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Gear Break: Pearl Izumi Spring/Summer, HED Wheels now on Team Astana, Nopinz Hypersonic TT Suit, Coming Soon to Wahoo ELEMNT – Summit Freeride, Fizik Movistar Shoes & 100copies – DRAGONS

What's new in the cycling world?

Gear Break: Pearl Izumi for Spring/Summer, HED Wheels now on Team Astana – limited edition available, Nopinz announces release of new hypersonic TT suit and aero base layer, coming soon to WAHOO ELEMNT bike computers – summit freeride, Fizik: Stand out from the peloton and 100copies new bicycle art edition #53 – DRAGONS.

Pearl Izumi for Spring/Summer

If you live north of the Equator, it’s that time of the year when winter is in the rearview mirror and the days are getting warmer and longer. That means having more days when you can ride in shorts and short sleeves. Pearl Izumi sent PEZ a some of their new spring/summer kit to take for a ride.

Pearl Izumi Attack Air Jersey – $120

pearl izumi

Made from over 80% recycled materials, this minimally seamed, ultra-wicking high stretch jersey features longer sleeves for a more streamlined fit. The minimal collar adds comfort and promotes more airflow, all while delivering a modern look. And it’s on hot days that this jersey really shines. You’ll feel the difference as In-R-Cool® Infrared technology reduces the sun’s intensity by giving darker colors the reflective, and cooling, properties of lighter fabrics.

Chuck Peña PEZ sez:  I have fond memories of Pearl Izumi. They were our clothing sponsor for Team Ultimate Athlete (a multi-sport store I co-owned with two cycling/running buddies) when we did the first team edition of RAAM (Race Across America) in 1992. Fast forward 30+ years …

The first thing I noticed about the Attack Air Jersey is that it’s light (I’m down in the Lowcountry so don’t have my scale to weigh it) and airy. There’s no mistaking it for a warm/hot weather jersey.

The Attack Air Jersey is what I would call a “race inspired” jersey rather than a full-on race jersey. The collar is a low-cut (almost collar-less) race design. The sleeves are long, but are hemmed rather than raw cut. The fit (size small on my 5’8″ ectomorph build) was form-fitting, but not second skin race tight. That said, if you’re carrying a few extra pounds/kilos, there will no be hiding them.

pearl izumi
Of course, it has to be full-zip to be a real jersey

PEZ got the Attack Air Jersey in Fuego Depth that is a digital pattern of varying shades/hues of orange (appropriate since an orange peel is used to garnish a Negroni — the official PEZ cocktail). But style/taste is in the eye of the beholder so you’ll have to decide for yourself if it’s a color/pattern you like.

Pearl Izumi Transfer Sleeveless Baselayer – $55

pearl izumi

The Transfer Mesh Sleeveless Baselayer is designed to regulate body temperature through moisture control to keep you riding in comfort across a broad temperature range. The airy high-stretch PRO Transfer Mesh fabric is enhanced with In-R-Cool® to improve thermo-regulation and keep you cooler and dryer. GoFresh™ keeps the funk at bay and even allows this piece to be worn multiple times between washes.

Chuck Peña PEZ sez:  There’s not much to say other than the Transfer Mesh Sleeveless Baselayer does what I expect a baselayer to do. Which is: wick away sweat from my skin and transfer moisture to and through my jersey. I haven’t had a chance to ride in it in truly hot weather (more like “perfect” riding weather, i.e., mid-70s to 80-ish F) but have no reason to believe it won’t be up to the task when it gets sweltering hot and humid (typical summer riding both up in Babylon on the Potomac and down in the Lowcountry).


Since PEZ got the Attack Air Jersey in Fuego Depth, the choice for the Transer Mesh Sleeveless Baselayer had to be Fuego Coslope. It’s not totally matchy-matchy, but it’s more “orange you glad I didn’t say banana?” that coordinates with the jersey.

Pearl Izumi Attack Air Bib Shorts – $160

pearl izumi

Constructed from a lightweight, breathable 4-way stretch fabric, these bibs were made for high output efforts. The new multi-density Levitate™ Plus chamois provides fine-tuned support hours in, so you can chase big objectives in comfort. Sleek detailing like raw-edge bib uppers, laser cut leg openings with silicone-printed grippers, and perforated venting on the lower back give these bibs an edge to take your riding to the next level.

Chuck Peña PEZ sez:  If the Attack Air Jersey is “race inspired,” the Attack Air Bib Shorts are more “race.” Fit-wise (size small), the compression was on the race fit firm side (which I like). Putting them on required some pulling and wiggling — not unlike getting into a pair of skinny jeans. Once on, the material was smooth and soft against my bare skin. The raw cut bib straps didn’t dig into my shoulders. And the silicon pattern at the hem of the legs gripped comfortably with no slip or creep.

