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Gear Break: K-Edge, CORE, Battaglin, BOA, Look & Strava

Gear Break: Another stunning collection of new kit: K-Edge Wahoo XL combo mount, CORE body temperature monitor, 48 Days – Giovanni Battaglin’s new book, BOA launches new Li2 dial platform, LOOK Unveils 2020 Tour de France special edition pedals and Strava have new goals features.

K-Edge Wahoo XL Combo Mount

My need for this piece of equipment was doubled when I bought a GoPro Hero 7 to use recording ride videos, and not long after that, my Strava simply stopped tracking my location on my iphone*, so I was interested in trying out the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt to record my ride data.  The stage was set to test the K-Edge Wahoo XL Combo Mount.

The options for a dual Wahoo / GoPro mount are few, but the guys at K-Edge make “the Highest Quality Computer, Camera, and Light Mounts in the Industry”, and one  of the slickest and robust combo mounts I could find.

As a dual computer / GoPro mount, you can choose to run it with only the one piece of gear attached, both, or none.

I ordered one online and it arrived a few days later as promised.  Packaging was simple – the unit was shrink wrapped in a layer of cellophane to a simple cardboard backing. So many brands go way overboard on packaging these days, I was glad K-Edge isn’t one of them.

It’s a simple one-bolt adjust to attach the mount to my 31.8mm handlebars using a 3mm allen key.   The mount weighs in at 58 grams, which is not close to the lightest mount for a computer, but considering this one’s made from CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum for the platform, with an injection molded copolymer interface (the place to mount the Garmin) – it’s light enough to do job with zero room for error- ie: losing ~$500 worth of kit due to a flimsy mount).

Attaching it was easy with the 3mm allen bolt, and mine never moved once secured to the bars.  The Garmin goes in easy too – press & twist and the fit is secure (I’ve not had one issue with the Garmin wiggling loose.  The GoPro can bolt in with either the included allen bolt, or the hand-screw mount that comes with the GoPro – and again – my camera never moved once secured in place.

Once mounted and fully loaded with camera and computer, the whole unit added 271 grams (almost 10 oz) to the front of the bike.   To be honest, I do notice the extra weight when steering the bike at low speeds, but is unnoticeable while riding, and I doubt will be for anyone interested in using a sleek under stem mount for their GoPro.

The mount attaches to the right side of the stem, fitting snugly to place the Wahoo flush with the handlebars, reducing overall drag and increasing overall pro-look.

One more thing I like is that it’s made in the USA (Boise, ID), so political monkey-shines with certain off-shore manufacturing countries that can affect supply, pricing, and quality, are completely avoided.

Detail of the machining is obvious, with evidence of optimized shapes and reduced material to shave grams where possible.

• K-Edge Wahoo XL Combo Mount: $64.99 – $69.99.
• Get more info at the K-Edge website here.
• BUY the K-Edge Pro Combo Mount here.

CORE Body Temperature finally gives Performance Athletes Accurate, Accessible and Easy Temperature Metrics


While performance athletes can capture their heart rate and power output with ease, the missing metric is accurate core body temperature which has previously been difficult to obtain. The CORE will debut at the 2020 Tour de France and makes live core body temperature monitoring more convenient and accessible for performance athletes.

The new CORE Body Temperature monitor is the missing piece of the puzzle, the CORE device fits onto the HRM strap and accurately monitors core body temperature (within 0.21°C). As a wearable/reusable device, it connects via ANT+ and BLE with smart-watches, smart phones and cycle computers such as Garmin or Wahoo to record and display core body temperature metrics.

Why is core body temperature important?
Most athletes recognize that when they get too hot, their energy levels and performance drops. In the 2016 UCI Road Cycling World Championships for example, 25% of riders who were tested* exceeded a core body temperature of 40 °C (104°F). Under the skin, up to 70% of cardiac output** is used to divert blood to the skin for thermo-regulation instead of to the muscles.

