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Gear Break: Hammerhead, Shimano Gravel Shoes, Endura Shorts, Floyd’s Hydration, Dynaplug x Chris King & ENDURO Bearings

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Gear Break: Hammerhead signs 2-year renewal deal with team Israel Start-up Nation, Shimano limited edition RX8 gravel race shoes, the new Endura Pro SL bibshort, Floyd’s of Leadville hydration fuel, Dynaplug x Chris King and smooth is fast and ENDURO bearings are both.

Hammerhead Signs 2-Year Renewal Deal with Team Israel Start-up Nation
Team Israel Startup Nation riders will ride with the Karoo 2 through 2023, continuing to inform product design and development.


Hammerhead Navigation, innovators of cycling technology and makers of the Karoo 2 cycling computer, announced a 2-year continued partnership with Team Israel Start-up Nation.

Supporting cycling greats, including Chris Froome, Hammerhead’s Karoo 2 and Heart Rate Monitor will aid in training and racing efforts for the full Israel Start-Up Nation team roster. In addition to supporting the team with hardware, Hammerhead will be working closely with Israel Start-Up Nation to improve upon existing features and develop new software technologies to benefit all riders.


During the 2021 race season, the team worked closely with Hammerhead software engineers to develop various new capabilities, including the Karoo 2’s notable Climber feature, allowing riders to see color-coded upcoming elevation changes that inform riding and racing decisions.


Chris Froome, Team Israel Start-up Nation:
“I am really happy to continue working with Hammerhead for the next two years. We, the Israel Start-Up Nation riders, have been working closely together with the Hammerhead team this past season in order to optimize the user experience of the Karoo 2. In fact, this is one of the ways it stands out from the rest of the market. Based on our feedback, Hammerhead has been able to implement our suggestions into the new software upgrades within weeks and roll it out to all the users worldwide.”


Mike Woods, Team Israel Start-up Nation:
“I have now raced with Hammerhead for an entire season and I couldn’t be happier with the device. From the clarity of the screen, to the countless quality features, including Climber – my personal favorite – Hammerhead has given me an extra edge in my competitions and in my training.”


Pieter Morgan, Founder, Hammerhead Navigation:
“Team Israel Start-Up Nation and its riders have been more than champions for us, they have been true partners. This past year we welcomed riders as advisory board members and investors. We collaborated to make software improvements that not only benefited these professional athletes, but all Karoo 2 users. We look forward to the next chapter of this relationship.”


Laurence Wattrus, Co-Founder & Head of Product:
“In the earliest days of Hammerhead we talked and dreamed about having our products at the highest level of the sport. After years of development and now our third product we finally had that opportunity and our partnership with Israel Start-Up Nation in 2021 helped us achieve that goal. We are not simply providing a bike computer for the team to race with, we are speaking to the individuals in the team, understanding their needs within the racing and training context and using this for product improvements. The Start-Up Nation team helps us have access to a proving ground where our products are subjected to some of the worst conditions and most intense scrutiny. Karoo 2 is constantly being improved and it requires a blend of pro-tested insights and learning from our diverse riders and their cycling needs. This ultimately means our customers get a more robust, well-designed, and capable piece of technology that can help them achieve any of their cycling ambitions.”


Ross McGraw, Head of Marketing, Hammerhead Navigation:
“It has been inspiring to work with Team Israel Start-Up Nation and we look forward to our continued partnership. This past year, the team has utilized Karoo 2 data in new innovative ways that continue to help our team grow. Additionally, team riders have put the Karoo 2 through the paces and have informed design and development of more than a dozen software improvements, all of which are now available to all Karoo 2 users.”

Shimano Limited Edition RX8 Gravel Race Shoes

With countless podium placings at gravel races around the globe, Shimano’s RX8 shoe has proven its racing pedigree time and time again. Now, these podium-seeking shoes are offered in two limited edition colorways inspired by the golden hour rides and rocky desert landscapes that we so often find ourselves immersed in during our favorite gravel adventures.

The new Bonze RX8 colorway is available as Shimano’s unisex offering while the women’s specific Yellow Gold RX8 option features a narrower fit for small to mid-sized feet.


“The inspiration for the new yellow gold colorway is drawn from my long-way-home golden hour commute option where gravel routes are abundant. The bronze is inspired by the vast red-rock desert landscapes that, when paired with long days in the saddle, are food for the soul.” Jessie Gascon, Shimano’s Lifestyle Gear Product Manager.


First introduced in 2019, the RX8 gravel race shoe blends the top features of Shimano’s premium mountain bike and road racing footwear for a perfect balance of pedaling performance and off-the-bike capability.


