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Gear Break: Stelvio Santini, Endurance Sealant, Giro Shoe, CADEX, Beaumont’s Latest Book & DZR Socks

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Gear Break: The new and exciting bike gear never stops: ECO-friendly jersey and face mask for 2021 Grandfondo Stelvio Santini, Endurance Sealant with injection system, Giro Regime Shoe, CADEX 42 Disk Tubeless WheelSystem, Mark Beaumont’s latest book Endurance and DZR wool socks.

ECO-Friendly Official Jersey and Coordinating Face Mask for 2021 Grandfondo Stelvio Santini
The official 2021 Granfondo Stelvio Santini jersey is a combination of Polartec Power Dry Recycled and Polartec Delta Recycled fabrics, both made from single-use PET bottles. In fact, it takes around five recycled plastic bottles to make each jersey. The latter will be available in different sizes and colors for men and women, and wrapped in a compostable packaging. To complete the look, Santini Cycling Wear has also created a range of coordinating cycling wear and a face mask (free in the race pack) featuring the 2021 edition graphic.

A challenge as epic as the Granfondo Stelvio Santini deserves an equally epic jersey. Which is why the 2021 jersey will be both environmentally and sport a uniquely compelling graphic. Created by Santini Cycling Wear and Polartec®, which is partnering the Granfondo Stelvio Santini for the second year, the official race jersey comprises two fabrics themselves made from recycled PET bottles. It also comes a fully compostable packaging produced by TIPA®, an Israeli company that has been making biodegradable food and clothing packaging since 2010.

● 1 Jersey = 5 Recycled Plastic Bottles


The signature of the official 2021 Granfondo Stelvio Santini jersey is its sustainability credentials: Polartec® makes both Power Dry Recycled and Delta Recycled from single-use plastic bottles. All entrants will receive the official jersey in their race pack and will literally be wearing five recycled bottles as they compete.

This makes a very clear, practical statement about environmental protection and sustainability, both of which have always been part of the Granfondo Stelvio Santini organizers’ policy: green areas located along the race routes also allow competitors to dispose of waste packaging safety (including the dreaded energy bar and gel wrappers) and help keep the spectacular Parco dello Stelvio pristine. The official Santini-Polartec jersey even has an extra side pocket where competitors can stow wrappers and other waste between green areas.


● Polartec Fabrics
The official 2021Granfondo Stelvio Santini jersey is made from two Polartec fabrics: the front and also the back pockets are in light, breathable, odour-resistant and 100% recycled Polartec Power Dry Recycled, while the back is in Polartec Delta Recycled, which is exceptionally breathable, wicking and cooling, offering much more than conventional sweat dispersal and evaporation.

● Graphic Design
Both the men’s and women’s versions of the official 2021 Granfondo Stelvio Santini jersey feature a new graphic designed by Bergamo illustrator Elenia Beretta. It is a face in profile created by a few strong brushstrokes and contrasting colors designed to symbolize cycling itself: the eye is a bicycle wheel, the eyebrow a chain, the glasses frame handlebars, the mouth a saddle and the hair the Stelvio hairpins that the competitors will negotiate as they near the crest of the pass. The graphic, which will also feature in the poster for the 2021 edition, is in navy blue with orange detailing for the men’s jersey and strawberry for the women’s version.

● Coordinating Kit
Aside from the compulsory official jersey, each race pack will include a washable filtering face mask made by Santini Cycling Wear. Competitors will have to wear the mask at the start line and at finish line of the Granfondo.

To complete the look for the Valtellina event, Santini has also created a range of kit that coordinates with the official jersey, specifically bib shorts, gilet, gloves and socks. These can be pre-ordered from the www.granfondostelviosantini.com site and will also be for sale in the Granfondo Stelvio Santini village in Bormio.

● For further information: www.granfondostelviosantini.com

Endurance Sealant with Injection System – From $10.99


Endurance tire sealant, it’s formulated to maximize longevity; enabling riders to go longer between top-offs. All while offering the same quick sealing properties you’ve come to expect.