When athletes are able to establish their thresholds and actively monitor core body temperature, in conjunction with their other metrics such as heart rate and power output, this improves training and also helps them to make strategic decisions during competition*** – for example to adjust power output or to actively cool.


Core Body Temperature monitoring is now accessible and convenient
Up to now, coaches and athletes have relied on single-use e-pills which are swallowed to measure accurate core body temperature. This approach requires additional equipment and the costs, invasive nature and technical hurdles has limited access for many athletes. The innovative Swiss team from greenTEG have developed new patented sensor technology that is wearable and provides the level of accuracy of e-pills.

The CORE Sports algorithm has been developed especially for athletes and provides an accuracy of 0.21°C. The CORE device clips onto a Heart Rate Monitor strap and can deliver 24/7 core body temperature metrics. It is rechargeable and data can easily be sent to various devices and used for training and analysis.

Champion Swiss duathlete and triathlete Ronnie Schildknecht is the Ambassador for CORE and says, “Being able to measure core body temperature and control the intensity on the go accordingly during training and racing is a very important piece of the puzzle to prevent overheating, which will ultimately affect performance to maintain constant power output.”

Availability of CORE
We have been working with professional triathletes and a prominent UCI WorldTeam who have been training extensively with CORE and will be using it during the 2020 Tour de France.

The CORE is available for pre-order and in late September 2020 will be released with the CORE Sports algorithm specifically for athletes with compatibility for key devices and applications.

• Pre-orders and product details: CoreBodyTemp.com
• Retail Price is 250 CHF (ca. EUR 232 / USD 270)

“48 Days”, Giovanni Battaglin’s New Book is Now Available!

If you want to discover how Giovanni managed to put together one of the most monumental Grand Tour doubles by winning the Giro and the Vuelta in the shortest time frame ever…

Then this book will be extremely hard to put down!

A ton of effort was into this project, and they super excited that it’s finally seeing the light of day.


• You can grab your copy HERE.

BOA Launches New Li2 Dial Platform to Debut on Cycling Footwear, A Breakthrough in Precision Fit

BOA | Li2 Dial Platform Alt Trailer from BOA® Fit System on Vimeo.

BOA® Technology announces the new Li2 dial platform, set to debut on cycling footwear, bringing a smaller, more durable and sustainable dial to market. Li2 offers a sleek, low-profile design, and maintains the precise, incremental micro-adjustability BOA is known for. Launching on road, gravel, and mountain bike footwear, look for premium product with Li2 from Fizik, Scott, Rapha, Gaerne, Lake and DMT this fall, and Bontrager, Giro, Louis Garneau and Specialized in 2021.

Li2 is the ultimate in fast, effortless, precision fit. The lightweight and low-profile dial platform offers unprecedented durability against impact, abrasion, and contaminants such as dirt and debris. Compact in size but packed with power, Li2 offers benefits designed to meet the needs of cyclists at every touchpoint during a ride. Multidirectional tightening and loosening allows for incremental adjustment to accommodate foot swelling on long rides, or a tighter fit for steep climbs and sprints. Aligned with BOA’s larger sustainability initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint both internally and within its manufacturing processes, Li2 was designed to reuse and reduce material waste.

Li2 is compatible with BOA’s lightweight and strong TX4 soft lace, is available in three dial profiles to meet varying aesthetic needs, and accommodates dual-dial and single-dial fit system configurations. For dual-dial Li2 shoe models, users can double the power and micro-adjustability per click for unparalleled precision. This is BOA’s first-ever dial platform to introduce a composite material overmold – a durable, low-profile grip around the perimeter of the dial.

Cycling footwear equipped with the new Li2 platform is currently in the hands of Pro Tour team riders and will debut in the market this fall with numerous product launches from BOA brand partners. Visit BOAFit.com for more details and upcoming product releases.


• For more information, visit BOAFit.com.

