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Gear Break: Castelli Perfetto, Route Werks, Strava, SCOTT, MET, Rapha & Mavic

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Gear Break: More new gear in the cycling market place: Castelli Perfetto ROS Convertible Jacket, Route Werks Launches ‘The Handlebar Bag’ on Kickstarter, Castelli with Strava challenges you to cycle the Paris-Roubaix distance of 259km over two weeks, SCOTT: The All-New Plasma 6 tri bike, MET Mobilite Mips helmets, Rapha GORE-TEX Classic Winter Jacket and the new Mavic.

Castelli Perfetto ROS Convertible Jacket – $420
PEZ SEz: Options.  This one is perfect – or should I say “perfetto” for the guy who likes options.  Removeable sleeves, virtually rain proof, wind proof, warmth, storage – all sewn together into one jacket that’s light enough to be considered a jersey.

castelli perfetto

It’s the right time of year for outer wear that keeps the elements out, which is pretty much what the Gore-Tex Infinium material used by Castelli here does.  This material keeps the wind out, keeps out light rain (although your version of light might vary from mine), and keeps you warm because it’s also insulated.

Most of us will know Gore-Tex as the material who’s membrane allows sweat vapor out, but keeps water drops from getting in.  That’s because (and I quote from the GoreTex website):

The membrane technology in GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ WINDSTOPPER® products has billions of pores that are 900 times larger than water vapor molecules, so even though wind can’t get in, moisture from sweat vapor can easily get out.

The outer layer is treated with a durable water repellent that makes water bead up and run off.  I took this pic below on a recent rainy day to illustrate.

The overall cut of the jacket is designed for serious riders – sleek and slim fitting – there’s no extra material to flap in the wind like those old fashioned “rain jackets” we used to consider acceptable.  The collar is high, and the full zip is hidden behind a flap to further block out the wind.  And if it gets too toasty inside, the two zippered vents on the side panels allow fresh air in, and steamy air out.

The “convertible” part of the name comes from the removable sleeves that simply zip off just around the elbow – turning the jacket into a short sleeved jersey, not unlike Castelli’s famous Gabba.  In fact, comparing pages on Castelli’s website reveals this is basically a Gabba with removable sleeves.  …Options.

The protection continues with taped seams along the shoulders to ensure no water gets in…Around back you’ll find two deep pockets to hold all you’ll need for a long training day, including a handy sleeve to hold your mini pump.

The Gabba has made Castelli famous in the pro ranks, when it was the first of its kind pro-level rain repelling jersey that still fit and performed like a jersey – so much so that riders from other teams began wearing them when the weather got really ugly.  It’s been in the Castelli line-up for a few years now, and this is the 4th generation of refinements.

I’ve worn it myself on many a crap day, and can attest to its effectiveness.  One sizing note is that unless you’re riding for a pro team, you’ll likely find these fit small, so you’ll want to order one size larger than usual.  You’ll be glad you did.

Get more info at Castelli-cycling.com

Route Werks Launches on Kickstarter
The Handlebar Bag reimagines the traditional cycling bag.


Route Werks, a new cycling and outdoor solutions company, recently launched their first product on Kickstarter on September 22. The launch was met with incredible enthusiasm, and The Handlebar Bag by Route Werks blew past its funding goal just hours after the campaign went live. With nearly 1000 pre-orders and over two weeks left to go, the team of passionate designers and cyclists at Route Werks continues to be amazed by the support of their growing community.

When you dig into the details, it’s easy to see why The Handlebar Bag is so unique. “There are a number of bar-mounted bags on the market already,” explains co-founder Justin Sirotin, “but all of them lack something critical.” The frequent riders on the team are very familiar with the shortcomings of bags available today: they are often difficult to access while riding, they rattle and shake throughout a ride, and many have bulky or awkward mounting solutions that take up valuable handlebar space, cramping hand positions and leaving little or no room for accessories like lights or bells.


