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Gear Break: Ritchey 50th Anniversary, KOO Eyewear, Save on Wahoo ELEMNT RIVAL, Rouvy Giro, Roval Wheels & Selle Italia Model X Leaf

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Gear Break: Ritchey: Road Logic 50th Anniversary edition, KOO announce SUPERNOVA ENERGY capsule collection, Wahoo: Save €80 on ELEMNT RIVAL sports watch, Rouvy: Experience the Italian Grand Tour for free, true to your ride: Roval Rapide CLX II and Alpinist CLX II tubeless wheels and Selle Italia Model X Leaf: The sustainable saddle with new graphics inspired by nature, stemming from the Greentech process.

Ritchey: Road Logic 50th Anniversary Edition


Since his humble beginnings as a teenager repairing tubular tires and welding broken bicycle frames in his parents’ garage in California more than 50 years ago, Tom Ritchey has continued riding, researching, designing, and building legendary bicycle frames and components that have inspired generations of cyclists to experience great rides, influenced legions within the bicycle industry, and have won countless championships.


The celebrated Road Logic is arguably the centerpiece of the Ritchey line-up, having amassed a sizeable congregation of devoted fans since it was introduced more than thirty years ago. True to its original intent, the Road Logic continues to offer a riding experience that’s steeped with Tom’s decades of frame-building heritage, innovation, exploration, and lots of riding. The classic lines of this beautiful steel frame unite with modern building techniques and proven materials to deliver a contemporary bicycle that’s wonderfully comfortable for long days in the saddle, nimble and stiff enough to win the sprint for that sign, and adequately adaptable to endure roads that might lack proper pavement.


Limited to 150 pieces globally, the 50th Anniversary Road Logic pays tribute to Tom’s distinguished history – giving an aesthetic nod to the past while emphatically delivering the breathtaking modern ride experience for which the Road Logic is known. As an homage to the rich history of Ritchey and its legion of iconic road bikes, the 50th Anniversary Edition frame is wrapped in a stunning Pacific Azul paint scheme and features logos that reference the company’s history and the influence Palo Alto, California has had on Tom.


Beneath the celebratory aesthetic beats the familiar heart of the Road Logic. Its frame is built with a heat-treated and triple-butted Ritchey Logic tubeset designed specifically for the Road Logic and features aggressively short-butted sections optimized for TIG welding that save weight and improve ride quality. And the frameset includes a Ritchey WCS Carbon Road Fork.



• Material: heat-treated, triple-butted Ritchey Logic steel tubing – TIG welded
• Ultra-light forged and machined straight 1-1/8” headtube
• WCS headset included (upper IS42/28.6 – 16mm stack height | lower IS42/30)
• Standard Quick Release front and rear
• 27.2mm seat tube with integrated seat collar (max torque setting: 6Nm)
• Seat tube clamp size: 28.6mm (2.5Nm max for derailleur clamps and chain guides)
• Bottom bracket: 68mm – English threaded
• Crankset min/max ring size: 46/30t to 53/39t
• External cable routing
• Bottle mounts: 2

• Ritchey WCS Carbon Road Fork included
• 1-1/8” straight steerer with integrated 45-degree crown race
• Steerer length: 300mm
• Axle-crown: 371mm
• Rake/Offset: 46mm (sizes 49/51/53cm) – 43mm (sizes 55/57/59cm)

Tire Compatibility
• Wheel and tire compatibility: 700 x 30c tire clearance (depending on tire/rim manufacturer)
• Frame max spacing: 38mm
• Fork max spacing: 40mm

• Sizes: 49 / 51 / 53 / 55 / 57 / 59cm
• Frame weight: 1.75Kg (size 55)
• Fork weight: 350g (uncut steerer)
• Color: Pacific Azul

KOO Eyewear Announce SUPERNOVA ENERGY Capsule Collection
KOO announce SUPERNOVA ENERGY capsule collection, bringing four new colors to the popular frameless sunglasses range.


KOO Eyewear is pleased to announce the SUPERNOVA ENERGY capsule collection, bringing a boost of positive energy to the Supernova range. Building on the success of the previous Energy collections for both the DEMOS and SPECTRO sunglasses, KOO continues with the same leitmotif, introducing 4 new explosive colors to the SUPERNOVA range.


