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Gear Break: Glasses, Clothing, Training, Strava, Bike Fit & fizik Range

Gear Break: Friday, and it’s time to see what’s new on the cycling market: Campagnolo release their summer clothing collection, 100% and Belgian Waffle Ride create the ultimate eyewear, fizik special edition range, VeloAngle smart tool, Strava launches Local Legends, and Sufferfest/Wahoo fitness sports science division creates 20 new training plans.

Campagnolo 2020 Summer Collection


Much care and consideration has gone into refining these proven designs to maximize comfort and breathability, incorporate safety and improve aero gain, while we’ve also been developing all-new cycling apparel that reflects the performance of your state of the art Campagnolo groupset.



Women’s Collection
Designed for maximum comfort on summer bike rides.


New colorful jerseys

Few elements and essential design.


New comfortable bib shorts

Lightness, breathability and perfect fit.

Hurry up! Discover what’s new in our cycling apparel collection


100%® and Belgian Waffle Ride Join Forces to Create the Ultimate Eyewear for Gravel
The world’s premier sports performance eyewear brand and the biggest event in gravel collaborate to design sunglasses for the most punishing event in cycling.

100% bwr

100% has announced a new partnership with Belgian Waffle Ride (BWR). The two iconic endurance brands have collaborated to design sunglasses able to take on the harsh and punishing conditions of the most treacherous gravel races on earth. The BWR Special Edition sunglasses are available in the most popular 100% sports performance styles, including Speedcraft, S2, S3, as well as the Active Performance sunglass, Hudson, for post-race recovery. All styles feature the iconic colorways of Belgium–red, yellow, and the baby blue that is often used in Belgian national team jerseys.

“The Belgian Waffle Ride is one of the most progressive events in cycling, and it reflects the changing dynamic of cyclists worldwide,” says 100% CEO Ludo Boinnard. “Cyclists are seeking adventure, and new places to ride. With our new BWR Special Edition, we want to give those riders the equipment they need to ride more extreme.”

The Belgian Waffle Ride is the most unique cycling event in America and has become a worldwide phenomenon. Now in its ninth year, BWR has expanded to three events that represent the triple crown of gravel racing. The San Diego BWR is the largest of its kind, with 4,000 racers ready to take part this year. This year, BWR has expanded to include two new venues in Asheville, N.C., and Cedar City, Utah—which will compromise the inaugural Triple Crown of gravel. Each event will be roughly 138 miles, with plenty of rocks, gravel, water crossings, sand—and everything else that makes riding a bike really hard.

“As someone who appreciates fine eyewear—especially on the bike—I’m thrilled to collaborate with 100%,” said BWR Founder Michael Marckx. “The four styles in the classic BWR colors blend unmatched style with cutting edge technology to deliver a pair of shades that can take on any challenge—and look good doing it.”

For more information about 100% products and athletes, visit us online at 100Percent.com.


About 100%®:
100%, based in San Diego, California, is an independent premium sports brand with a focus in performance eyewear, technical apparel and sports protection. 100% empowers today’s most demanding athletes with the performance technologies and gear they need to compete at the top of a wide variety of sports.

100% is inspiring a new generation of athletes and asking them: “How much effort do you give?” The 100% brand boasts an impressive roster of athletes include seven-time Tour de France green jersey winner and three-time road cycling world champ Peter Sagan, reigning AMA Supercross champion Cooper Webb, three-time downhill mountain biking world champion Sam Hill, UCI cross-country mountain bike world and European champ Jolanda Neff, Brazilian ultra-running phenom Fernanda Maciel, four-time and reigning UCI downhill world champ Loïc Bruni, 2013 Ironman world champion Frederik Van Lierde, 2019 MLB rookie of the year Pete Alonso and San Diego Padres star shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. www.100percent.com.

BWR Triple Crown races:
The Hook: Ashville, N.C. (August 30, 2020)
The Claw: Cedar City, Utah (Oct. 17, 2020)
The Lion: San Diego, Calif. (Nov. 8, 2020)

For more information on all three events, go to belgianwaffleride.bike.

• Buy other 100% cycling glasses here.

fizik Salutes Cycling’s Boldest Riders with 2020 Special Edition Range
Infinito R1 road shoes, Antares R1 solid saddle and Vento Microtex Tacky bar tape redesigned with a disruptive aesthetic for riders brave enough to take the lead.


fizik have launched the 2020 Special Edition range, offering some of their most popular products in a limited edition design. While everyone at fizik eagerly awaits the return to competition, they also share the cycling community’s instinct to celebrate racing’s great moments and characters – from our favorite classic battles to those yet to unfold.

Beneath their contrasting pattern, the special-edition Infinito R1 road shoes combine lightweight construction with responsive performance and ultra-stiff R1 outsole for instant power transfer while the Volume Control system finely tunes fit and feel. The Antares R1 solid saddle is engineered to maximize stability and comfort and is available in two bold colors. Together with the Vento Microtex Tacky bar tape, they complete the confident connection with the bike to give riders what they need to succeed in critical moments.


Giovanni Fogal, Product Manager from fizik said: “We feel that road cycling is about balance: constantly pursuing the highest equilibrium between effort and recovery. In racing, we see there are moments when one or more riders seek to unlock the right combination between risk and reward, break that balance and escape – sometimes merely animating the race, other times providing cycling with its most glorious, unforgettable moments. We wanted to honor those riders bold enough to disrupt the pace with the 2020 Special Edition – dedicated to the breakaway.”