The Route Werks team set out to reimagine the experience of the traditional bag. The Handlebar Bag by Route Werks easily integrates with phones, computers, GPS devices, and more through what they call a universal “Tech Mount” on the top of the bag. The Tech Mount supports the Quad Lock® mounting system as well as Bar Fly and K-Edge style adapters, allowing riders to use their existing accessories and easily purchase new ones as their needs change. A spring-loaded latch allows a rider to open the rigid top with one hand, providing instant access to bag contents even while riding. And to free up even more space on the handlebars, threaded accessory mounts on either side of the bag allow riders to mount accessories like bells and lights directly to the bag.

The Handlebar Bag is thoughtfully designed to hold all of the essentials for a great ride, from a commute to work to a weekend bike tour. With machined aluminum hardware throughout, riders can be confident that this bag will last for many years to come.


The Handlebar Bag
Planned MSRP: $179
Available on Kickstarter starting at $119

• Water resistant materials throughout
• 500d PU coated Cordura (exterior)
• Gridded nylon ripstop (interior)
• Polycarbonate (lid)
• Machined aluminum (all hardware)

• Dimensions: 145mm x 235mm x 153mm / 5.8in x 9.3in x 6in
• Volume: 3.2L
• Max carry weight: 4kg / 9lbs
• Weight (bag + mount): 684g / 1.5lbs
• Bike mount: fits 31.8mm diameter handlebars (down to 25.4mm handlebars with adapters)

Access & Organization:
• Opens away from rider with spring-loaded latch
• Two external pockets, expandable
• Three snap-close internal pockets, one zipper pouch with water resistant zipper
• Shock-cord on top and bottom for extra layers, etc.
• Stiffeners provide shaping even while empty

Tech Integration:
• Tech Mount supports Bar Fly, K-Edge, and Quad Lock adapters

• Easy on/off lever to remove bag in one motion
• Included lightweight shoulder strap for when bag is not on bike
• Check us out at RouteWerks.us

STRAVA – Ready to go the full RBX distance?

Here’s your chance to go the distance and get the badge. Not as nice as getting the cobble trophy, but this one nets you 25% off at Castelli-cycling.com and a chance to win an Alpha RoS Jacket.

castelli roubaix

Kicking off Monday 19 October, Castelli challenges you to cycle the Paris-Roubaix distance of 259km over two weeks. Complete the challenge to earn a 25% discount at castelli-cycling.com, your Castelli Paris-Roubaix digital badge plus a chance to win the awesome Alpha RoS Jacket.

Don’t forget to join the Castelli ‘Squadra Corse’ Strava club, and share your rides on Instagram, tagging @CastelliCycling and #CastelliRBXChallenge for more opportunities to win.


Cutting edge aerodynamics, a huge range of positions and full integration make the Plasma 6 the best weapon to strive for Kona glory.


We had one goal in mind when we started this project 4 years ago – to simply build the fastest bike the triathlon world has ever seen. To develop the bike you want to have when you strive for Kona glory or to smash your previous bike split records. To make this possible our engineers came up with completely new ways to look at aerodynamics, cockpit adjustability and storage integration. The new Plasma 6 was specifically developed for the needs of triathletes and, in contrast to the Plasma 5, is not UCI compliant.

A moving rider creates a substantial influence on the airflow around the bike and ultimately on the aerodynamic performance. Despite the extra effort required to examine this complex phenomenon, the airflow of the moving rider was considered from day 1 to make it the fastest triathlon bike in real world conditions.


Aerodynamic features
Aerodynamics as a key objective is influenced substantially by the position of the back wheel. The closer the tire is to the seat tube the more aero it is. In contrast to the front end the back wheel is always aligned with the seat tube. To give every rider the chance to ride the most aerodynamic position no matter the wheel or tire choice, you have 6 different wheel mount positions.

Sebastian Kienle provided constant feedback throughout the whole development process

Down tube position
The most aerodynamic optimized position of the down tube would be exactly behind the front tire, but the slightest movement of the front wheel creates strong turbulence and significantly increases the drag. Extensive testing revealed that the second fastest position is to have a significant gap between the front tire and the down tube, which makes it then the fastest one in real world conditions.

