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Gear Break – Discounts and Innovations

Gear Break: This week’s ‘Gear Break’ mixes beauty from Officina Battaglin with a discount on G4 bib-Shorts and tights. Chasing them are the new Campagnolo Bora WTO 33 multi-purpose wheels, Wahoo announces ANGi crash sensor integration with ELEMNT GPS computers, essential winter headgear by Giordana and the special edition bourbon titanium kit by Silca. Something for everyone.

Officina Battaglin Launches a Disc-Brake Version for their Flagship Steel Frame
The Officina Battaglin Portofino finally gets rotors

Officina Battaglin, the brand founded by the 1981 Giro-Vuelta winner Giovanni Battaglin, has launched a disc-brake version for their flagship steel frame, the Portofino. Introduced in 2017, the Portofino is the first steel frame in the world with oversized lugs designed to fit the oversized Columbus HSS tubing and the tapered steerer.

The proprietary oversized lugs have been designed for maximum comfort in the saddle and homage the Italian tradition while preserving the contemporary aesthetics of Columbus Spirit HSS. After a successful debut as a rim brake frame, the Portofino is now available also with disc brakes.

“The disc-brake version of the Portofino was something that many people were waiting for,” said Giovanni Battaglin. “Even if it’s built with lugs like the Italian frames I raced in my career, it’s a modern frame. Disc brakes were a natural progression.”

The Portofino Disc required some changes to the original project in order to guarantee the ride quality that makes the Portofino a comfortable but responsive bike. Specifically, the Portofino Disc features a TIG-welded bottom bracket shell that adds torsional stiffness to the bottom bracket area. “With longer chainstays designed to fit rotors, we had to find a way to avoid power loss. A TIG-welded bottom bracket shell ensures that the joints in the bottom bracket area are very strong and stiff. This solution compensates the extra length of the chainstays.”

Only 70 pieces available in 2020 with capped annual production
“We want to focus our efforts on building a personal relationship with each of the Battaglin owners,” said Alex Battaglin, Giovanni’s son and Officina Battaglin’s CEO. “A custom frame is a process very different from buying an off-the-rack bike. Taking the time to listen to our customers’ needs and desires is the only way to create something special. For this reason, we’ve decided to cap the annual production to not more than 70 custom Portofino frames or bikes.” In 2020, only 70 Portofino pieces will be produced. Each Portofino will feature a numbered plate brazed to the top tube that will make the custom frame even more unique.

Custom size experience
Like every frame at Officina Battaglin, each Portofino is custom-made in Italy inside the Battaglin workshop. The construction starts after Giovanni Battaglin in person has designed the ideal frame geometry for the cyclist’s body measurements and riding style.

Custom finishing options
Like the Portofino launched in 2019, the Portofino Disc will be available with a cromovelato finish that is fully customizable. Cromovelato is an Italian finish typical of the bikes from the 80s that creates a translucent color over a chrome-plated steel frame. It is achieved by polishing the frame to a mirror shine before the chrome-plating process, and then painting the chrome with colored lacquer. The final result is a colored mirror-like effect like no other paint. With the Portofino Disc, the owner will be able to personalize the frame with their favorite cromovelato colors, creating a truly one-of-a-kind custom steel bike.

Pricing and availability
The Portofino is only available through Officina Battaglin.

The price for a disc-brake Portofino frame is €3600, and it includes:
● custom steel frame built to the owner’s measurements in the Battaglin workshop
● carbon fork
● custom colors or custom cromovelato finishing
● individually numbered plate
● Certificate of Authenticity

To learn more about the Portofino and receive a FREE video presentation of the building process, visit: officinabattaglin.com/products/custom-steel-bikes/portofino/

30€ Discount on G4 Classics Bib-Shorts and Tights!

Compression bib-shorts and tights are our masterpieces, timeless product from G4, the best sellers and yet one of the most technical products of a cycling outfit.

It is definitely much more than a must-have…..

Enjoy 30€ discount on unique bib-shorts and tights.

One more week before the end of the sales!

Available for men and women!

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Campagnolo Bora WTO 33: the multi-purpose wheel
The family of carbon aero wheels is further enhanced with the 33 mm profile, available in both rim and disc brake versions and designed to appeal to a broader customer base.

