer increased speed, wet & cornering grip, puncture resistance and comfort.

Corsa PRO uses Vittoria latest developed graphene & silica compound, and a new electrical vulcanization process, allowing a seamless application of the tread to the casing.


Corsa PRO is Vittoria’s new top-of-the-range road racing tire, the choice of performance-oriented cyclists aspiring to the equipment used by World Tour riders. Within Vittoria road tires range, Corsa PRO is above Corsa N.EXT and comes at $99.99 (TLR) and $135.99 (tubular) retail price.


Cotton tires: The choice of World Tour riders
Vittoria racing heritage is deeply connected with the success of Corsa cotton tires, which are – and have always been – the tire choice of countless riders in the peloton. So many iconic races have been won on Vittoria cotton tires: 19 Tour de France, 18 Giro d’Italia, 10 Vuelta a España, not to count the victories at the Classics, World Championships, European Championships and Olympic Games.

From October 2022, Vittoria Corsa PRO cotton tires have been used in race by Team Jumbo-Visma, Alpecin-Deceuninck, Education First-Easy Post, Team DSM, Astana-Qazaqstan, Lotto Dstny and many others.


The seamless cotton casing tire
When it comes to Top Performance applications, Cotton tire casing has superior qualities compared with nylon. It’s more supple, more flexible, and lighter. Cotton allows the casing to perfectly adhere to every ripple of the tarmac, resulting in continuous contact between the tire and the ground, effective grip and never-ending traction.

With the new Corsa PRO clinchers, Vittoria engineers succeeded in incorporating the rubber tire tread with the cotton casing by a new and more sustainable electrical vulcanization. Through this process, the rubber tread is completely embedded with the casing, creating a 100% seamless product. The benefits are related to improved flexibility, which grants even more suppleness and perfect adaptability to the terrain. In addition, the laboratory tests have proven significant aerodynamics drag gains in fast-paced disciplines. Corsa PRO 320 TPI cotton casing – the finest available in the market – provides that suppleness, comfort and lightweight pro-riders are used to but now served in a stronger tire construction which boosts the tire speed.

New compound & features for increased performance


Corsa PRO features the Graphene + Silica compound, the most advanced compound technology by Vittoria for road racing tires. This compound combines Vittoria proven Graphene research-applied knowledge with Silica, a material which specifically improves road tire performance in terms of speed, durability, and grip. Corsa PRO features a puncture protection belt – a high-density – low weight layer placed between the tread and the casing – and a bead shield for improved protection and resistance.


While Corsa PRO is pro riders’ go-to tire for the majority of one-day races and stage races, Corsa PRO Control version is their choice when dealing with the most extreme road surfaces – such as cobblestones and gravel – as well as the most extreme weather conditions. In fact, Corsa PRO Control now features a new fishbone texture for increased handling capability when cornering, and a thicker tread for increased puncture protection and extended wear-life, making it the perfect tire choice at the Northern Classics and Strade Bianche.


Being Corsa PRO and Corsa PRO Control for the most advanced and demanding riders, both tires are available in Tubeless-Ready version, allowing in any case a very easy-to-install inner-tube configuration. Corsa PRO is already available in tubular version also.



Last but not the least, Corsa PRO in clincher version features a QR Code printed on the tire hot patch through which it is possible for riders to access useful information about the tire, such as tutorials, recommended air pressures, recommended tubes and accessories, as well as the location of the nearest Vittoria dealer.

Sizing & tech chart


Corsa PRO and Corsa Pro Control are only available in its natural cotton colour (Para/Tan sidewall), for the fastest Pro’s and for normal humans.

MCipollini Presents the 2024 Range with Fybra GX and R
The innovative e-bike is designed to impose itself in the e-gravel sector as well as satisfy the e-road sector.


MCipollini, the bicycle brand that benefits from the experience and image of the cycling champion Mario Cipollini, has unveiled a preview of the 2024 range, whose new addition is the Fybra model.

Fybra, the second electric bike in the collection following the success of Flusso, is the e-bike conceived and designed to please both gravel and road segments, in its respective variants GX and R.

In fact, the GX model is the first electric gravel bike in the MCipollini collection and is characterised by high innovative aspects for this sector, such as the wide cover passage designed for 700c wheels.