Launching at the renowned Giro d’Italia on 6th May 2022, the new SUPERNOVA ENERGY capsule collection will be seen on the faces of Team EOLO KOMETA, who will don the Light Blue colorway across all stages.

The Supernova is specifically designed for high performance athletes, where a lightweight, perfect fit and panoramic visibility are musts. Perfectly tuned and offering protection in all conditions, the uniform multilayer mirror coating provides outstanding light protection, even in the brightest of sun, with 100% UV Protection.


Guaranteeing support in the rain, with hydrophobic technology and anti-drop coating, combined with the Zeiss® Toric Nylon Lenses, the SUPERNOVA’s offer ultimate clarity of vision, whatever the weather. At just 21 grams they are among the lightest eyewear products in this category on the market. Offering complete security through shatterproof lenses, the frame’s flexibility creates a wraparound fit, for ultimate aero shaping with minimal drag. The adaptability also offers tailored and individual comfort, dependent on head shapes and will remain in place due to the soft, grippy rubber temple TPA tips.



  • Pin-sharp clarity thanks to world-leading Zeiss® Toric Nylon Lenses
  • Cat 2 (20-23%) and Cat 3 (12%) Uniform Multilayer lenses
  • Shatter-proof, anti-reflective and 100% UV Protection
  • Hydrophobic Coating for sport in the rain
  • Wraparound fit with flexible temples for minimum drag
  • Ultra-lightweight at only 21 grams
  • Size: Regular (M)


The SUPERNOVA ENERGY range is available in 4 color combinations: Kask Lime / Orange Fluo / Light Blue / Fuchsia.

The SUPERNOVA ENERGY range is priced at €179 / £169 / $199 (USD) / $280 (AUD) MSRP.


  • All models will be available to purchase soon from kooworld.cc.



Ylenia Battistello, KOO Marketing Director, said: “We are very excited to launch the SUPERNOVA ENERGY capsule collection. Even more, to have the EOLO KOMETA team wearing them at this year’s Giro d’Italia is very special for the brand. With the Supernova sunglasses, we have combined scientific innovation and performance for athletes, with a true Italian style. The latest colorways boost positive energy and in turn give riders that boost to reach their goals. We look forward to seeing many riders crossing the finish line, and setting personal bests, wearing the SUPERNOVA!”

Wahoo: Save €80 on ELEMNT RIVAL Sports Watch


Rouvy: Experience the Italian Grand Tour for Free


True to Your Ride: Roval Rapide CLX II and Alpinist CLX II Tubeless Wheels
If Winning Isn’t Everything, We’ve Made a Huge Mistake.


When we created the Alpinist and Rapide wheels two years ago, the goal was simple, create the fastest, best-handling wheels for any road. From punishing cobbles to vertigo-inducing summits, from supersonic flatlands to all-day hammer sessions. Did we succeed?


Yeah, we’re confident we did. But don’t take our word for it; look at the scoreboard. No wheels have won more on the biggest stages in professional cycling since their release. Over the 2020 and 2021 seasons, Rapide and Alpinist wheels have won more races on the World Tour than any other wheels—155 to be exact*. ​ Cobbled Monuments, Grand Tour stages, high mountains, sprint finishes, and World Championships—the record is crystal clear. Roval wheels are the winningest wheels in the world.

Rapide CLX II and Alpinist CLX II: Tubeless-Ready
So, our apologies to the rest of the field, but we’ve made the fastest wheels on the road even faster. For 2022, the Rapide CLX II and Alpinist CLX II are now tubeless-ready. To the wheel’s already undeniable performance and stunning palmarès, we’re bringing the lower rolling resistance, incredible handling, and flat protection of a tubeless system. ​


Rapide CLX II : Complete Speed
Meet the new Rapide CLX II. Combining the aerodynamics of a deep-section TT wheel with the light weight of a shallower climbing wheel and mixing in the superior efficiency and sublime handling of a tubeless system—the Rapide CLX II delivers maximum speed for real-world riding. It elevates aerodynamic efficiency and climbing performance yet remains masterfully stable and confident handling, regardless of wind conditions.