Discover fizik’s 2020 Special Edition range, available now at fizik.com.

– Antares R1 2020 edition (available in black or white): €209, £184,99, $249,99
Available on Amazon here

– Infinito R1 2020 edition: €360, £329,99, $400
Available on Amazon here

– Vento Microtex Tacky Bartape 2020 edition: €37,90, £32,99, $29,99
Available on Amazon here


Strava Launches New Feature Focused on Discipline Over Speed


Strava has announced Local Legends – a new way for Strava athletes to compete on segments. For background, Local Legends focuses on celebrating grit, discipline, and passion, not an athlete’s speed. Becoming a Local Legend takes dedication, focus and a smart strategy.

● This new feature is based on the number of efforts on a segment instead of speed, where running and cycling the same route regularly earns subscribers the top position on the leaderboard.
● Local Legends is available to all Strava athletes, but only subscribers will see the full histogram leaderboard.
● Local Legends rewards the athlete with the highest number of efforts on a segment a “Laurel crown” and they become the Local Legend of the segment. They remain a Local Legend until someone else has more segment efforts.
● The new feature will be available for CA, CO, FL, IL, NJ, NY, TX subscribers starting today, and nationwide on July 15.


How Local Legends Works + More:
● Local Legends uses a rolling window competition model of 90 days.
○ In this mode, the achievement is given to the athlete who has the most segment efforts on a segment over the last 90 days. Efforts older than 90 days will be removed from the overall effort count.

● Why a rolling window?
○ This model gives more people an opportunity to stay competitive with the field.
○ You just have to show up to move up.
○ The number of efforts wins over speed.
○ The Laurel crown is always up for grabs.

● Local Legends has a different look than the typical Strava leaderboard.

● Rather than a list, Strava shows athletes where their number of efforts falls relative to the Local Legend on a histogram.
○ Athletes see how many efforts they have, so they know how many more are needed to win.

● Local Legends will activate like other Strava achievements:
○ You and other athletes can see Local Legends achievements on their activities in the feed, the activity details page and segment results section.

● There are over 17 million segments on Strava

More information at: https://www.strava.com.
• Buy the Strava Training Bible here

VeloAngle – A Smarter Tool for a Better Fit


Designed to help cyclists dial-in the perfect fit quickly and easily, VeloAngle directly measures the length and angle between two points faster and more accurately than conventional methods. A precision-crafted tool with digital readout, VeloAngle also allows for duplication of features like saddle and handlebar position from one bike to another using the same point on both bikes.


For added ease of use and versatility, VeloAngle can use any location along the saddle as a reference with equal accuracy. To maximize VeloAngle’s utility, VeloAngle has a web-based app that documents all measurements, component descriptions, and provides a visual comparison of the saddle, handlebar and bottom bracket locations on any number of saved sessions.


VeloAngle is available in two models: Pro ($309) and Enthusiast ($239).
More details at veloangle.com.

The Sufferfest Introduces 20 New Training Plans

sf wahoo

The Sufferfest/Wahoo Fitness Sports Science Division, led by coaches Mac Cassin and Neal Henderson, created a suite of 20 new training plans for road, gravel, mountain biking, off-road triathlon (XTerra) and eSports. These plans augment the extensive library of training plans already available as part of a subscription to The Sufferfest. Many of the plans are designed to seamlessly integrate with The Sufferfest Strength Training for Cyclists program and are tailored to an athlete’s Four-Dimensional Power (4DP®).

To accommodate athletes who want to focus on improving a particular energy system, the new plans include a series of 4-week short block plans to target FTP, Maximal Aerobic Power, and Anaerobic Capacity / Neuromuscular Power. These plans are intended to be completed after a 4-week Base and 4-week Tempo plan, which are also new additions to the library.

Plans include:
● 14-Day Free Trial Plan
● MTB – In Season (accommodates races during the plan)
● MTB – In Season – Strength Integrated (accommodates races during the plan)
● Time Trial Plans – Strength Integrated
● Criterium Plans – In Season (accommodates races during the plan)
● Mountainous Gran Fondo Plans – Strength Integrated
● Century Plans – Strength Integrated
● Metric Century Plans – Strength Integrated
● eSport Plans – Strength Integrated
● Gravel Plans – Strength Integrated
● Base – Short Block Training Plans
● Tempo – Short Block Training Plans
● FTP – Short Block Training Plans
● MAP – Short Block Training Plans
● AC/NM – Short Block Training Plans
● Off-Road Tri (XTerra)
● Off-Road Tri (XTerra), Designed for Strength
● Plan Add-ons: Allows Yoga / strength training to be applied independent to your cycling plan.
○ 3:1 Yoga Add-on plans (for plans with a 3 week on / 1 week off structure)
○ 2:1 Yoga Add-on plans (for plans with a 2 week on / 1 week off structure)
○ Taper Strength Add-on plans

sf wahoo

These new plans can also serve as a framework for one of our Basic or Advanced Customized Training Plans, which start at US$139 and come with a money-back guarantee. For additional information on Customized Plans, see https://thesufferfest.com/pages/customised-suf-training-plans.

• See the Wahoo Element Bolt cyclcomputer here

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