Thanks to a suspension integrated in the design with 18 mm of travel, the bike allows for a spirited ride that winks at the MTB routes.

The fork, optimised for specific off-road discs (of 160 and 180) allows safe braking in all situations.

Another special feature of the Fybra GX is the exclusive wireless telescopic seatpost, which can be operated directly from the groupset controls, in order to guarantee performance and maximum fun even on the most demanding descents.


Both Fybra models, the gravel GX and the road R, feature the same monocoque frame with TCM technology, which allows for continuity in the carbon fibres, achieving comfort and rideability goals.

They also benefit from the performance of the Polini EP3+ EVO system, at the top of its category in terms of output quality, whose instrumentation comes with colour display and power indicator.

Another peculiarity is the GPS locator hidden in the frame, which allows theft protection, assistance in the event of problems and route tracking. All this without the need for a dedicated recharge as it is self-powered.

Fybra GX and R also boast integrated lights powered directly from the e-bike, to guarantee safe riding even in conditions of reduced visibility.

As for power, the high capacity of the Polini 500 Wh battery guarantees long distances of up to 220 km of autonomy.


The Fybra models also live up to expectations when it comes to bikepacking: thanks to the threaded inserts on the frame and fork, as well as the optional kit, they allow for the installation of luggage racks, mudguards and bikepacking bags, guaranteeing, even when fully loaded, an optimal riding experience even in the most dangerous terrains.

Available in two colour variations, Carbon – White Silver and Sand – Carbon Green, Fybra GX and R will be available in authorised stores starting from June.


The Saddle Dedicated to the Corsa Rosa: Selle Italia Presents the New Novus Boost Evo Giro

selle italia giro23

To celebrate its more than twenty years of collaboration with the Giro d’Italia, Selle Italia presents a saddle with a graphic dedicated to the Corsa Rosa. Novus Boost Evo presents a new look with the Giro logo and details in pink.

A saddle that speaks of the long collaboration between Selle Italia and the Giro d’Italia: The Novus Boost Evo is launched this year in a new version dedicated to the Corsa Rosa. The protagonists of the design are the Giro d’Italia logo and some details in pink such as the dotted cover, the Boost inscription on the nose of the seat and a line on the back that contains the name of the model.

The Novus Boost Evo Giro combines the typical features of the Novus Boost Evo, a particularly popular model among advanced fans, with special graphics that will make this saddle a collector’s model for all Giro d’Italia fans.

The Novus Boost Evo model is part of the Performance family from Asolo’s firm and, thanks to its “wavy” shape, it is especially suitable for cyclists who have a pronounced pelvic retroversion and who are looking for a more stable pedaling position on the saddle. The saddle combines high performance with great attention to comfort and is produced in size L3 and, in the Giro Edition version, with manganese rails.

  • Novus Boost Evo Giro is available on the www.selleitalia.com site and in the best cycling stores for €104.90.

Data sheet

  • Measurements: 145 x 245 mm
  • Rail: Manganese tube Ø7 mm
  • Weight: 265g
  • Cover: Soft-Tek
  • Use: road
  • Shape: Wavy
  • Match id size: L3
  • Recommended price to the public: €104.90
  • For more information: www.selleitalia.com.

Colnago Gioiello Numero 1
Fine jewelry meets the excellence of cycling manufacturing for a unique and unrepeatable piece of art: a Colnago Gioiello with a gold artefact and a diamond embedded in the top of the front tube.

Unveiled by Sotheby’s, in Geneva, in Luxury Week, the Colnago Gioiello Numero 1, a Colnago Gioiello embellished at the top of the steering tube by an 18ct gold artefact with a 2.03ct diamond embedded inside. Fine jewelry meets the excellence of bicycle manufacturing, for a unique and unrepeatable piece of art.


After presenting the Colnago Gioiello, a limited edition of 50 numbered items based on the C68 frame created to celebrate the 106th Giro d’Italia and crown the partnership between Colnago and the Corsa Rosa, Cambiago’s company is proud to show the world the Numero 1, a Colnago Gioiello even rarer, more refined and more precious, in a new context for the cycling scene: the Geneva Luxury Show, organized by Sotheby’s, the famous auction house based in New Bond Street, London.