Alpinist CLX II: Elevate Your Ride:
Feel your bike come alive on the open road with the new Alpinist CLX II—the lightest, best-handling clincher wheels we have ever made. Hyper-responsive acceleration, magic in the corners, sublime over rough roads, all elevated with the performance of a tubeless system. There’s no room for a single excess gram when chasing ride quality. Perfection is only achieved when there is nothing left to take away. The Alpinist CLX II is the epitome of functional minimalism.


Only the Fastest System Matters:
After all the success of the last two years, why change now? It’s simple. There is no one technology we are promoting—tubular vs. tube-type vs. tubeless. We are always striving to find the best system for our riders, regardless of tradition or current trends. We proved the last two seasons that a Rapide and Alpinist tube-type system was the fastest option. This season, we’re already proving the new Rapide CLX II and Alpinist CLX II tubeless wheels are even faster with 80 podiums, including 30 victories.*
*procyclingstats.com as of 4/18/22

“We want the fastest option, the next setup—we know it’s tubeless. We raced tubeless already. We won with tubeless already.”

Ricardo Scheidecker

    , Technical and Development Director, Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl.


Hooked on Tubeless
The reduced rolling resistance of a tubeless setup is undeniable, as are the benefits of improved handling and incredible puncture protection. The development of the Rapide CLX II involved the most rigorous and extensive engineering and testing program that we’ve ever undertaken and resulted in a wheelset that almost doubles current industry impact standards while managing to achieve the lightest weight possible. The Rapide CLX II and Alpinist CLX II utilize a hooked rim (allowing for real-world riding pressures up to 110psi, if that’s your thing) for secure tire bead retention and an easier set up and mounting experience than ever before. This is tubeless done right.


Why Tubeless is Faster:
Lower internal friction equals more speed and grip. When the tire rolls through the contact patch, the tire casing must deform. This causes internal friction, which increases rolling resistance and uses energy that could be used to propel you forward. Using a tube means more material deforms—casing and tube—so more friction is created and more energy is lost.

Running tubeless significantly reduces the amount of material that must deform—tire alone—which reduces friction and reduces the energy lost, leaving more energy to propel you forward. Decreased material deformation also leads to a tire that deforms easier in response to road imperfections for better grip and a more comfortable and controlled ride. These are “always-on” benefits, regardless of speed or terrain. If your tire is rolling, you’re faster on tubeless.

“We can say the average rolling resistance reduction is 8%. In terms of a performance road racing tire at 40 kp/h, it is a 1.7 watt saving per tire, 3.5 watts per bike.”

Oliver Kiesel

    , Specialized Tire Product Manager.


The Inside Story

We’ve long believed in the potential of tubeless, and we know that you know it too. We won’t pretend we didn’t help Specialized develop the fastest tubeless tire in the world—the Turbo RapidAir—and win a Tour of California stage and multiple Tour de France stages on the tire in 2019.

But for the 2020 and 2021 seasons, the fastest system was tube type. So while they were off winning 155 races, we were busy developing the next generation of tubeless wheels. This is the inside story of that development.


“Peter broke a wheel . . .”
It’s no secret we develop product with our professional riders. They ride iteration after iteration, providing feedback and insight as we seek the cutting edge of performance by pushing the limits of design and engineering.

In December 2019, a WhatsApp from the BORA-Hansgrohe team camp where new development wheels were being tested created a tipping point. iPhones on bedside tables began to buzz at 6 a.m. on a Saturday as the message made its way across the Roval team, “Peter broke a wheel.” Attached to that brief message was a picture of a cracked Alpinist CLX wheel with a dismounted tire. Immediately, our engineering team had the wheel sent to our California HQ.

Peter is not your everyday rider. We’ve developed product with Peter for years, and he puts unique stresses on anything he rides. Was Peter just being Peter and jumping or skidding or riding off-road? All three at the same time? He had jumped a roundabout and hit the curb; Peter was indeed being Peter. He hadn’t expected the wheel to survive the impact, but he expected the tire to stay on the rim.


Back to the Lab
Once the development wheel arrived, the Roval engineering team inspected the wheel, finding a small rim bed crack. These wheels had passed or exceeded all certifying bodies’ standards, including the UCI’s 40 Joule drop test without a tire, but we know tubeless wheels systems have a different failure mode. Cracks in the rim bed could propagate to the rim cavity, and the resulting air pressure creates a failure of the entire system. Repeating the same test with a tube results in lower damage levels. The tube throttles the event over a slightly longer time frame by distributing pressure over cracks and delaying pressure release.