Bora wheels have been a market benchmark for top-end wheels since their introduction in 1998; after more than twenty years of innovation they are today taken to an even higher performance level. Following the success of the WTO (Wind Tunnel Optimized) line, the new Bora WTO 33 have been studied to offer yet another profile in addition to the existing 45, 60 and 77. Each component of this wheel has been optimized in the wind tunnel in order to improve its aerodynamic performance.

It therefore delivers multiple benefits that can be noted on different routes, from the most demanding of sprints to relaunching after a bend, while still ensuring efficiency on the flat and now also suitable for the hardest uphill finishes!

It is a turning point in the all-rounder segment: a truly multi-purpose wheel. This new product was given its initial trial testing by the pros on the UAE Team Emirates during the recent training camp in Spain and received some very positive feedback from the cyclists. “This profile is a further option when we have to adapt to the different kinds of terrain we tackle over a season. I pedaled for a good many kilometers on it and have to say that it is a really versatile wheel,” says Marco Marcato, ready for his debut in the Tour Down Under. “Its lighter weight is yet further added value and I can’t wait to try it out in a race, too!”

The new configuration brings some tangible advantages: wind tunnel testing carried out during the development stage gave extremely significant results for a low profile wheel. Compared to a wheel that is not wind tunnel optimized, this one gives an aerodynamic advantage of 7.5 watts at 45 km/h.

Bora WTO 33 wheels have the same USB ceramic bearings, guaranteeing legendary Campagnolo smoothness, and the traditional G3 spoke pattern, optimized thanks to the use of specially developed elliptical cross-section elements.

Modern studies confirm that tubeless is the best choice for rolling resistance, yet another reason for appreciating the 2-Way Fit technology that enables perfect compatibility with both tubeless tires or clinchers. The 19 mm internal rim width is studied to give the best performance with 25mm tread tires and it also compatible with the classic 23 mm options or the more comfortable 28 mm versions.

The Bora WTO 33 are available in a DB version in the Dark colorway, while the rim version also offers the more traditional Bright option at 2160 euros.

Product Specifications
Rim brake

Weight: 1395 g
Discipline: Road
ASTM Category: 1
Height: 33 mm
Class: C19
Tire Type: Clincher, tubeless, tubeless ready
Rim Finish: UD carbon fiber (unpainted)
Rim Diameter: 28” – 700C
Tire Compatibility: 23mm, 25mm, 28mm
External Width: 36.5mm
● Spokes: 18 front / 21 rear / G3 spoke pattern bladed 2-1.6 – aero elliptical cross-section, straight head
Nipple: aluminum, black, self-locking
Weight Limit: 120 kg (cyclist+bike)
PRICE: € 2,160

Disc Brake
Weight: 1485 g
Discipline: Road
ASTM Category: 2
Height: 33 mm
Class: C19
Tire Type: Clincher, tubeless, tubeless ready
Rim Finish: UD carbon fiber (unpainted)
Rim Diameter: 28” – 700C
Tire Compatibility: 23mm, 25mm, 28mm Up to 33 mm – for cyclocross
External Width: 26.1mm
Spokes: 24 – G3 spoke pattern bladed 2-1.6 – aero elliptical cross-section, straight head
Nipples: aluminum, black, self-locking
Weight Limit: 120 kg (cyclist+bike)
PRICE: € 2,160

More information at: https://www.campagnolo.com/WW/en/CampyWorld/Products/bora_wto_33_the_multipurpose_wheel

Wahoo Announces ANGi Crash Sensor Integration with ELEMNT GPS Bike Computers
The top tech-fitness company partners with Specialized to add ANGi crash sensor compatibility to popular GPS bike computers.

Above ANGi alert visualized on ELEMNT ROAM’s color screen

Wahoo Fitness, the global leader in GPS cycling computers and smart training products, today announced a new update to the ELEMNT firmware. The update will enable users to link any ELEMNT GPS Bike Computer (the original ELEMNT, ELEMNT BOLT, and ELEMNT ROAM) to Specialized ANGi Sensors and helmets equipped with ANGi Sensors. This latest update to ELEMNT GPS Bike Computers keeps a focus on safety through connectivity, and is part of a broader effort to improve safety by continuously improving live tracking technologies.

