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Gear Break: Jerseys, Punctures and Indoor Training!

Gear Break: Yet more exciting kit to keep you keen during these hours of ‘lock down’. GORE are looking forward to a hot summer with the mesh C7 jersey. Elite releases the JET water bottle for inside or out. INSCYD launches the power-performance decoder. Slime has an all-in-one tube repair kit. Train with Bardiani CSF Faizanè, powered by Selfloops and the new revised edition of the ‘Mountains: Epic Cycling Climbs’ book. Another great selection.

GORE C7 Pro Jersey – $149.99
gore c7

Introduced last year, the C7 Pro jersey is GORE’s top-of-the-line range (the C7 level being “Expert Products for sport specific use). But this isn’t just any “ordinary” jersey. What sets the C7 Pro jersey apart from the crowd:

● Mesh side panels, underarm panels, and back section for venting and moisture management
● Two smaller pockets on both sides of the jersey

Otherwise, the C7 Pro jersey is a lot like what you would expect:

● Full-zip — but instead of a wrap-around silicone gripper, the inside of the “tail” of the jersey has a wide-ish silicone gripper panel
● Three amply-sized rear pockets plus a zippered side-entry pocket to hold stuff you don’t want to lose, e.g., ID, credit card, keys

According to GORE: “The jersey is made for road, XC and trail rides on hot days.”

gore c7

Chuck Peña, PEZ clothing tester: “If there’s such a thing as a do-it-all jersey, the GORE C7 Pro jersey might must be that. The fit through the torso hugs my ectomorph build in near race fit. But the sleeves aren’t race aero long and are slightly looser to give a little more ease of movement — more like what you would expect for off-road/gravel riding. Another indicator that this isn’t a full-on race jersey is the higher mock turtle collar. If you’re doing ultra-distance or adventure riding where it could be a while before you find a convenience store, the two side pockets are a nice addition for carrying extra energy bars/gel. I found the best way to access was them was to reach across my chest (left hand to right pocket and vice versa). But what really makes this jersey unique is the venting. Even just standing still with a breeze blowing, you could feel the ‘air conditioning’ effect. This is definitely not a cool weather jersey. It will be interesting to see (feel?) if even in murdered-out black, the venting makes this a ‘cool’ jersey on hot summer days. Given the current COVID-19 situation with a lot of riders either forced or choosing to do indoor training, the GORE C7 Pro jersey might also be a good choice to help stay cooler and drier on indoor rides.”

gore c7

More info on the GORE C7 Pro jersey at: www.gorewear.com

Elite Cycling Releases the JET Water Bottle
elite jet

Elite Cycling (long-time makers of the World’s lightest cycling water bottles) proudly releases the JET — a new water bottle made of biodegradable plastic material, that maintains the impeccable performance Elite is known for.

Biodegradable Material
The JET is manufactured with an innovative plastic material treated with a special additive, making it possible to lower the time it takes for the bottle to decompose when entering the regular industrial composting cycles.

Thanks to this additive, the microorganisms responsible for the biodegradation of materials attack the polymeric chain of the plastic, thus significantly reducing the time it takes for the bottle to degrade (3 months – 5 years). This is something that regular plastic products can’t do (general estimation is 100 – 1000 years for decomposition).

Max Performance
The JET includes the innovative Elite cap also included in the FLY bottle, which is characterized by an ergonomic design and made in multi-materials. The soft, odorless and tasteless push-pull nozzle ensures abundant and easy liquid flow, which is key for competitive purposes; as it’s very easy to open and close in the midst of a race. The cap is quick to unscrew (ideal for easier cleaning and/or refills) and has a snap-fit safety opening to dampen any accidental collision should it come into contact with wheels.

Ergonomic Design
The JET’s structure is distinguished by a new sophisticated sporty design, with the innovative cap with push-pull nozzle in thermoplastic rubber and a bottle body contoured with a smaller diameter. Therefore handling it is easier under any circumstance; removing it from the bottle cage is also quicker, and undoubtedly more stable. The standard 74 mm diameter of the JET ensures it can be used with all the commercially available bottle cages.

elite jet

The rubber valve of the bottle boasts an innovative odorless technology, designed to effectively prevent any smell or altered taste of the bottle and the liquid inside. Elite has always been synonymous with research and cutting-edge materials used to manufacture its products, therefore the JET contains no substances that are hazardous to human health (BPA free).

Available in three sizes (550, 750 and 950 ml) and 4 colors, the JET combines the best in quality and performance (such as lightness, abundant liquid flow and tasteless nozzle), all the while integrating the use of biodegradable plastic material to lessen the environmental impact of the bottle.

More information about the JET and Elite’s entire product line can be found at www.elite-it.com.

• Buy one at Amazon here.

The Wait is Over! INSCYD Launches the Power-Performance Decoder

Key facts about Power-Performance Decoder
● Accuracy – Analyses show the same divergence as using lab devices. For VO2max, this means better than 2.5%.
● VLamax – Determine the glycolytic performance without a lab.
● 360-degree physiological assessment – Athletes get a complete profile without visiting a lab.
● Test Remotely – For the first time ever, coaches don’t have to be with their athletes for performance testing.
● Complete substitute for lab and field tests. The best part? PPD is as accurate as INSCYD lactate tests.
● Virtual Laboratory – Run data anywhere/anytime. Using INSCYD, you have complete control of the process.