Mutiny on the World Tour
While these development wheels would pass all relevant standards and exceed them with a tube, our engineering team wanted to reach an even higher internal standard—impact resistance almost double existing standards as a tubeless system. The goal was simple, if a rider could hang on to the bars and ride an impact out, they deserved a wheel that kept the tire on the rim, stayed structurally sound, and allowed the rider to stop safely, even if the rim cracked.

We notified our teams that we could continue developing these wheels, and they would start the season on the CLX 32, 50, and 64s they raced in 2019. But our riders had already had a taste of Rapide and Alpinist magic, and they wanted more. They asked to race the wheels immediately. They wanted to shelve the previous generation of CLX clinchers and tubulars and race the new wheels with tubes. They were confident that even as tube-type wheels, the new Rapide and Alpinist, when combined with Specialized Turbo clincher, were the fastest system ever made—the greatest combination of light weight, aerodynamics, and stability ever raced. The rider is the boss, so we provided the wheels they wanted—Rapide and Alpinist tube type.

They started winning, and we got to work kicking off the biggest testing and development project in our history.


Testing, Testing, and More Testing
Knowing the UCI 40 Joule wheel only test was not enough energy to ensure the safe failure mode we believe riders needed, our team embarked on the creation of multiple new tests of the wheel and tire system and rider surveys. The goal was to determine what kind of damage a rider would expect from an impact and then build our testing of the entire tubeless wheel and tire system to exceed that.

2” Square Edge Instrumented Bump: 180lb Rider, 20mph, 29 Joules of Energy

To ensure our lab testing was truly replicating real-world conditions, our engineers took the testing outside. But the question became, “How do we ensure we are replicating the energy of the impact with all the variables of the wheel, tire, carbon frame, and rider?” There’s a lot of jiggling mass to throw off the results. The solution was as elegantly simple as most brilliant ideas are. Don’t measure the rider, measure the bump. Instead of sensors on the rider, the bump itself was instrumented for precise, accurate force information with every impact.

The result was new lab drop testing standards that nearly doubled historical test standards of 40 Joules of energy and required testing of the entire system, not just the wheel.

55 Joules, Blunt Striker, No Damage

We begin with energy levels significantly greater than hitting a two-inch square edge pothole at 20mph, an impact that typically generates approximately 30 Joules of force. We use two different kinds of strikers, a sharp edge and a blunt radius, and cover from 40 up to a whopping 70 Joules—a truly huge impact that would make even hanging onto the bars unlikely.

  • 40 Joules/Sharp Edge Striker: While the potential for damage exists, you can finish your ride or race without issue.
  • 50 Joules/Sharp Edge Striker: The wheel may be damaged, but the tire will remain on the rim and the system intact, so you can roll to a stop safely.
  • 55 Joules/Blunt Striker: No damage
  • 60 Joules/Blunt Striker: While the potential for damage exists, you can finish your ride or race without issue.
  • 70 Joules/Blunt Striker: The wheel may be damaged, but the tire will remain on the rim and the system intact, so you can roll to a stop safely if you can hang onto the bars.


Iteration after Iteration after Iteration
So our engineers had determined new standards that aligned with rider perceptions and real-world impacts, and they had a rock-solid testing protocol that utilized entirely new strikers and force profiles. All that remained was to design and build new Rapide and Alpinist wheels that delivered the world championship performance they were famous for, with all the benefits of a tubeless system. Easy, right?

The new wheels had to do two things. Ensure the entire structure was tough enough to survive a 60 Joule blunt striker impact with no damage. At 70 Joules with a blunt striker, any cracks in the tire bed or sidewall could not be allowed to propagate, and force would be transferred to the spoke bed. While this may be the end of the rim, the tire will be retained in the bead and the wheel’s structure intact to safely stop.


The answer to all these problems was not sexy, but it was simple. Hard work. Knowing the shapes of the Alpinist and Rapide were literal world-beaters, alterations to shape were not on the table, so it became an exercise in layup iteration and material selection. More than 1000 wheels were made and tested during this process, encompassing 150 different layup iterations across Alpinist and Rapide.