The RX8 is one of the lightest off-road shoes in Shimano’s line-up, weighing in at just 265 grams (size 42), providing valuable energy savings over the thousands of pedal strokes it takes to get through a long gravel race or all-day adventure ride.


The RX8 also features a heel stabilizer, toe protector, lightweight carbon composite sole with anti-slip pad in the cleat channel, a wide pedal contact block, and TPU lugs in the heel and toe for walking grip. Finally, the supple one-piece synthetic upper with perforated venting keeps the foot snugly in place while allowing airflow to keep things comfortable, even on hot summer rides.


The Bronze RX8 is available in sizes 38-46 while the women’s specific Yellow Gold RX8 is available in sizes 36-44.

More info at: bike.shimano.com

Shop Shimano RX Gravel Shoes at Amazon here

The New Endura Pro SL Bibshort
The Substance of Advantage

World Hour Records, Aero D2Z kit, sponsorship of Movistar, the #1 ranked team for many years…even kit so fast it has been banned by the UCI. These are all testaments to Endura’s commitment to road cycling.


Founded by committed TT racer Jim McFarlane and hailing from a solid engineering background, the Endura philosophy has always been based on “the substance of advantage.” Having stepped out of WorldTour sponsorship for now, partly in recognition that their innovation has been perhaps frustrated by regulation, they refocus on their rugged heritage in making no-nonsense kit for Hardcore Roadies like aero development iconoclast Graeme Obree, Endura’s Disrupter in Chief.

The novel concept of matching a bibshort pad to the rider’s body pressure points has been copied but not bettered. Endura’s mighty and game-changing Pro SL Bibshort which previously set a new standard in seat comfort, allowing you to ride harder longer has now been remastered to keep it ahead of the bunch.


With a more aggressive fit and continually evolving pad technology, it is perfectly suited to the sort of rider that favors an extra lap over an extra latte.

Fully overhauled for 2020, the new Pro SL Bibshort now boasts a ‘perfect fit’ with lumbar support and power straps as well as the award-winning multiple pad width feature. Made from high quality Italian power Lycra® fabric with Coldblack® technology dramatically reducing heat buildup and providing UPF50, this bibshort features an ergonomic, pre-shaped multi panel construction for an ideal fit in the road riding position. Available in 3 pad width options, the updated 700 series pad delivers unrivaled comfort. Finishing touches include the raw edge hem bands with inner silicone print and available long leg options (+4cm).


The women’s version features Endura’s unique DropSeat technology, providing a practical solution to the ‘comfort break’ problem with immediate access when you need it most. The DropSeat function provides a zipped access around the hips allowing you to take a hassle-free comfort break. It is positioned in such a way that it avoids body flex and is made with a stretch zipper – this means that you will barely notice it at all when riding.

PRO SL Bibshort Highlights:

  • Award-winning multiple pad-width technology (3 widths) with top-end 700 series pad
  • High quality Italian power Lycra® fabric with Coldblack® technology
  • UPF50
  • Enhanced Lumbar Support
  • Wide bib straps for comfort
  • raw hem with printed silicone grip
  • Women’s bibshorts featuring Dropseat
  • Available from Endura:
  • MSRP $194.99
  • Mens: www.endurasport.com
  • Shop Endura Bibs at Amazon here
  • Womens: www.endurasport.com/Women

Floyd’s of Leadville Hydration Fuel From $2.99
Amp up your hydration before, during, and after your workout. Floyd’s Hydration Fuel is formulated with 5mg of CBD, 30 grams of complex, non-GMO carbohydrates, 3 grams of BCAA, and an electrolyte blend to help replace the water lost when you sweat.


Up Your Hydration Game
Optimizing your performance begins and ends with hydration. Specially designed for workouts where water alone won’t cut it, Floyd’s of Leadville Hydration Fuel contains THC-free CBD isolate and other essential ingredients designed to help you reach your peak potential.


Each serving of Floyd’s of Leadville Hydration Fuel contains 5mg of THC-free CBD isolate, 30 grams of complex, non-GMO carbohydrates, and 3 grams of BCAAs in addition to an electrolyte blend to replace the nutrients lost through sweat.

For best results take our Hydration Fuel 30 minutes prior to your activity as well as during exercise. To replace depleted nutrients, take after exercise.



  • 50mg CBD per bag
  • 5mg of CBD per packet
  • 5mg of CBD per serving
  • 30g/ serving of complex, non-GMO carbohydrates
  • 3g/ serving of BCAA*
  • 2.5g/ serving of Glutamine*
  • Electrolyte blend
  • D-Ribose*
  • More info at: floydsofleadville.com

Ships to all 50 states, normally within 2 business days. Currently only available in the U.S.