In creating the Colnago Gioiello, presented last week, an artisanal technique was used to decorate the entire frame with gold leaf. Specialist partners were involved for such dedicated components, working alongside Colnago’s designers on specially designed decorations, such as the Colnago pattern or the bottle cage inspired by the shapes of the Trofeo Senza Fine.

For the Colnago Gioiello Numero 1, in addition to these already special measures, Colnago has collaborated with a jewelry workshop to further embellish the Colnago Gioiello, creating a real jewel to be embedded in the bike.


High-end jewelry meets the excellence of bicycle manufacturing
With the Colnago Gioiello Numero 1, the boundaries between art, cycling and dream blur, for a bicycle that becomes a real work of art, unique and unrepeatable.

Tradition, high quality and excellently researched materials and processing techniques are the drivers of the creative process, for a project that combines some of the most noble Italian arts. Colnago has also shown that he has the courage, to dare, to experiment and to innovate, even going beyond the canonical boundaries of the cycling industry.

The result is an exquisitely handmade work: hands that think, design, create. The hands that makes the Colnago Gioiello Numero 1 unique are those of Simonetta Moretto, expert goldsmith, who, assisted by Colnago’s designers was able to invent a jewel to be inserted in the cap of the bike’s front tube.


The jewel: a gold artefact set with a diamond
The piece is made up of two parts: an 18ct gold artefact that serves as the seat for a diamond of 2.03ct.

A first exploratory phase concerned the study of the feasibility of the jewel. Following the research’s positive outcome, the gold artefact was designed, that would serve as a housing for the stone. The technique chosen was the bezel mount to insert the diamond in its seat.

Next came the heart of the process, with the flattening, filing by hand (necessary to get the perfect fit inside the steering cap), finishing and verification of the diamond housing, which was then mounted.

This was followed by laser engraving of the Colnago logo and the trademarks “PD 458” and “750 gold”.

Finally, it was housed in gold with the diamond on the anodized aluminum cap.


The Ace of Clubs: the iconic symbol of Colnago in 24ct gold
To embellish this unique piece of art there are two other artefacts made of pure, 24ct gold. They are the two Ace of Clubs symbols, the one on the front tube and on the seat post joint, affixed in relief. These pieces are also the handmade creations of the goldsmith’s workshop.


Sotheby’s Luxury Week
Colnago Gioiello Numero 1 was presented at the Geneva Luxury Week, an event organized by Sotheby’s. Active from 4 to 18 May, during this period will be held a series of auctions that concern the crème de la crème in every sector of the world of luxury: jewelry, watches, cars, bags, books and manuscripts, wines just to name a few.

The auction, which you can also participate digitally from Sotheby’s website, will take place from 11 to 18 May. The auction will be held at the Mandarin Oriental in Geneva and will be open from 12 to 15 May.

Technical Information:


  • Manufacture: handmade in gold 18 kt tit. 750/1000
  • Diamante: round brilliant-cut diamond, Ct 2.03 SI1, colour Fancy b.Y. , certificate n. CD1240023
  • Ace of Clubs: handmade in gold 24 k



  • Frame: Colnago C68 Road – Full Carbon
  • Handlebar and stem: Colnago CC.01 integrated
  • Groupset: Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 R9250
  • Pulley wheel: CeramicSpeed OSPW 3D Printed Ti OSPW TiN Coated
  • Brake discs: Carbon-Ti X-rotor steelcarbon
  • Saddle: Selle Italia SLR flow carbon Colnago for Giro d’Italia
  • Wheels: Enve SES 3.4 Gold version
  • Tires: Pirelli P ZERO Race TLR Gold x Colnago for Giro d’Italia
  • Handlebar tape: Colnago for Giro d’Italia
  • Bottle cage: Colnago for Giro d’Italia
  • Colnago Website: gioiello-numero-1.colnago.com

Bravur Watches: La Corsa Rosa III, the Latest Addition to our Grand Tour Chronograph Series!