This was a process of fine-tuning the layup over and over again and using different grade fibers with different stiffness levels within the new layups. Testing samples of each of those iterations were then made and put through the gauntlet of new tests. So many wheels were tested that our engineers were actually bringing rims, hubs, and spokes home to build test wheels at the kitchen table.

It took 21 months, but the resulting rims are the strongest we have ever made at the lightest possible weight. As a system, they now pass the rigorous testing standards we have created while delivering more performance as a tubeless system than the world-beating tube-type Rapide and Alpinist.


New Standards for a Tubeless Future
The tubeless future we have dreamed of is here. We believe we have created a tubeless wheel system that is the greatest combination of aerodynamics, light weight, efficiency, and durability in the world with a hooked rim to ensure riders have the options they want, from tire selection to tire pressure. And more importantly, a system that meets relevant and stringent test standards well beyond what is currently required of wheels.

After two years of development, we believe in the higher energy and complete system testing we do. We have proposed these new standards to the relevant governing bodies so all riders can benefit from the work we’ve done.

Warranty and Crash Replacement
We work obsessively to create wheels that make your ride better, but we don’t stop there. Because we know that **it happens (we’re riders, too), we have your back with a lifetime warranty and an amazing no-fault crash replacement policy.

You’ll find more details on these policies right here.


Rapide CLX II: Complete Speed
The Rapide CLX is actually two wheels in one, each optimized for the unique aero challenges of its position—a 51mm-deep front rim with a 35mm external width and a 60mm-deep rear rim with a 30mm external width. The result is a tubeless wheelset that’s faster than most 65mm wheels but is 25% more stable than our CLX50 in heavy wind.

The Human Factor
Speed is nothing without the stability to take advantage of it. That’s where the Rapide’s unique front wheel dimensions come in—51mm deep and 35mm wide. We created this shape using the same optimization algorithm that developed Specialized’s FreeFoil library. Like any algorithm— garbage in, garbage out. What our team did was build a computer model that accounted for the rider and their reaction time. It’s the first algorithm that doesn’t assume the rider is a passenger.


We know from extensive automotive and aeronautical reaction timing studies that it’s wind gusts between 0.5 and 2.0 seconds that riders struggle with. Essentially a rider can’t react to wind gusts shorter than 0.5 seconds; they are too short. A rider can react to gusts lasting between 0.5 and 2.0 seconds but will react after the wind gust is over. This causes an overcorrection that needs to be corrected again, which is why blustery crosswinds feel so sketchy. So we instructed our algorithm to optimize stability in the 0.5 to 2.0 second window time. Faster than that, and you can’t react quickly enough to overcompensate. Slower than that, and you can easily adjust to the side force of a crosswind. For days, the algorithm randomly mutated, virtually kicking out low performers and iterating on high performers.


The resulting Rapide shape was the best combination of pure drag reduction and stability within the reaction time frame that matters for a rider. There is no boundary trip layer, surface texture, or nodes in the rim shape to point at. The AI doesn’t care what the marketing team wants to sell a wheel. The AI just solved the problem with the overall shape.


System Approach
But of course, a wheel is the sum of its parts, tire included, and the Rapide CLX II is a pretty special system. Now tubeless compatible with a hooked rim, the new wheels take advantage of all a tubeless tire brings to the ride. From self-sealing flat protection and reduced rolling resistance to a broader range of functional tire pressure for great ride quality and handling over any surface. We’ve also shifted the outer diameter dimensions to create an extra 1.4mm of bead slack in your tire. This delivers a much better install and roadside repair experience.


Our Aeroflange hubs utilize DT Swiss’ latest EXP freehub with new ceramic SINC bearings and a lighter and simplified ratchet system. The design also spreads the bearings further apart for added stiffness while making the ratchet more reliable and simplifying freehub body conversion.