A Revolution of Performance Diagnostics
When it comes to performance parameters, field tests (until now) have been of very limited use. Labs tests were needed to capture VO2max, VLamax, and possibly fat and carb combustion. Lab testing is expensive and imperfect. Field testing is restricted to determining the respective athlete’s FTP or threshold. Analysis of your athletes’ has now changed. Get the best of both lab and field testing with Power-Performance Decoder (PPD).

Remote testing. Results within minutes
PPD allows coaches to test athletes remotely – inside or outside. Athletes test on their time, as part of their typical training schedule. The athlete follows a test protocol, which is easy to execute – performed indoor on a trainer, or outside, on roads they know. Data is sent back to the coach, and evaluation takes minutes within INSCYD. After the coach performs the analysis, a meeting is scheduled with the athlete to review the test results.

The first software to combine field and lab data
PPD changes the game!
PPD is the first and only tool on the market to combine lab and field data. Eliminate the need to send athletes to a lab for limited data, and the struggle correlating it back to the real world. Stop relying on power duration curves and other estimates based on FTP.

By merging field and lab data, INSCYD’s PPD enables coaches to see how all data works together and why human performance needs to be looked at as one unit – not individual tests and data points. See how it works, below…

van der poel zwift

Thoroughly tested by pro teams and coaches
Validated by over 150 studies, INSCYD’s PPD is used by world championship cyclists and triathletes around the world. In the past few months, PPD has been used and thoroughly tested by Team CCC, SEG Racing as well as many WorldTour coaches and coaching businesses. During this time, PPD has been evaluated in direct comparison to lactate and lab testing. This evaluation has proven and ensured top-level accuracy of PPD compared to lactate and gas exchange testing.

PPD provides the following data:
● VO2max
● VLamax
● Lactate production and combustion
● Fat/Carb combustion
● Threshold

This data profile allows coaches to measure and quantify the respective athlete’s unique characteristics and create a customized training plan to improve race performances and help athletes reach their potential.

PPD works on ZWIFT
inscyd zwift
INSCYD clients have instructions to begin using PPD on ZWIFT.

More info at: www.inscyd.com.

Slime: All in One Bicycle Tube Repair with Tire Tackle: Bike Tube Repair and Maintenance Kit
slime kit

Slime, the nation’s leader in tire sealant and repair technology, is pleased to announce the introduction of Tire Tackle – an All-In-One Bicycle Tube Repair & Maintenance Kit.

Slime’s Tire Tackle contains everything a biker needs to repair a flat, from popping off and removing your bicycle tire, to quickly scuffing up and patching your tube with the included repair SKABS, to helping you maintain your bicycle tires with the included mini pencil gauge for checking air pressure on Schrader valves, and to replacing worn parts with replacement valve cores, and replacement valve caps.

Best of all, the kit comes packed in a compact, sturdy case that fits in your bike bag so you can maintain at home or repair on the go. It’s the perfect addition to a road or mountain biker’s kit.

“We wanted to make flat bicycle tire repair quick and simple on the go,” said Chad Ellman, Marketing Manager. “The Bike Tube Repair & Maintenance Kit has all the essentials you need to easily repair your bicycle tube.”

Tire Tackle’s 33-piece kit contains:
• 2 extra-strong tire levers
• Valve core keychain tool for both Presta and Schrader valves
• Pencil gauge for Schrader valves (10-50 psi)
• 20-1″ SKABS
• Metal scuffer
• 4 replacement valve cores
• 4 standard black valve caps

• More info at: slime.com.

• Buy it at Amazon here and www.walmart.com.

Bardiani CSF Faizanè: The Training with the Pro, Powered by Selfloops

On April 28th at 7.00 pm Italian time, the Pro Cyclist Marco Benfatto, will give a live streaming class on Selfloops Streams open to all the amateur riders. The innovative platform gives the chance to the trainers to broadcast live during their training session, showing live data both of the trainers and of the participants.

In these lockdown weeks many virtual competitions are taking place. But for Pro riders and amateur cyclist it is very important to maintain a good condition with indoor trainings to be ready at the end of this period to be back on the roads. For this reason the Bardiani CSF Faizanè team, in collaboration with the training platform Selfloops, decided to organize a live training session leaded by Marco Benfatto.

The meeting has been scheduled for the next Tuesday, on April 28th at 7.00 pm Italian Time. Training will take place on the innovative Selfloops Streams platform, a new service that give the chance to the athletes to broadcast live video and training data in streaming. All the participants will have the chance to share their heart rate and to view their data live during the event.

The participation to the event is totally FREE, to participate is necessary to send an e-mail to [email protected] to receive instructions. To take part to the session it is necessary a bike, home-trainers and the cardio.

The event will be the first one of a series of events organized by Selfloops.


Selfloops, About Us.
Selfloops is an advanced platform for coaches and athletes that are serious about sport performance. Selfloops is used by pro athletes, pro teams and clubs and gyms in 46 countries around the world. Selfloops is a partner of the Italian Cycling Federation and of the Bardiani CSF Faizanè pro cycling team. You can only improve what you measure!

Behind the scenes: A short film about Mountains: Epic Cycling Climbs

NEW Revised and Expanded edition available now!

With 32 additional pages, 14 new climbs and new essays by riders from over the years, the revised Mountains: Epic Cycling Climbs, brings together the best of my mountains photography into a luxury coffee table book.

Grab a little escapism and take a look at the short film we shot when putting together the book, photographing the mythical Mont Ventoux. Film courtesy of John Ingle.

Signed copies shipping now, £35


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