Dynaplug x Chris King

The Chris King open house (virtual) launches today. You can find the full Open House Presentation here. On top of the amazing new colors, builder bikes, saddles, and fanfare – Dynaplug has very quietly made the ultimate tire plugging device even better, utilizing the angry bees.


Anodized in signature Chris King Turquoise and finished with the Angry Bee logo, the Dynaplug racer pro features Dual Insertion tubes, 4 plugs at your fingertips instead of two. Full Racer Pro Info below video and product links!

  • MSRP: $52.00

The Racer Pro:

The tire-plugging experts (and intergalactic meerkats) at Dynaplug have managed to improve upon their most-popular tire-plugging tool by adding their new Twin-Tube technology to the Racer tool…begetting the RACER PRO!

Tubeless tires are not only faster to ride, they are also faster to repair in the event of a puncture. Dynaplug has established itself as the best solution for fast repairs in the field, and now introduces the Racer Pro, combining the best features of current Racer-series tools into a single tire-plugging masterpiece. Featuring the Twin Tube™ technology debuted on the Covert Handlebar-stashed tire plug tool kit, the Racer Pro has two pre-loaded plug tubes per side, meaning four plugs ready-to-go in an instant.


Machined in Chico California from US-made billet aluminum and stainless steel, the Racer Pro weighs 26g, only 2g more than the prior generation, yet delivers twice the puncture-defeating power!

The Racer Pro comes with snug snap-on caps protecting both sides which pop off to expose the end of the patented Dynaplug tire plug, either the classic size with wheel-friendly soft brass tip or the aluminum Megaplug for extra-mega-big punctures. Riders can flip the Twin Tube around by unthreading it, configuring the tool for their own plug needs.

Racer Pro Kit Includes:

Dynaplug® Racer Pro tool

  • 3 Soft-Tip Plugs (Pointed tip)
  • 1 – Megaplug (Bullet tip)
  • 2- double-sided Twin Tube insertion tubes- 1 with Megaplug on one side and 1 with two Classic Size tubes on the other.

Racer Pro Features:

Smooth Is Fast and ENDURO Bearings are Both


It’s all about being smooth.

Have you thought about your bike and how most of it is held together with bolts and bearings? Remove the bearing, and you aren’t going anywhere; all you have is a bag of bolts.

Your bike rides on bearings. You have bearings in your wheels, headset, bottom bracket, pedals, suspension pivots. That is a lot of moving parts, and most people only think about the bearings once they work loose or start to creak.

What should you look for with bearings?

Ball bearings quality and roundness, Enduro uses only the best quality steel, and Enduro Bearings starts with Grade 10 balls and then Grade 5 or Grade 3 at the top. A Grade 3 ball means that the ball is 3/1,000,000” tolerance of sphericity and is extremely round. The races of many bearing can’t come close to this level of precision in their trueness, but every component being closer to perfect helps decrease friction.

Bearing races, there is no point in having a near perfect round ball if the track it runs in isn’t the correct shape or smooth. Enduro Bearings uses 52100 High Carbon Chromium Steel Alloy Races. The manufacturing process for 52100 starts with a vacuum de-gassed chromium steel alloy that is then hardened to Rockwell HRC 64 by multiple rounds of heat and cryogenic treatment.

Seals, this is what keeps the crud out; a common seal seen on many bearings is 2RS which just means 2 rubber seals. Enduro never uses any “off the shelf” parts, every component in their bearings is considered for performance, weight, and durability, and this includes the seals. For this reason, they have 5 types of seals for the different types of specialized bearings that we offer. Enduro LLB Type Seals, Enduro LLU Type Seals, Enduro VV Type Seals, Enduro SRS Type Seals, Enduro 1ZS Type Seals like grease the seals are used where they are best suited for the given application.

Grease, this keeps everything rolling smoothly. Not all greases are the same. This is why Enduro uses several special greases, which are, in general, all formulated by combining a base oil with a thickening agent. They lubricate rolling bearings by bleeding a small amount of oil out of the “reservoir” of the grease thickener and into the raceway. The oil provides the elastohydrodynamic lubricating film needed to reduce friction and wear. The greases Enduro use are Kluber NBU52, Mobil XHP 222, Almagard 3752, CRC Marine, and Solid Lube. All these greases are used for specific bearing applications, and they all have qualities that make them the best choice for the bearing application.

So, where can I find these bearings? Enduro offers a complete line of bearings for most applications, just look on the seal, and you will see a number that number tells a supplier all the need to know about the bearing dimensions. But you will find them in Enduro Headsets and Torqtite bottom brackets and Enduros line of Pulley wheels.

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