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Gear Break: Pinarello Dogma, XERT-Bike the World, Archer, MAAPx100%, UDOG, Festka

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Gear Break: Pinarello launch new Dogma F MyWay customization, XERT: Bike The World, ARCHER Components launches new multi-function remote for drop-bar bikes, MAAP x 100% Hypercraft // See the light, UDOG: Best foot forwards and the most popular Festka Bikes in 2021 (among fans of the brand) on Instagram.

Pinarello Launch New Dogma F MyWay Customization
On Wednesday, 1st February at 4PM (CET), Pinarello opened the new MyWay customization portal at www.pinarello.com/myway.


The new process will be an incredibly immersive experience, thanks to the utilization of the latest 3D gaming technology.

The new MyWay system will allow cyclists to choose from three different graphic layouts – mono, faded, and cut – along with 27 different colors, three types of decals, and two different finishes. It adds up to an astonishing 16,000 possible combinations.

It promises to be most realistic experience currently available in the cycling industry, and it will allow every cyclist to explore their creativity and create a unique Dogma F, which can then be ordered in limited quantities from one of Pinarello’s official global retailers. Every custom frame can then be considered a work of art, as each unique design is recreated by hand by the skilled craftsmen at Pinarello’s headquarters in Villorba, Treviso. Due to the technical difficulty of reproducing the MyWay designs, only Pinarello’s best and most experienced painters work on the project, with most having more than 30 years’ experience.

How It’s Done:

The process starts with the careful preparation of each frame. The first coating is meticulously hand polished to create a perfectly smooth and flat surface, free from any pores that could disrupt the final finish.



Once the surface is perfectly smooth, the frame is moved to the painting department where it gets thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the painting.


The frame is then precisely wrapped and taped before any secondary layers of paint are applied.


Then, after removing the protective films, the finishing details and shading are all carefully applied with the use of an air brush and a precision spray gun. It’s a job that only the most expert painters are qualified to do.


Each step requires several hours of drying and curing time, making this a lengthy and demanding process. Once painting is completed, our team applies a gloss or matt finish – both in this care – and a transparent protective film.

The frame is then allowed to rest for 24 hours before the final inspection and polishing.


The final step is the application of our new “Decaplus” decals, which are baked onto the frame. These have been specially designed to reduce weight when compared to undercoating decals, and they also allow us to produce an incredibly smooth surface while also using a beautiful range of colors, such as these metallic decals.

After that, all that remains is a final check and clean before the frame is ready to go for a full technical inspection around all screws, threads and the seatpost closure, before being assembled into a truly unique “Dream bike.”


The frame displayed here, “DreamBuild Replica,” can only be ordered in very limited quantities on special request only.

  • More info at: pinarello.com

  • XERT: Bike The World
    Baron Biosystems and Bike The World team up to bring Open Road’s beautiful outdoor ride videos to Xert and Xert to Open Road’s members.


    Bike The World, the developers of the Open Road training app that brings epic and classic rides from all over the world have teamed up with Baron Biosystems, developers of the Xert Breakthrough Training system, to enable Xert users to train to Bike The World’s cycling videos. Using Xert Sessions, users can easily choose pre-defined workouts and videos from a large session library, setting up a group training sessions where they can train and ride as a group to the beautifully filmed cycling videos from Bike The World all while benefiting from Xert’s industry leading smart workout technology.

    “Riding as a group and training together with Bike The World’s videos provides a great workout experience for athletes.” says Armando Mastracci, Founder of Baron Biosystems. “They get to enjoy riding on roads they may have never had an opportunity to ride, while getting highly personalized, structured workouts and sharing the experience with their riding partners, teammates and friends. When we combine these wonderful videos and Xert Sessions, athletes can simultaneously watch the same videos, chat, listen to music and watch each other on the leaderboard as they each do the same Xert SMART workout.”

    “We think Xert’s platform is a great way for Open Road members to get the best training and ride analysis.” says Henrik Christensen, creator of Bike The World videos and the Open Road training software. “Teaming up with Xert allows us to offer benefits to our Open Road members that allows them to more cost effectively use both Open Road and Xert together. Our customers will get access to one of the best training platforms available today.”


    Baron Biosystems specializes in the area of exercise physiology and performance data analytics. The company has developed ground-breaking, innovative software models for both web, mobile and embedded applications that improve athletic training, performance and management.

    Bike the World is one of the leading companies in the world in producing digital twins of the best and most epic rides in the world. Using professional produced cycling videos and the latest technologies in gps and road surveying equipment, you can Bike the World at home with their app Open Road experiencing no difference from the real ride.