  • Rim Dimensions: 51mm deep/35mm Wide F: 60mm deep/30mm Wide R: 21mm Int F/R
  • Weight: 1505g, 1520g w/ tape and valves
  • Aero Flange Hubs with EXP Internals and Sinc Ceramic Bearings
  • DT Swiss Aerolite Spokes 18F/24R
  • Tubeless Ready
  • 110PSI Max Tubeless with 26mm Tires
  • 275lb/125kg Weight Limit
  • Handbuilt
  • MSRP: $2800, £2500 | Product Page


Alpinist CLX II: Elevate Your Ride
It takes more than a lightweight rim to deliver the incredible reactivity and handling of the tubeless Alpinist CLX II. We designed the wheelset as a system with our engineers controlling and testing every part of that system – hubs, rims, spokes, lacing – and developing it hand in hand with Specialized Tubeless tires. The result is a 1250-gram tubeless wheelset with an otherworldly ride quality designed for real-world road pressures.


Low Mass, Massive Durability
The Alpinist CLX II rim is a work of art. It features the most precise carbon layup we have ever created, the result of over 50 different iterations, hundreds of impact tests, and countless hours on the road. They react to even the slightest increase in power with immediate acceleration and carve the purest of lines in the corners, yet they can also handle almost double the impact standards of every certifying body. This is instant acceleration and supreme durability, two years in the making.

Like the Rapide, the Alpinist is now tubeless compatible with a hooked rim to take advantage of all a tubeless tire brings to the ride. We’ve also shifted the rim’s outer diameter dimensions to create an extra 1.4mm of bead slack in your tire. This delivers a much better install and roadside repair experience.


Lighter, Stronger, Faster
Our all-new LFD hubs are the spinning heart of the Alpinist CLX II. We carved 50 grams out of the previous Alpinist CLX hub with new low-profile hub bodies and machined rotor mounts. Inside, DT Swiss EXP internals and SINC ceramic bearings deliver silky-smooth efficiency and outstanding durability.

  • Rim Dimensions: 33mm deep/21mm Internal
  • Weight: 1250g, 1265g w/ tape and valves
  • LFD Hubs with EXP Internals and Sinc Ceramic Bearings
  • DT Swiss Aerolite Spokes 21F/24R
  • Tubeless Ready
  • 110PSI Max Tubeless with 26mm Tires
  • 275lb/125kg Weight Limit
  • Handbuilt
  • MSRP: $2650, £2500 | Product Page

Selle Italia Model X Leaf: The Sustainable Saddle with New Graphics Inspired by Nature, Stemming from the Greentech Process
A saddle created through an eco-sustainable production process that avoids the use of polluting substances thanks to patented Greentech technology. The new Model X Leaf saddle features eye-catching graphics based on a green leaf pattern.

selle italia x leaf

Sella Italia’s philosophy has always been firmly focused on innovation because innovating means moving forwards which, with the addition of respect for the environment, is what led to Greentech production technology, a forward-thinking approach to creating bike saddles. A production process that totally eliminates the use of any kind of polluting elements, such as glues and synthetic resins, with zero waste because any discarded material or waste is put back into the production cycle. And since the claim of Selle Italia technology is “Future Rides Green”, the end result is a saddle with components that can be recycled at the end of its life cycle.

selle italia x leaf

Model X Leaf: the sustainable, recyclable saddle with mechanical assembly and free from pollutants
In 2021, the Greentech production cycle resulted in the Model X line of saddles which immediately fulfilled market demands and trends. Which is why Selle Italia has renewed the offer by launching the new Model X Leaf which complements the line with an ultra-eco-friendly saddle featuring eye-catching graphics: the leaf pattern, printed directly inside the transparent cover, highlights the saddle’s green approach.

selle italia x leaf

The Model X Leaf saddle is produced through the mechanical assembly of three components, thus eliminating the use of polluting substances in full respect of Greentech production technology. The rail is made of ultra-strong and flexible FeC Alloy while the saddle features a waved shape for a more stable position for riders with posterior pelvic tilt. Lastly, the new Model X Leaf features anti-bacterial treatment integrated into the padding.

selle italia x leaf

The ultra-fast, automated, energy-saving production process means the retail price of the Model X Leaf saddle is also competitive. The entire saddle production process, patented by the Italian company, is a zero-miles process because it involves companies that are all within a 15-kilometer radius of its headquarters, thus helping to further reduce CO2 emissions.

Size: 145mm x 245mm
Weight: 315gr
Rail: FeC Alloy Ø7 mm
Size idmatch: L3
Recommended retail price: €59.90 – £54.99

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