The legs of the Attack Air Bib Shorts are “one piece” without a separate gripper section/panel

Of course, what matters most about any pair of shorts is the chamois aka pad. My first ride in the Attack Air Bib Shorts was a coffee/lunch ride with my wife and what I noticed most about the chamois was that I didn’t really notice it. Meaning I knew there was the padding in-between my saddle and important parts but it kind of disappeared under me. That’s about as high praise as it gets for a pair of bib shorts.

pearl izumi
The whole orange theme carries over to the Attack Air Bib Shorts, but not in an outwardly visible way

Grateful Dead x PEARL iZUMi Men’s Ten Spot PRO Tall Socks – $25

pearl izumi

Made from 3D-printed Repreve® recycled yarn, the PRO Tall sock is a cut above your average riding sock. The construction reduces bulk while maintaining solid color penetration, so this signature tie-dye pattern stays vibrant even when stretched. PI Dry® treatment keeps your feet drier on damp days, while the 360-degree arch tension band provides midfoot support and a secure fit.

pearl izumi
It’s always nice to see cycling companies being environmentally conscious

Chuck Peña PEZ sez:  I’m not a a Dead Head but love the color/pattern of these socks. Plus the bright blue was a good match/contrast IMHO with the Attack Air Bib Shorts in Dark Ink (blue). Fit-wise (size L for US shoe size 8-10 — I’m a size 9), the compression was moderate. The Ten Spot PRO Tall Socks slid on relatively easily compared to other socks I have with firm/very firm compression. But I wasn’t worried about them slipping or falling down. On my feet, they were comfortably snug.

pearl izumi

Putting it all together

I’ll let pictures do the talking.

Pearl Izumi kit circa 1992 at the finish of RAAM on the riverfront in Savannah GA (L-to-R: me, David Cascio, Sam Bishop, Paul Casio)

pearl izumi
Me on those same steps last Thanksgiving (30 years later)

pearl izumi
Modern Pearl Izumi kit circa 2023 in action in Bluffton SC (from our ‘hood to the Savannah riverfront is about a 30 minute drive)

HED Wheels now on Team Astana! Limited Edition Available!

astana hed

Astana are riding our wheels and we’re thrilled to be supplying them!

Our expertise is your advantage with the HED Vanquish RC Series. HED has decades of aerodynamic experience and we make our wheels by hand at our headquarters in Minnesota.

Vanquish wheels will give you confidence as you move to the front, fly through corners, and come out ready to sprint. The advantage is real. Upgrade Today.


Nopinz Announces Release Of New Hypersonic TT Suit and Aero Base Layer


Nopinz, the British-based performance cycling apparel brand focused on providing marginal gains, has today announced the release of its new TT skinsuit and aero base layer. The new suit combination will become the brand’s flagship model replacing the very successful Nopinz Flow Suit.


This all new Hypersonic TT skinsuit has been specifically designed to be paired with the company’s new aero base layer. After extensive market research and wind tunnel testing the suit itself has been designed from specially chosen fabrics that maximise the effect of the aero base layer, designed to be worn underneath the Hypersonic suit. This combination will save between 11 and 19w over the Flow Suit at 49 kph across yaw angles of 0, 4 and 7 degrees.
The new aero base layer features a full length body, a practical key storage pocket and can also be purchased separately if you wish to pair it with an existing suit. Optional Hypersonic overshoes have also been developed and are available from the launch date, for those wishing to maximise on aerodynamic savings.

no pinz

Nopinz founder and CEO Blake Pond said of the release: “Our new Hypersonic range marks the culmination of months of development in creating the fastest possible TT suit we’ve ever released to date. Countless hours have been spent in fabric development and testing, I’m delighted with the incredible results that we have achieved with the Hypersonic kit. We can confidently say that the Hypersonic Skinsuit and Base Layer sets the precedent for high performance, aerodynamic kit in the Time Trial market. This is reflected in not only our own testing data, but also when independently tested by one of the leading UCI World Tour teams.”


  • British performance-focused cycling apparel brand releases their fastest skinsuit setup to date.
  • The all new Hypersonic TT skinsuit is specifically designed to be paired with the company’s new aero base layer.
  • Aero base layer can also be purchased individually.
  • Hypersonic Overshoes are also available separately.
  • More info at: nopinz.com

Coming Soon to WAHOO ELEMNT Bike Computers – Summit Freeride
Get out and ROAM this spring, as Wahoo completes the popular Summit feature, with the launch of Freeride – automatic climb detection without using a route.