  • Sign up for a free 30 day Xert trial at: www.xertonline.com

  • ARCHER Components Launches New Multi-Function Remote for Drop-Bar Bikes
    No longer limited to just mountain, Archer expands electronic shifting to gravel, triathlon, handcycles, and all road bikes.


    ARCHER Components’ proven wireless electronic system continues to shift the paradigm of electronic components, adding a universal drop-bar remote for gravel or road bikes, preferably with a 1x drivetrain, to their existing MTB and brake-specific gravel systems. Their new Multi Function Remote (MFR) line of drop-bar offerings means the D1x electronic shifting conversion systems can now work on all three of the major bike categories and offers a ripe opportunity for bike hackers to build their own remotes.

    Since 2015 Archer Components has been at the forefront of wireless electronic shifting, developing systems that work with virtually any brands’ rear derailleur, chain, and cog from 2-20 speeds. They released the fully-integrated DBR remote for bikes outfitted with the TRP Hylex RS brake levers. But with the ongoing boom in gravel bikes worldwide, they added the MFR to drastically increase its drop-bar-compatible options to any that use a 1x drivetrain – while that consists predominantly of gravel bikes, some road bikes also run 1x and are compatible, as are recumbents and even handcycles and other adaptive cycles.


    With all of its remote options, Archer utilizes the existing chainstay-mounted D1x shifter unit, which connects wirelessly with a remote to drive a shortened rear derailleur cable forward and backward, thus changing gears. The rear shifter unit will also work with 2x or 3x drivetrains but will only shift the rear gears – the front derailleur will still need the original lever/shifter installed.

    “In addition to expanding the drivetrain options for gravel bike riders and manufacturers alike, we knew we wanted an option that wasn’t dependent on any other brands. With our MFR we really feel we have something for everyone and every bike,” says Devin Carlson, Archer’s founder. “We’ve said it right from the beginning: Our system will work with everyone; it really does Shift Everything. Electronic shifting has always come at a high price before we came along. We’ve seen great success with our D1x, and we’re confident the new MFR will be equally well received.”


    The MFR system includes a choice of satellite button configurations, to be mounted wherever the rider prefers on virtually any handlebar. These fully programmable buttons send shift signals to the remote to shift up or down. Riders can even import their own existing satellite buttons from other brands to work with this system or build their own switches with the help of the Archer Knowledgebase – an online repository of tips and tricks to hack the D1x Trail shifter.

    Plus the new MFR offers the same wide range of functions as their mountain bike systems including (but not limited to): easy up and down push-button shifting; on-the-fly micro-adjustability for pinpoint adjustments; Get Me Home’ gear programming; multi-gear shifts; and more. There’s even on-bike charging via a standard micro-USB port in the MFR’s small junction box, which mounts under the stem.


    In addition to the clear benefits of wireless e-shifting, and unlike most existing e-shift component groups, Archer’s technology also lets you tune each individual shift point of your rear derailleur to a quarter of a millimeter, so even if you have a bad ring or bent hanger, etc., you can micro-adjust on the fly. Plus, it allows derailleurs to work through their entire range, which is usually greater than the shift levers allow, rather than being confined to the preset parameters – so it’ll most likely allow your ‘10-speed’ derailleur to also work fine with an 11- or even 12-speed cassette.

    The full ARCHER Multi Function Remote System starts at $369 for the single strand shift button (2) and the standard batteries, but you can add the Sprint batteries and run a double strand of shift buttons (4) for $429 all versions are available. Everything is included for the quick, simple installation through the Archer mobile app, which can be done in well under an hour.

    If you already have a D1x Trail shifter, you can simply buy the MFR buttons ($89-$129)

  • More info at: https://archercomponents.com.

  • MAAP x 100% Hypercraft // See The Light


    Alter your perception, remove distractions and focus on performance. With a successful collaborative history, MAAP have once again joined forces with performance eyewear specialists 100%, to help you see the road like never before in the all new MAAP x 100% Hypercraft Sunglasses.


    With an ultralight, UltraCarbon™ featherweight frame, they’re lighter, stronger and more dynamic than any performance shield on the market. There’s complete full-spectrum UV Protection – including UVA, UVB & UV400 wavelengths, so you’re ready to see the light. Available in silver and copper colorways, 23 grams of visionary performance.

    “We couldn’t be more stoked for our third collab with 100%, especially after such an unprecedented response to MAAP x 100% Glendale. For 2022, we’ve reimagined their streamlined Hypercraft frame, applying our unique MAAP design aesthetic across two new exclusive colors. This isn’t just another MAAP x 100% collaboration – it is the lightest ever”, said Jarrad Smith, MAAP Co-Founder.