Windtunnel testing with Alistair Brownlee to enhance aerodynamic features

Storage integration
The Plasma 5 was ahead of its competitors when it came to storage integration. The new Plasma 6 reaches an even higher level. Hydration, nutrition and storage integration have been considered as a cornerstone of the design from the first day. The hydration and nutrition systems, integrated into the frame and cockpit, allow the rider to drink and eat without leaving the aero position, plus it is easy to refill on the fly. Storage box and seatpost are designed as a unique airfoil, while also serving as an excellent spot for spare parts.


“The integration of the hydration system, bottle and spares is a huge improvement. It’s both more practical and aerodynamic. It’s also considerably more adjustable than the Plasma 5 which means I could try new positions. All of this showed as saved watts from the wind tunnel data” 2x Olympic Champion Alistair Brownlee concludes.


“The Plasma 6 is made for the needs of triathletes with no compromises when it comes to nutrition or storage. Being able to stay on the aero bars during fueling makes the system even faster. On top it‘s easier to travel with, it has a huge range of adjustment, it brakes far better and it‘s stiffer. In short, yes it is faster!” Sebastian Kienle – 2014 Ironman World Champion.


Both the pedaling efficiency and aerodynamic performance hugely depend on the riding position of the rider. Our Syncros engineers focused on creating a complete system of base bars, extensions and saddle positioning to allow for a huge range of adjustability, perfectly matching the unique needs of each rider from Sebastian Kienle racing Ironman Kona to age groupers facing into their first 70.3.


The All-New Plasma will be available in 2 different tri focussed specs and one frame set in stores by early December 2020: Plasma 6 Premium (14.999 Euro), Plasma 6 RC (8.999 Euro), Plasma 6 Frame set (6.999 Euro).

The MET Mobilite Mips – For Everyday Life!

Complementing urban appeal with functional design the new MET Mobilite Mips offers multiple features, among them; an integrated rear light and L/XL size. The perfect companion for urban biking and e-biking.


At MET we take safety very seriously, all the production batches of the Mobilite are strictly tested in our lab, leaving nothing to chance. Featuring the MIPS-C2® brain protection system, the Mobilite is able to slide relative to the head in the case of a crash, redirecting damaging rotational motion. MIPS is engineered to add at least 10% extra safety to the standard construction of helmets in case of certain impacts. The MIPS Brain Protection System (BPS) is attached inside the helmet, between the comfort padding and the EPS.


One of the hallmarks of the Mobilite Mips is its incredible comfort. The 360° head belt ensures that there will be no pressure points on the skull and thanks to its internal shape, it will go unnoticed on your head. The Safe-T Mid retention system can be micro-adjusted to achieve the perfect fit and has a soft padded neck support.


The MET Rear LED Light attaches tool-free to your helmet vent and provides a fixed and blinking light mode to keep you visible. It features 4 LED spotlights and has a battery life span up to 60 hours of use.


Magnetic Fidlock® Buckle
Thanks to the Fidlock® magnetic buckle, putting the helmet on and off has never be easier, making your stops in the city more enjoyable! The padded chin-strap ensures comfort and has a soft touch on the skin.


Insect Net
The anti-insect net is embedded into the front vents to protect you from unexpected bites.


MET Mobilite MIPS


MET Mobilite


Key Infos – MET Mobilite MIPS & MET Mobilite:
• MET Mobilite MIPS: 100€ | £90 | CAD$165 | AUS$170
• MET Mobilite: 70€ | £65 | CAD$110 | AUS$130

• Weight M/L size: 270g | 300g (MIPS Version)
• Sizes: S/M (52-57cm) | M/L (57-60cm) | L/XL (60-64cm)
• Certifications: Certifications CE; AS/NZS

• Extended head coverage, MIPS-C2® brain protection system available, Safe-T Mid Fit System with 360° head belt, MET Read LED Light (4 spotlights, 60h life), Fidlock® Magnetic buckle (on Mobilite MIPS), padded chin strap, anti-insect net, removable visor, reflective rear decals, 14 vents.