Whether you’re a beginner, expert, or somewhere in-between you will benefit from its proven ability to last up to three times longer. It is proven to seal large punctures up to 1/4″ and perform under varying temperatures and altitudes. Orange Seal Tubeless Tire Sealant is compatible with most bike tire systems and is eco-friendly. We have developed our new Orange Seal Injection System for easy sealant injection.

And speaking of top-offs, now when you buy any 4oz or 8oz injector bottles we’ll throw in our new dipstick. Making it easier to keep tabs on your Orange Seal.


● Need more info: Orange Seal Product Info.
● The Endurance Sealant website here: shop.orangeseal.com.


Giro Regime Shoe – $250.00
Take charge of the road with full-featured performance and comfort.


The Regime Gives You the Power and Controls to Reach Your Goals
To make a full-featured shoe that can handle extended miles and hard roads, we started with an ultralight monofilament mesh Synchwire™ upper that fits and feels like a second skin, then added thermal-welded TPU for structural support and resistance to grit and grime. Fast, intuitive fit adjustment is guaranteed with dual Boa L6 buckles, steel laces and soft lace guides that allow you to get a precise fit with even pressure distribution to ensure comfort with every turn of the pedals. And finally, the advanced carbon composite plate ensures efficient power transfer and responsive feel at the pedals, while allowing 5mm of adjustment for optimal cleat positioning.


● Upper construction:

One-piece synchwire upper with thermo-bonded exo-structure
Laser-perforated ventilation throughout
Dual BOA® L6 dials featuring 1mm adjustment and macro release, with steel lace and soft lace guides
Reflective heel tab
● Footbed:
3D molded footbed with medium arch Support
● Sport:
● Outsole:
Carbon-composite 3-bolt plate
DualUAL-injected TPU walking pads
Stainless steel hardware with 5m fore/aft adjustment
● Gender:
● Product Weight:
265 grams (Size 42).


● BOA Dials:
The BOA® Fit System provides fast, micro-adjustability with the turn of the dial. The combination of the dial, lace, and guides reduces weight and provides finer adjustment (1mm increments) compared to traditional buckles, and it offers an incremental release function too. The Boa® Fit System dials and laces are guaranteed for the lifetime of the product.

● Carbon Composite Outsole:
Our proprietary, advanced carbon composite outsole plate ensures efficient power transfer and responsive feel at the pedals, while allowing 5mm of adjustment for optimal cleat positioning. It’s the ideal balance of stiffness and durability with light weight.

● Reflective Details:
Reflective details enhance visibility at nighttime or in low-light conditions when illuminated by a light source, such as headlights, by returning the light back toward the original source and reaching the automobile driver’s eye.

● Synchwire:
Synchwire construction is a stitch-less upper that’s vented and reinforced to create a lightweight cycling shoe with incredible airflow and structural integrity. Synchwire is an advanced composite of thermo-bonded film that provides overall durability, a non-woven internal sheet for distributing the force from the BOA® system to the upper for direct power transfer, and mono-filament mesh for ventilation.


● More information at: www.giro.com.

CADEX 42 Disk Tubeless WheelSystem for Maximum Control


The CADEX 42 Disc WheelSystem is for cyclists who require maximum versatility and disc-brake power in hilly terrain and variable conditions. Featuring a hookless rim design to maximize aerodynamics and durability, as well as low-friction hubs for maximum power efficiency and the added control of disc brakes, the CADEX 42 Disc WheelSystem offers unparalleled performance at an ultra-light weight.


● Hookless rim design helps reduce aerodynamic loss and, through a continuous carbon fiber structure, enhances overall durability
● Custom-tuned aero carbon spokes offer excellent aerodynamic characteristics, superior stability in shifting winds an ultra-light weight
● Custom-tuned dynamic balanced lacing technology makes a stiffer, more efficient wheel designed for real-world application
● Precision reinforced carbon lay-up places carbon fiber only where needed, creating an exceptionally solid structure without adding any unnecessary grams
● Low friction hub eliminates bearing friction reducing potential watt loss