    Go hyper. Limited quantities available online now via maap.cc or through your local MAAP dealer.

    Movement Accelerates Altered Perception.


    Features List:

  • Designed in California and Australia
  • 5.5-base cylindrical shield lens for increased peripheral view and protection
  • Ultra HD lenses manufactured in France from shatter and impact-resistant polycarbonate materials
  • 100% UV protection (UV400)
  • Hard coated scratch-resistant lens
  • Additional lens ventilation to prevent fogging
  • Hydrophobic & Oleophobic lens treatment repels water, oil, and dirt
  • Durable, flexible and lightweight TR90 frame
  • Fluro Ultra-grip rubber nose pads in standard, and alternative-fit
  • Black Ultra-grip rubber nose pads in standard, and alternative-fit
  • Ultra-grip rubber temple tip provide secure fit
  • Filter Category 3
  • Light Transmission 10%
  • Hard case
  • Microfiber cleaning bag
  • Clear replacement lens
  • More info at: https://maap.cc

  • UDOG: Best Foot Forwards


    Most manufacturers design one shoe and de-spec it to suit, we do not. UDOG shoes are designed from the outsole in-house specifically for their intended use. That’s why they are the only shoes design with real cyclists in mind. Thanks to our unique philosophy we can deliver amazing shoes at great value. Authenticity is the key.



    The Most Popular Festka Bikes in 2021 (among fans of the brand) on Instagram
    FESTKA, the Czech manufacturer of high-end carbon bike frames, saw a further increase of demand in 2021. One of the marketing tools driving this success are the company’s popular social media profiles. Instagram in particular where Festka not only presents its products but also gives its followers a chance to look behind the scenes, learn about its international re-sellers and meet its ambassadors. Second year running, Festka published in the last ten days of 2021 a TOP 10 of its Instagram posts of the year to date based on the public’s response. Take a look at the ten most popular Festkas with comments from the brand’s co-founder Michael Moureček.

    #10 – SCOUT MUMMY

    Festka Scout was launched in 2021 as our second gravel model. This build for a Czech female cyclist who lives in Switzerland shows it in the Mummy design scheme. It is the second Festka for this keen sportswoman who rides one of her bikes every day.


    Festka Scout was designed with rougher terrains and bikepacking in mind. This particular build is special due to its seldom seen groupset – a hydraulic operated system from the Spanish manufacturer Rotor.

    #8 – SCALATORE SPIRIT 3 (2021)

    Scalatore is our best-selling model. Shown here in one of the Spirit design schemes it proves that there is, indeed, beauty in simplicity.


    This bicycle may look fairly inconspicuous, but first impressions may be deceiving. You would be hard pushed to put together a finer collection of bike components. The price tag reflects that.

    #6 – Pepovo kolo (Pep’s bike)

    A labour of love bike belonging to one of Festka’s longest serving employees – the frame builder Josef Kabeš. A weight weenie extraordinaire, he went to great lengths to make his bike as light as possible. The bike is full of special details including a handmade saddle and handlebar/stem combo.

    #5 – Doppler Spirit 4 (2021)

    Festka Doppler marries two materials in a unique way – carbon and titanium. The carbon parts of this frame are painted in the Chameleon Eclipse paint which does exactly what it says on the can. The resulting look is striking and elegant at the same time.

    #4 – SCOUT Ondrash & Kasparek

    You won’t find many gravel bikes in such elaborate design schemes. This Festka Scout has taken a dip in the color tanks of the artistic tandem Ondrash & Kašpárek.

    #3 – Doppler inspired by Felipe Pantone

    Another Doppler, this time a very special custom design created for one of our US dealers. Taking inspiration from the work of the Argentinian artist Felipe Pantone it combines two decorative techniques – painting and anodization. A very unique piece.

    #2 – Rover Antti by Festka

    The Rover, launched over three years ago, was our first gravel model. This special design scheme based on the livery of Rally Group B 1986 Audi Sport Quattro S1 E2 was made for a Finnish client who created the whole concept himself, including several witty redesigns of the original sponsors’ logos.

    #1 – Scalatore Ondrash & Kasparek

    Our most popular bike on Instagram in 2021 was the product of a colab with the artist duo Ondrash & Kašpárek who applied their unique paint dipping technique to not only the frame but the fork, saddle and stem, too. We selected a rim brake frame for the project believing it will suit the design better than the currently ubiquitous discs.

  • More info at: www.festka.com and Facebook and Instagram.

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