Wahoo Fitness, the leading endurance athlete fitness technology company, has announced the introduction of a new ‘Summit Freeride’ feature – a major enhancement to their popular SUMMIT feature on its’ ELEMNT range of GPS bike computers’ – essential climb data is now automatically available on every ride, without following a planned route.


The SUMMIT feature was developed alongside the recently released dual band GPS ELEMNT ROAM bike computer. Navigation is at the forefront of the ELEMNT ROAM’s design and development – making it the most powerful and intuitive GPS bike computer yet in the Wahoo ecosystem. Also featuring a long lasting 17 hour battery life, the ROAM Bike computer makes it easier than ever for riders to stay on course and explore for longer.


Evolving technology and customer feedback drives Wahoo innovation. As such, the functionality of the ELEMNT Bike Computer range continually evolves and improves the user experience – with regular new features and software updates. The all new Summit Freeride brings all the functionality of Wahoo’s Summit Segments, but without the need for a cyclist to use a pre-loaded route. Summit Freeride now automatically detects climbs and displays in-depth information about upcoming, in-progress and completed climbs. Riders can even filter climbs ahead by level of difficulty, helping to conserve energy for the climbs that will require the most effort.


Summit Freeride works by utilising the pre-installed maps and elevation data to scan the cyclist’s road, calculate the elevation profile ahead and detect upcoming climbs. Once a climb is detected, the user will be alerted when approaching the start and it will be shown in the upcoming climb list. While on a climb if the rider turns onto a new road and continues to climb, the ELEMNT will dynamically adjust, recalculating and extending the climb. Summit Freeride previews of the elevation ahead for the rider providing valuable information to enable better pacing from start to finish.When a detected climb is completed, it will be added to the completed climbs list.


Mike Saturnia, Wahoo CEO commented “Summit Segments has already proven to be incredibly popular with both our recreational cyclists as well as the Pro Riders we support. Summit Freeride is a fantastic new feature for cyclists who like to ride without using a pre-planned route. Getting out and exploring is at the heart of what cycling is all about, so we are extremely excited to have this update go live this Spring, as part of our continued commitment to add regular updates to our suite of ELEMNT Bike Computers.”


Summit Freeride will be available for use on the latest versions of the ELEMNT ROAM and ELEMNT BOLT Bike Computers beginning Tuesday May 2nd 2023.

Pricing info:

  • Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM: £349.99/US $399.99 USD
  • Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT: £264.99/US $299.99 USD (currently on special offer at £249.99 /US $279.99 USD)

Fizik: Stand Out From the Peloton

Introducing Infinito Carbon 2, Stabilita Carbon, and Powerstrap Aeroweave Movistar Team edition.

The men and women of Movistar Team deliver plenty of stand-out moments on their road to victory, so now we’re celebrating them in kind with the latest outstanding styles of our Movistar-edition shoes. Meet the Infinito Carbon 2 Movistar Team, Stabilita Carbon Movistar Team, and Powerstrap Aeroweave Movistar Team.

Engineered with the same trusted fizik performance that has helped empower history-making Movistar wins season after season, our new official team shoes feature a special fluorescent-yellow colorway that promises to turn heads as you cross finish lines.

Discover all three new styles pairs.


100copies New Bicycle Art Edition #53 – DRAGONS


100copies are thrilled to announce the launch of my new bicycle art, titled “DRAGONS”!

This art piece celebrates dragons’ powerful and mythical spirit merged with bicycles’ beauty and elegance.

With scales that shimmer, like wheels in motion
The dragon takes to the road with fierce devotion
Its wings beat fast, like pedals that turn
As it races along, with a fiery burn
The road stretches out before its eyes
Like a dragon’s tail that twists and winds
Through mountains and valleys, it takes the lead
A majestic sight for all to heed
And with each mile, the dragon gains speed
Like a champion cyclist with strength and creed
It pushes ahead to reach the end
A true dragon rider, a legend to defend.


Asia dragon can be likened to a cyclist, both embodying strength, agility, and a sense of awe-inspiring power. Whether flying through the air or racing along a winding road, both the dragon and the cyclist are truly a sight to behold.

The figure of each cyclist is created using a single, continuous brush stroke, similar to the one-stroke technique used in Chinese calligraphy, which moves with the same fluidity and grace as dragons. Adapting to changes in terrain and shifting seamlessly from one gear to the next.


Dimension: 840mm X 540mm

Print Quality: Offset Lithographic Printing using 1 spot Pantone Black. Printed on 220gsm Maple Bright paper. Suitable for archival use.


Note: PEZCyclingNews ask that you contact the manufacturers before using any products you see here. Only the manufacturer can provide accurate and complete information on proper / safe use, handling, maintenance and or installation of products as well as any conditional information or product limitations.

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