ANGi, Specialized’s patented helmet-mounted sensor, measures the forces transmitted to a helmet during a crash — both an impact with the ground and the harmful rotational forces that can occur during crashes whether or not a helmet actually impacts the ground. ANGi pairs to the Specialized Ride App, which tracks your ride, allowing your emergency contacts to follow your ride in real time, and sends them alerts in the event a crash is detected.

“When I crashed and suffered a concussion while racing Tirreno-Adriatico, there was a race doctor and medical support following closely behind the peloton. But when I’m at home in Vermont or riding gravel in remote locations, help of any kind can be further away. My ANGi helmet provides me reassurances that if something goes wrong, I’m not alone. It brings peace of mind to my wife and I every time I head to ride. With this new ELEMNT integration, my ANGi helmet is even easier to use,” said Ian Boswell, who joined Wahoo as a full time employee this winter and will represent the brand at a variety of gravel events.

To use ANGi with an ELEMNT GPS Bike Computer, riders simply open the Specialized Ride App and pair both their ANGi Sensor and ELEMNT GPS Bike Computer. Once paired, the Ride App will send any crash detection notifications to the ELEMNT where a rider can dismiss accidental alarms. If the alarm is not dismissed, the Ride App will notify the rider’s emergency contacts of a crash. “With multiple platforms offering different functions for users, cycling computers need to work with as many other devices and apps as possible,” said Megan Powers, Cycling Product Manager for Wahoo Fitness. “We want our products to remove barriers to performance and safety, and that’s what these key updates aim to do.”

With this update, two leaders in innovation, Wahoo and Specialized, have come together to offer this most recent update for the ELEMNT GPS Bike Computers. Other recent updates to ELEMNT include an integration with ANT+ Radar, and the newly added TrainerRoad Outdoor Workouts, and Relive app pairing.

Release Timeline: This feature will be available for iOS users on January 20th, 2020. Users will need to update their ELEMNT Companion App and Specialized Ride App in order to use this feature. Android users will have access to this feature soon thereafter.

Learn more about Wahoo’s full line of products at www.wahoofitness.com.

Giordana – Essential Headgear
Earcover. Thermal Neck Gaiter. Skull Cap.
Don’t compromise on these key items for winter weather riding

Super Roubaix Lyte Headgear
Headgear is an essential component of proper temperature regulation in winter riding conditions. Our thermal headgear pieces are constructed with Super Roubaix Lyte fabric, providing warmth in a minimal design construction that fits perfectly under your helmet. Versatile essentials for fall/winter riding to keep the chill at bay. All made in Italy.

Seasonal Styles

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SILCA – It’s Time to Belly Up to this Bar…

What is it?
Inspired by Chris King, we are offering a special edition Bourbon Titanium Kit. Produced in a very small batch, this kit includes two SICURO Ti Bottle Cages and two Titanium Straws anodized in the rich, bourbon color. Each SICURO Ti cage is hand-made in the USA at our Indianapolis, IN headquarters using custom manufacturing processes and a state of the art laser welder, the first of its kind in the bicycle industry. Made from aerospace-grade titanium tubing, these cages feature unique slotted mounting eyelets which allow fore/aft adjustability on the bike. Actual bourbon is not included.

Who’s it for?
The uncompromising cyclist that wants the very best in bottle security, lightweight materials, and longevity with the classic look provided by a titanium bottle cage and is sustainability-focused. Each Bourbon Bottle cage has a Titanium Straw produced from its cage production.

The Cage Specifications:
● Seamless 3-2.5 titanium tubing
● Extended adjustment mounting – up to 16mm fore/aft
● Low-profile 6-4 titanium mounting screws (1.5 grams each)
● Weight – 29 grams w/o screws
● SILCA Shield Warranty included covering your cage for 25 years!

The Straw Specifications:
● 6.35mm Diameter 3/2.5 Titanium tubing
● One straight 8.5″ + One bent 8.5″ Titanium Straw
● Dishwasher Safe
● Avoid using abrasive cleaning pads
● Straws are ultrasonically cleaned in our factory, but it’s a factory… please wash them before using it!

The complete kit (two cages + two straws) can be yours for a special, small batch price: $175 per kit.


Note: PezCyclingNews ask that you contact the manufacturers before using any products you see here. Only the manufacturer can provide accurate and complete information on proper / safe use, handling, maintenance and or installation of products as well as any conditional information or product limitations.

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