PeopleForBikes’ New “Hungry for Batteries” Campaign Promotes First-of-its-Kind Electric Bicycle Battery Recycling Program
In a first-of-its-kind program for any transportation industry, PeopleForBikes, the U.S. bicycle industry’s trade association and a leading national advocacy organization, partnered with battery recycling experts Call2RecycleⓇ and San Francisco-based creative consultancy InGoodTaste to launch a fun and impactful creative campaign promoting electric bicycle battery recycling across the United States. Through PeopleForBikes’ website, the “Hungry for Batteries” campaign features animated characters Watts and Rey helping bike riders better understand when, where, and how to recycle their e-bike’s battery. The campaign will debut on May 10, 2023, across the digital channels of PeopleForBikes, Call2Recycle, the 52 e-bike brands supporting the program, and at bicycle dealers across the country.


The campaign comes as Americans embrace electric bicycles in record numbers: 24% more e-bikes were sold in 2022 than in 2021, and experts estimate that more than 12 million electric bicycles will be sold in the U.S. between 2020 and 2030.

Hungry for Batteries is centered around a mischievous duo that scour the country looking for e-bike batteries to consume and eliminate from our waste streams. The campaign follows the pair and their insatiable appetite spreading the word of e-bike battery recycling. Their call to action for consumers is to recycle their electric bicycle batteries at one of 1,800 retail drop-off locations nationwide.

“With millions of e-bikes on our streets and trails, there has never been a time of greater need to educate riders and give them an easy pathway to properly care for and recycle their e-bike batteries,” said PeopleForBikes President and CEO Jenn Dice. “We partnered with InGoodTaste to create fun and playful characters who deliver the message of how easy it is to recycle your e-bike battery.”

“Our creative consultancy is founded on the idea that change is good,” said Ryan Lindholm, CEO of InGoodTaste. “Electrification of transportation is one of the biggest, most positive changes that we will see in our lifetime, and when we had the chance to help PeopleForBikes usher in that change, our team jumped at the chance. It’s a serious story we chose to tell lightly, but helping eliminate a hurdle in the adoption of better transportation solutions is transformational to our shared better future.”

Behind the Hungry For Batteries campaign, PeopleForBikes collaborated with Call2Recycle and more than 40 PeopleForBikes member companies to develop an industry-leading electric bicycle battery recycling program. Call2Recycle, a leading not-for-profit battery logistics and recycling organization, has collected and recycled more than 140 million pounds of batteries in the United States in the last 25 years.


“The growing adoption of e-bikes plays a significant role in the transition towards more sustainable forms of transportation yet also requires a greater awareness on the importance of battery recycling,” said Leo Raudys, CEO of Call2Recycle. “We’re proud to operate at the forefront of battery recycling and work alongside PeopleForBikes and InGoodTaste to creatively engage riders on the safe and reliable recycling of e-bike batteries.”

With a network of more than 1,800 retail drop-off locations across the U.S., in-person electric bicycle battery recycling is now easier than ever. The program only accepts batteries from brands participating in the electric bicycle battery recycling program and a list of all participating brands can be found below. If your battery is from a brand not participating in the program, please reach out to the manufacturer and encourage them to join the industry wide campaign.

If you represent an electric bicycle manufacturer interested in joining the program, please reach out to PeopleForBikes Electric Bicycle Policy and Campaign Director Ash Lovell, Ph.D., at [email protected].

Participating Brands:
BCycle LLC, Benno, Bosch, Breezer, Brompton Bicycles BULLS Bikes USA Bunch Bikes, Cannondale, Co-Op Cycles, CUBE, Devinci, Diamondback, Electra, Evil Bikes, EVO, Fazua, Flyer by Radio, Flyer Fuji, Gazelle, About PeopleForBikes, Giant Bicycles, iZip, Karbon Kinetics Ltd. Kona – The Bicycle Group Liv Cycling, Madsen Cycles, Marin, Momentum, myStromer USA Corp. Norco Bicycles, Pivot Cycles, Praxis, Priority Bicycles, Promovec America Inc. Pure Cycles, PWR, Redline, Riese & Müeller, Rocky Mountain Bicycles, Santa Cruz Bicycles Shimano North America Bicycle, Specialized Bicycle Components, Sun Bicycles, Sun Seeker, Surly, Tandem EZ, Tern Bicycles, Trek Bicycle Corporation Tuesday, Urban Arrow, Vvolt e–Mobility LLC Yamaha Motor Corporation USA, Yeti Cycles.


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