• Product page MET Mobilite MIPS at: www.met-helmets.com
• Product page MET Mobilite at: www.met-helmets.com/it/shop/urban-helmets/e-bike-helmets/mobilite/?mc_cid=74eb47a5b8&mc_eid=7c60789983
• Available now

Rapha’s Iconic Classic Winter Jacket Evolved in Partnership with GORE-TEX Brand
Designed for the toughest conditions, our most durable and versatile winter jacket, made with GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ WINDSTOPPER® technology.


Staying comfortable while riding in the cold is of the utmost importance. Rapha and the GORE-TEX have partnered for the second time to develop weatherproof cycling jackets, utilizing Gore’s most technically advanced windproof, water-resistant and breathable GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ WINDSTOPPER® fabric to keep riders comfortable in the cold without overheating, ensuring that every ride is an enjoyable one.

The successor to our original and definitive winter jacket, the Classic Winter Jacket returns with a raft of redesigned features that will help you enjoy winter rides rather than simply enduring them.


The evolved Classic Winter Jacket is designed for rides that begin and end in challenging conditions. It is made using a wind- and water-resistant, three-layer GORE-TEX fabric from the INFINIUM™ range that balances protection from the elements with excellent breathability and durability. Designed to be used in coldest of winter temperatures as part of a layering system, the jacket is fitted to allow space for a jersey and base layer beneath, while high-stretch storm cuffs form an airtight seal around gloves. An adjustable drawcord at the hem combines with a raised collar to keep warm air locked in. If the temperature or the pace picks up, chest zips allow for extra ventilation and double as easy access pockets for small essentials. The women’s style features a two-way full-length zipper to aid airflow and a side front pocket for on-the-go storage. The jacket’s armband, shoulders and pockets all feature reflective trims for improved visibility while two easy-access rear pockets provide space for ride fuel to keep you riding through the freeze.


Midweight, three-layer fabric with a durable face fabric and micro brush backer balances breathability with superb protection from wind and road spray.

Chest Vents (Men’s Style)
Dual Aquaguard chest zips provide precise temperature regulation with added ventilation and double as storage for smaller items like cards and keys.

Storm Cuffs
Elasticated cuffs form an airtight seal with winter gloves to keep hands warmer and eliminate cold drafts.

Easy Access Rear Pockets
Two larger external back pockets rather than the usual three for easy access when wearing winter gloves.

360° Reflectivity
Stand out in the dark with reflective elements on the shoulders, armband, chest pockets and rear panel. Men’s style is available in Black, Brown and Bright Orange and Women’s in Bright Orange and Dark Navy.


• Price: $150
• More info at: rapha.cc/stories/rapha-classic-gore-tex

Mavic: Backstage like you’ve never seen it – Cosmic SLR 45 Disc
The world’s cycling press received an email from Mavic this week with some more news on their relaunch of their new disc road wheels:

“We’ve never shown so much about our production and creation process even if we have a lot. But today I’m pleased to share with you this 1’30 movie of the craftmanship involved to create our new Cosmic SLR 45 Disc.

“We’re beginning a process of not only developing our Carbon wheels in our Annecy France HQ carbon lab but we’re planning to relocate a part of this production in-house too. This is a big step to enhance again our production control and implement all the changes we’re applying these days to build a NEW Mavic company. The process is on. The will is high. Let’s move forward.”

Here is the Cosmic SLR 45 D page on our website too.

#pionneeringinstinct #maviccosmic

Stay tuned as we’ll show more in the near future.

Note: PezCyclingNews ask that you contact the manufacturers before using any products you see here. Only the manufacturer can provide accurate and complete information on proper / safe use, handling, maintenance and or installation of products as well as any conditional information or product limitations.


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