LOOK Unveils 2020 Tour de France Special Edition Pedal

look tour20

LOOK, as official pedal partner of the 2020 Tour de France, has today unveiled a Special Edition KEO BLADE CARBON CERAMIC in honour of the world’s most celebrated cycling race.

look keo tour20

The Pedal of the Pros

The French brand’s shared history with the Tour De France is renowned and has given spectators some of the Tour’s most beautiful moments: Bernard Hinault’s fierce battle to the podium with the revolutionary LOOK clipless pedal in 1984, Greg LeMond winning in 1986 on the race’s first carbon-framed bike, the LOOK KG 86.

This partnership continues today with LOOK appointed as the official pedal partner of the 2020 Tour. In this year’s gruelling race, no fewer than seven teams in the peloton will be competing with LOOK pedals: Team AG2R La Mondiale, Astana Pro Team, Team Lotto Soudal , Movistar Team , UAE Team Emirates, Cofidis Team & B&B Hôtels-Vital Concept p/b KTM.


KEO Blade Carbon Ceramic

Each Tour de France requires on average an incredible 400,000 to 500,000 pedal strokes to complete. Its impact on harnessing the power of the rider and driving the bike forward is paramount. The greater the contact surface of the pedal, the more efficiently energy is transferred – but this can compromise weight if it’s too large. In creating all their pedals, LOOK’s team of designers strive to create, quite simply, the best contact to weight ratio pedals on the market.

The LOOK KEO BLADE CARBON CERAMIC offers just that and more – a taste of the Tour. Made at LOOK’s headquarters in Nevers, in the heart country that the Tour de France calls home, they are designed for racing performance by integrating LOOK’s patented Blade Technology with ceramic bearings. The Blade is 20% lighter than a conventional metal spring level system at a mere 110g, blending fluidly into the shape of the pedal for an aerodynamic stroke.

Used with LOOK’s KEO Cleats, which come in three float options (0°, 4.5° and 9°), they offer firm support and a safer disengagement upon stopping. The ceramic bearings also give an 18% reduction in friction for a smoother ride, and improved efficiency, whether you’re riding for the day or over three weeks.

Stamped with the official Tour de France logo, the silver design of the Special Edition KEO BLADE CARBON CERAMIC is inspired by lightning strikes – a rare phenomenon to capture, just like victory at the legendary cycling race.

look bearings

Alexandre Lavaud, Pedal Product Manager at LOOK said: “The KEO BLADE CARBON CERAMIC TOUR DE FRANCE is a blend of technology, extremely light, with a great contact surface and ceramic bearings for an unrivalled efficiency. It makes the perfect choice for the Pros in the Tour de France. We are extremely proud to provide every cyclist with the same performance products as the Pros through this special limited edition.”

look keo

The complete LOOK KEO BLADE CARBON range also features:

look keo

look keo ceramic ti

• The KEO BLADE CARBON CERAMIC Tour de France pedals will be available from LOOK’s website and distributors, at RRP: 189.90 EUR. For more information visit www.lookcycle.com.

• BUY the KEO Blade Carbon Pedals HERE

Strava New Goals Features

strava goals

In a time where real life competitions aren’t possible, people are looking for ways to compete with themselves and set and keep their fitness goals.

Strava Goals, a popular subscription feature on Strava, has new features and capabilities to help Strava athletes stay on track or challenge themselves with custom goals.

The new features include new sport types, metrics, privacy settings, and duration goals and allows Strava subscription athletes to:

• Set goals for all sport types: Historically, athletes could set goals for running, cycling, and swimming. Athletes can now set goals for all 30+ sport types tracked on Strava.
• Set elevation goals: Athletes can now set goals related to elevation, as well as existing metrics – time, distance, and power meter data.
• Set monthly goals: Athletes can set monthly goals for themselves along with the existing weekly and yearly goals.
• Make goals private: The Goals feature has now been moved to the Training Tab, which makes goals private to the individual athlete.

According to Strava’s Year in Sport 2019 report, athletes setting a goal of three activities a week instead of two tended to be more consistent, resulting in 2x more activities over the year.

• More information at Strava.com.

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