Rim Material: Carbon
Rim Type: Hookless Clincher (Tubeless)
Rim Height: 42mm
Rim Outer Width: 23mm
Rim Inner Width: 19.4mm
Front Hub: CADEX Low Friction Hub, Centerlock
Rear Hub: CADEX Low Friction Hub, Ratchet Driver, Centerlock
Freehub Compatibility: Shimano 11 / SRAM XDR 12
Bearing: Precision Sealed Cartridge
Front Axle: 100×12 TA (not included)
Rear Axle: 142×12 TA (not included)
Spokes (Front): Aero Carbon Spoke
Lacing (Front): DBL, 21H
Spokes (Rear): Aero Carbon Spoke
Lacing (Rear): DBL, 24H
Nipple Type: Alloy
Warranty: 2 year warranty
Incident Replacement: 5 year (registered original owner only)
Weight (Pair): 1327g.


Aero Carbon Spoke
The purpose-designed aero shape offers excellent aerodynamic characteristics, superior stability in shifting winds and the lightest weight possible.

Custom-Tuned DBL Technology
Dynamic Balanced Lacing ensures spokes are set for optimal tension when under dynamic pedaling force versus when static, resulting in superior transmission stiffness and efficiency.

Hookless Rim Design
Provides the best flow transition from the tire to the sidewall of the rim, resulting in reduced aerodynamic loss when compared to standard hook bead rims, and featuring a continuous carbon fiber structure enhancing overall durability.

Low-Friction Hub
Precision machined internals eliminate excessive bearing load, reduce bearing friction and minimize rolling resistance.

Precision Reinforced Lay-Up
High-tensile strength carbon fiber and high Tg resin is reinforced at the most crucial points for industry-leading stiffness, ride compliance and strength with no unnecessary weight.


● UCI & ITU Approved $1,400 – $1,800
● Ride It. Race It. Don’t Worry About it: We’ve Got You Covered.
● Free Ground Shipping on orders $100+
● Free Returns within 60 Days*
● 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee Buy with Confidence
● See full details here: www.cadex-cycling.com.

Mark Beaumont’s Latest Book Endurance Promises to Help Everyone Go Further
The complete, accessible and inclusive guide to riding any distance, by the fastest person to cycle around the world.


GCN is proud to present Endurance: How To Ride Further by the best-selling cycling author, world record-breaker and adventurer, Mark Beaumont – available now.

Covering everything from psychology, planning, bike set-up, equipment, training and nutrition and much, much more, the book distills Mark’s 25 years of endurance riding experience into 244 pages to help you turn a 20-miler into a century, a century into a coast to coast, and a continental crossing into a circumnavigation of the world.

When Mark broke the world record for being the fastest person to ride around the world – by 44 days, riding an astonishing average of 240 miles a day for just over 78 days – he had honed a host of very useful tips, tactics and techniques that will help anyone, no matter what their experience or aspiration, to push back their boundaries and ride further.


Written together with Mark’s around-the-world ride performance manager, highly respected elite sports physiotherapist and record breaker in her own right, Laura Penhaul, the book combines Mark’s experience with Laura’s scientific and high-performance sporting expertise to deliver a practical framework for achieving your riding dreams – both in and out of the saddle.

Together, Mark and Laura have also been able to draw from their connections over the last 25 years to collect many ‘Wise Words’ to offer you ‘best in class’ advice from across the worlds of ultracycling, performance sport and sports science – including sleep, nutrition, psychology and planning to cover off every aspect of endurance riding – and all in a very accessible, coffee table-style format.

In short, Endurance will help inspire, empower and equip you to realise your riding dreams one simple pedal stroke at a time.


Mark Beaumont said: “No matter what your experience or aspirations, with the right belief systems, planning and training, your body has the ability to go further than your mind believes is possible”.

Laura Penhaul said: “You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to have the same approach to life and to cycling. Endurance is a toolkit of mental, physical and logistical preparation, so with some underpinning science you can redefine where you thought you could go”.

Si Richardson, GCN Presenter said: “Following on the heels of our first book, The Plant-Based Cyclist, we wanted to move from diet to doing. Creating something that helped everyone – no matter their background or experience – to push their boundaries a little further. We’re very pleased that Mark agreed to step off his bike long enough to write this book for us. Simply put, I couldn’t think of another pairing more qualified to write this book to help inspire us all to go that little bit further”.


Pricing &amp, Availability:
Priced at £16.99 (+ P&P) Endurance: How To Ride Further is available now exclusively from the Global Cycling Network (GCN) HERE.
Global pricing: €18.93 / USD: $20.88/ AUD: $32.20/ CAD: $20.85).

DZR: Kill That Stink – Just a Wool Sock Away


I remember a time when shoes didn’t stink. It was pretty much before mass production of athletic shoes back in the early ’80s; before factories had to find a way to make every shoe consistently perfect. Did you know that shoes are all hand sewn? Some people seem to think that shoes are made by machine and some brands try to tout that “special” fact that Their shoes are hand-made, but pretty much all shoes (except ones like Crocs) are sewn by hand.

So why is mass production making our shoes stink? Well, try to imagine the skill involved in sewing small pieces of materials with exterior layers, internal backing material, and internal lining material altogether and still get a straight and perfect seam. Pretty quickly factories realized that if we laminated all the layers of a shoe together, glued the parts together, THEN stitched it, the single focused task made the seams pretty perfect. But what it didn’t do was allow the material to be porous. Now you basically have layers of material with nice consistent thin layers of adhesive, kind of like an imperfect plastic bag. Would a plastic bag breath? Nope. Now more than ever your feet will probably stink even if your feet normally smell like roses.

I know my son’s shoes started smelling pretty badly even at 4 years old, way before the teenage hormones kicked in to make it really noxious! I tried everything, carbon inserts, expensive shoes, sun baking, removing his shoes at home, letting his feet breath, washing his feet with peroxide, but nothing kept the smell from eventually fumigating a corner of the house. BUT, last year at his birthday, I invested in wool socks, ones that would stay on his feet and hold up to machine washing. And guess what? Almost immediately his feet are no longer a problem. He can even wear regular cotton or acrylic socks sometimes and his shoes don’t stink! That’s when I realized socks could be key.


When we started looking at making DZR cycling socks, we wanted to make the best socks possible, we explored a number of advanced materials, silver for anti-microbial properties, Dyneema, for durability, Kevlar for bulletproof-ness, silk for breathability, Angora for softness, but in the end, we kept coming back to wool. Wool did it all, it was anti-microbial, temperature regulating, durable, comfortable and even fire resistant. It would seem intense research and development with man-made materials have not come close to achieving what wool does naturally.

So, what makes wool anti-order? Well, wool has a hollow core filament which is both hydrophilic as well as water wicking. With this advanced structure, wool can wick away over 30%, by weight, of moisture as appose to Nylon which wicks less than 5% and polypropylene which wicks less than 0.5%. So the less sweat, the less smell, although, human sweat on its own, doesn’t, in fact, causes odor. It’s the natural bacteria on the skin and the perfect humid environment inside a shoe, that incubates those bacteria. They breed and the buildup of bacterial by-products, eventually begin to smell. With wool, the moisture is quickly and constantly pulled away from the skin to inhibit an environment that harbors those bacteria.

At the same time, the hollow core filament makes wool an incredible temperature regulator. The air pockets in each filament helps you trap air in the socks keeping your feet warm and toasty in the winter, but also the relatively cool in the summer? And if that wasn’t enough to make it clear that wool is a super fiber, Wool is an incredibly durable filament. Stronger than cotton, acrylic or nylon. But that feature is contingent on its care.

So how do you keep your wool socks strong and resilient through the years? It’s pretty simple, you can throw it in the laundry machine just the same as any other piece of clothing, BUT you have to use a wool soap (like Woolite) or no soap at all. After all, Wool is a natural animal product which means it’s made of protein. Most soaps are designed to break down proteins which is why it cleans away things like Ketchup stains and oil spots. But if you treat your wool well, it will perform for you for years to come! Mother nature developed wool through hundreds of years of trial and error (aka evolution) and created a material that is pretty darn perfect.

● Full details at: dzrshoes.eu


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